Serrapeptase for Proper Blood Flow

Q: Hi Robert,

I’m interested in using your product Serrapeptase. Should I be using any other products in conjunction with Serrapeptase for my condition? I wonder if I have enough blood flow to my brain from my neck arteries.

I’m seeking professional help regarding dizzy and light headedness when being physical. 

There was no doctor’s diagnosis for this, but I feel that whatever my problem is, your product Srrapeptase is something I can benefit from.

A: This is definitely your solution, as it does not only clear any blockages but also improve bloodflow to the brain in all cases.

Read the attached report and get it at

Take 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30 mins before a meal, with a glass of water for the first week and drop to 1 x 3 thereafter. I take it every day of my life for the wide range of health benefits.

Serrapeptase for Cardiac Stent Maintenance

Q: What strength Serrapeptase do you recommend for long-term clean-stent maintenance?

How much dosage should I take daily or weekly? And are the quantity and length of stents important?

A: Arteries get damaged and block up for a number of reasons:
1. Not enough leafy greens being eaten to get the Vitamin K you need
2. Shortage of B vitamins as a result of eating starchy carbs
3. Shortage of B vitamins as a result of a shortage of probiotics
4. Eating processed foods and especially baked goods with chemical fats in them
5. Lastly excess hormones such cortisol.

My wife and I take a whole raft of supplements to stay healthy. However, if you tie me down to one, then its SerraEnzyme 80,000iu 1 x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal. See this at

Obviously change your diet to only eating really healthy foods.


Dose of Serrapeptase to Eliminate Surgery

Q: 3 stents put in lower left leg 7/20/12.
Carotids occluded 50 and 80%. Tests before carotid surgery scheduled 8/31/12.
Any chance mega dose Serrapeptase can clean carotids enough in a month to delay/eliminate surgery?

A: If it can be done, then this is how:
Serranol 1 cap x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal.
BlockBusterAllclear 1 caps x 3 times per day with the Serranol
Super K Complex

All of these from

Scar Tissue in Cardiac Stent

Q: The doc said I have scar tissue in my stent and this will help.

A: It is well-hidden by medical doctors that side effects by stents include scarring and further blockages. I would be failing you if I told you that Serrapeptase is the final answer. It is only part of the plan.

There are other things you need to do to keep them clear . This includes only eating really healthy foods and a couple of other supplements.

I am sending my full planwhich you should have been told about before you had stents and still need to follow with stents as you now find out.


Serraptase is Fine To Take with Other Drugs

Q: Good Afternoon,

I just ordered Serra Enzyme for my father who was diagnosed with 70% blockage of his carotid artery last week. When I was informed I immediately went to the web and found your website. Now, I just have to convince him to take it.

He’s concerned about it interferring with the other medications that he reluctantly takes such as insulin (for years). He was prescribed a medication called clopidogrel 75 mg/day.

Will the bottle of Serra Enzyme that I ordered have the correct dosage for the condition that he is addressing? Fortunately, the doctor told him to “go green” as far as his diet along with taking the medication.

Is there anything else other than what you have in the printed literature that I can say to him to allay his concerns about medication interference? Thank you.

A: Angela,

It will be perfectly fine with any drugs.
When you say the doc said ‘Go Green’, do you mean he told him to eat lots of leafy green veggies? If so that sounds like a great doc. That is to get more Vit K which will help to clear the arteries and there are not many docs this smart.
Tell him 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal, with a glass of water


Carotid Replacement

Q: I had my left carotid replaced by surgery 4 yrs ago. My right one is almost 80% blocked. My meds are plavix, crestor altace and asparin taken daily. These drugs have stabilized my condition.

I get an ultrasound twice yearly. Would it be safe to take serrapeptase with my other meds? Would it reverse blockage?

A: Rick,
I presume you mean they cleared the inner blockage and not replaced the artery? If they replaced it, what with?
Everything you are being advised by the medical profession to clear and avoid risk is wrong. It is not fat that is the danger and in fact taking fish oil is one of the most healthy things you can do. The most dangerous diet advice is to eat more grains and cereals and reduce leafy green vegetables to reduce Vitamin K intake.

