Gravatar_transparenteCompletely Clear Left Carotid Artery

“Dear Robert,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my results from my ultrasound on my Carotid artery. The left is now completely clear from being 48% blocked and the right has a small visible amount about 5% to 10% from 50% blocked.

From something that is irreversible, good old Serrapeptase did the trick.

Many thanks for all your advice and encouragement.”

Best regards,

Harold I., Australia



Gravatar_transparenteFreedom from Arteriosclerosis

“I suffered from Arteriosclerosis – a disease which produces plaque from formations in the coronary arteries – for some years. My wife, Vasiliki, suffered from chronic pain and discomfort in her upper back and neck area for 2 years. This problem also comes with dizzy spells associated with the condition.

As Serrapeptase is famous for its power to relieve various types of inflammation, she decided to try it in the hope that it might help her. Within 3 days after starting, my wife’s neck and back pain and the dizzy spells disappeared completely.

On my side, after only 2 months of Serrapeptase, the blood supply to my heart through my left coronary artery is fully adequate. In addition, my heart is functioning normally. Three months before, my left coronary artery had 5 plaque formations causing 70% to 100% blockages.

I’m now age 73. The cardiologist said I am free to engage in ordinary physical activities without concern about the capacity of my heart to function in a healthy manner.”

–  Anonymous




Gravatar_transparenteGradually Improved Condition

“I used Serrapeptase tablets for 10 months alongside my prescribed Isosorbide (60mg daily). Due to this, I am finding that it may soon be possible to reduce the Iso’s with agreement from my GP.

This I can confidently say is due to the Blockbuster AllClear which, I am sure is gradually improving my condition. I viewed the return of my blocked arteries after my by-pass 15 years ago after the angiogram-which I don’t want to repeat. Anyway I thought this was worth giving you feedback. Thank you.”

Tony C.



Gravatar_transparenteBetter Breathing, Blood Pressure Back to Normal

“I’m 55 years old with a 100% blockage in one artery. All other arteries also have high percentages of blockages. The heart specialist put me on 4 different medications, but it seems that I don’t get any better.

I found Serrapeptase through my own research and decided to purchase a bottle of SerraPlus+. Ten days after taking it, I’m starting to feel great! I wake up in the morning feeling alive and fresh through my breathing.

I can walk twice as much without having sharp pains when I’m short of breath. Furthermore, I can walk up and down stairs without any shortness of breath. I can also sleep better and do things that I could not do before.

I went to a local doctor who never heard of Serrapeptase before. The doctor checked my blood pressure and when I asked him if it was okay, his eyes and expression looked amazed. He said it’s normal, which was very surprising because I never had a normal blood pressure since my twenties.

I would like to thank Robert and his website for helping me and so many other people.

By the way, I recently bought a twin deal bottle set of Blockbuster AllClear & HySorbQ10 and will be taking them.

Again, thanks for making my day to day life much better through Serrapeptase.”





Gravatar_transparenteCarotid Artery Ultrasound Now Normal

“I had my carotid artery ultrasound scan this morning and I’m relieved to say everything is absolutely fine. I shall continue to take the Serrapeptase anyway as it sounds too good to miss out on.”

– Carol H, UK



Gravatar_transparenteFantastic Results From Serra Enzyme

“Hi, I am writing to tell you of the fantastic results I have had from using Serra enzyme. I had four mini strokes in 2012 associated with a completely blocked internal carotid artery in my neck with a 70% blockage on the other side.

After 18 months of statin treatment there was no improvement and the side effects of the statins was horrendous. A friend put me on to serrapeptase and said your product was the best one on the market.

I have been on it for 18 months now and had an annual ultrasound last Tuesday. The radiologist thought he had the wrong history to compare the new results to and called the vascular surgeon in to scan again with him present.

A less than 10% blockage of the artery astounded him. He won’t admit what has caused this amazing turnaround but had me spell “serrapeptase “as he wrote it down.

He now doesn’t want to see me for 2 years. A fantastic result for me and your product! I can’t tell enough people how good it is so feel free to use this testimonial on your website to encourage others to try it.”

– Anon, Australia