what foods cause inflammationInflammation is effectively the body’s healthy response to injury, infection along with being a defense mechanism. The body does this by sending immune cells and various key nutrients into the affected areas that require them. However, once it builds up, it also becomes one of the main causes of disease within the body.

Many foods can promote health and give us life sustaining nutrients. These are the foods we want to include more within our diet. Unfortunately, there are also many foods that can promote inflammation and disease. Below are some of the worst offenders:


    • Fried Foods. These are foods like chips, onion rings or anything covered in oil and then fried at high temperatures. They are commonly in takeaways and fast food joints. The combination of carbohydrates and fat can lead to weight gain. On the other hand, studies show that fried foods can clog arteries and lead to strokes and Alzheimer’s. Clogged veins and arteries are also the cause of heart attacks and aneurysms. Many of these fried foods use canola oil (rapeseed oil), a genetically modified product, found in nearly all of the fried products found in stores. Avoid these if you want to get healthy.


    • Dairy Products. Any products made from cow’s milk such as cheese, yoghurt, etc are acid-forming. Inflammation loves an acidic environment. It’s where chronic disease, allergies, arthritis, skin allergies and even stress can thrive. An alkaline diet is one that incorporates mostly plant foods and avoids dairy for this reason. Acid-forming foods like dairy products cause the body to work harder. They use more enzymatic reserves in the form of vitamins and minerals to try and keep the body and bones strong. Thankfully, there are many alternatives to cow’s milk such as almond, coconut, hazelnut or rice milk that can be enjoyed instead.


    • Starchy Carbs like Bread and Pasta. Grains can promote inflammation within the body. Research shows that grains contain mycotoxins  linked with numerous diseases. They can also feed unfriendly bacteria in the intestinal tract, an abundance of which leafs to illness. In addition, they also inhibit vitamin and mineral absorption and suppress enzymes. Moreover, they are also responsible for various food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities. If you want to get healthy, avoid all starchy carbs such as whole grain breads, white rice and pasta as these are highly acidic. Try legume pasta as a great alternative: Really Healthy Pasta™ is grain and gluten-free. It is the healthy meal replacement you can enjoy at any time of the day.


    • Salad Dressings. The store-bought salad dressings are often filled with Omega-6 oils and these contain sunflower, grape, vegetable and soy products. An abundance of Omega-6 fats produce pro-inflammatory chemicals within the body. For this reason, it’s wise to avoid salad dressings as they are usually high in sugar and salt too. These are what makes them taste good. Instead, opt for drizzling a little olive oil onto your salad.


    • Sugary Snacks. When glucose and insulin are poorly regulated, the body becomes the perfect breeding ground for inflammation.
      Sugar results in havoc within the body as it causes an excess of insulin in the bloodstream. This can take its toll on the arteries, causing the smooth muscle cells around blood vessels to grow quicker than normal. The result is tense artery walls, which increases the risk of high blood pressure. The chances of heart attacks or strokes increase too. To get healthy, avoid all unnatural and highly processed sugary foods. These can trigger inflammation within the body.
    • Avoid Alcohol. There are many good reasons to avoid alcohol. Overconsumption can cause inflammation within the body, especially in the liver. Alcohol breaks down to sugar and carbohydrates within the body. In addition, excess alcohol can also cause changes within the intestinal lining. This then allows bacteria to pass into the bloodstream, effectively triggering inflammation. If you want to get healthy, cutting back or avoiding alcohol is advisable.

    Inflammation within the body is the main cause of illness and disease. To get healthy, it’s advisable to avoid the above foods as much as possible. Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme that can help to dissolve and digest inflammation within the body and for this reason it’s highly recommended to take this on a daily basis. Check out the Serrapeptase range here.

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