To resolve your problems and get healthy you need to consider:

A supplement regime.
A really healthy foods diet
A plan of interval training that lasts no more than 6 intense sets of 2 mins each set.

I am sending my plan for this:
Carotid Arteries/Arterial Vascular Disease Health Plan

To simply answer (and comment) your questions:

Serrapeptase is safe to take with your drugs and does have a result in a percentage of cases in its own.
If you want to carry on taking drugs then you need protection from them by taking UB8Q10 Ubiquinol or similar.
The chance of it clearing the blockage exists as I get feedback to that effect but I recommend at least a diet change and take fish oil to improve the odds.


Carotid Artery Plaque

Q: My sister (53) was in a coma for the last month due to a massive stroke during an endarterectomy. My mother also required this procedure in her 50s. I’m only a few years off that age.

Help please. I absolutely must reduce (and hopefully remove) all plaque from my carotid arteries or I risk a similar fate.

How much Serrapeptase would I need to take each day to ensure I get the results I am seeking?

Do you have testimonials from your customers who have had success with plaque removal?


A: I have helped thousands over the past 12 years around the world.

What % is the blockage?

Diet is the cause and diet is the cure. Stick to the plan in the link below not only for arterial disease but for good health throughout your life.

Carotid Arteries/Arterial Vascular Disease Health Plan


Mild to Moderate Carotid Plaque

Q: Hi.

I started taking serrapeptase and nattokinase about a month ago, hoping to clean the “mild to moderate carotid plaque” I was diagnosed with.

About 3 weeks later (for 2 weeks now) I have a difficult to describe sensation in the chest, as if my heart skips beats and a little pressure.

Should I discontinue taking the above, or is this part of the healing? Thank you so much for you response. P.S – what brand do you recommend?


A: Miriam,

I do not give little answers to big questions. 50% of all deaths between aged 45 and 70 are caused by heart disease. I can help you create a plan so you, like me, become really healthy. Really healthy people do not get health problems.

Do you want my help getting really healthy?


Clogged Carotid Arteries

Q: Good morning Robert.

I have been taking SerraEnzyme 80,000 – 3 x 3 x 3 per day.

I am coming to the end of the 3rd month. Do you advise that I carry on this dosage after the 3 months, or lower it?

I am doing it to help clogged carotid arteries (55 – 65 on left and 40 on right). I am not due for another scan until next May although I will ask to have it done sooner but, I don’t hold out much hope!

A: Drop to 2 x 3 for 2 more months and then drop to 1 x 3 after that.
Stop eating starchy carbs (the cause of blocked arteries). Follow the food plan at

It clears other peoples arteries and so there is no reason why it cannot work for you.


Dissolving Plaque and Clearing Arteries

Q: Dear Robert.

I will be having a scan on my carotid artery in the near future to see if there is a blockage. I am very interested in your claims about Serrapeptase being able to dissolve plaque and clear the arteries.

As far as I know it is not being used yet in this country [UK] and I think the primary treatment is aspirin and maybe later, surgery. Currently, I am on 150mg aspirin now but I am wondering what effect Serrapeptase may have if taken with aspirin.

I understand that serrapeptase is a strong anti-coagulant which makes me feel it may not be compatible with aspirin. I also have rheumatoid arthritis and was already taking some aspirin before the doctor prescribed it for my carotid artery. 

A: Did you read all about serrapeptase on the web site? You can read more on for answer to all of your questions.

Aspirin does not dissolve blockages, it just thins the blood but has long term side effects.

You will also need to change your diet as recommended in my book to clear up your problems.


Plaque Build Up in Carotid Artery

Q: Hi,

I was recently diagnosed with a 50 to 60% plaque build up in the left carotid artery. Which serrapeptase strength ( I.U.) and how many a day should I take?

A: I recommend BlockBuster and 4 or even 6 per day is not too many. The more you take the faster it will clear.