Q: Hi love Serrapeptase my joints and back problems feel better when i use it also my Interstitial Cystitis. Have only had one bad flare up with my back in 2 years from over lifting usually get way more. I take it a half hour before eating in the morning with a full glass of water also in evening 2 hours after eating. I was told recently that i should take it 1 hours before eating to get the full benefits is this true?Thanks for the miracle. -Heather A., Canada

A: 30mins before eating is fine. Keep up the good work.


Q: I have come to this product by a strange route. For several years now I have increasingly suffered fluid and stiffness in my leg joints as a result of injuries when I played rugby some 40 years ago. I also have Bakers cyst on the left knee. Recently I have been taking steroids for eczema and have found that the stiffness has all but disappeared. I cannot continue steroids indefinitely and so have searched for an alternative. I also take aspirin, atavastatin, and candesarton for blood pressure and cholesterol. Can you advise which product and the dosage to prevent the fluid and stiffness returning. Thanking you in anticipation. -Neville B.

A: Neville,

Try SerraEzyme 80,000Iu 2 x 3 times per day for 1 month. If that has not cleared it then it may need the BlockBusterAllclear.

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Q: Hi Robert,

Hope you don’t mind getting in touch again but since I bought serrpeptase for my neck and back problems from you, with good results, I have a query as to where it would be suitable for my mother. My mum is 62 years old and generally fit and healthy, she has recently (last 18 moths) started getting painful joints and some swelling – mostly her fingers and knees from arthritis, would serrapeptase be suitable for her and of so which product would be the best for her to buy? Wait to hear and many Thanks. -Sharon

A: Dear Sharon,

The SerraPlus+ should be fine 2 x 3 times per day.
Can we have a testimonial to inspire others. The help others to get a ‘brand new day’.

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Q: Dear Robert,

You kindly gave some advice on a patient recently re serrapeptase, and wondered whether you have any comments on this one.

I recently prescribed SerraPlus to a 62y female for her considerable inflammation – joints, slow healing knee injury, muscle strain etc. She’s also highly atopic to certain foods. Otherwise well, with a positive attitude. Due to her atopy I prescribed only SerraPlus, Nutri Muscleze (Mg malate) and fish oils and straightened out her diet. She reports considerable improvement on all fronts and Ibuprofen only once in last 5 weeks. I’m proposing to keep her on SerraPlus (1 capsule x3 per day) for 2mths and then go to SerraZyme at a reduced dose and see how she does (Any comments?).

Incidentally she reports increased wind after switching from capsules to tablets – I think this has more to do with her change in diet, unless tablets are more prone to flatulence?

What I really wanted to run by you, is that she was diagnosed with mycosis fungoides (t-cell lymphoma- slow to metastasise) diagnosed in 2000. Since I first saw her (June) she had a visual aura, a sort of triangle that disturbed her vision and lasted about 20mins. Only happened once, and she had a full check out at the opticians who couldn’t explain it. From a bit of research it seems they sometimes treat this condition with retinoids (not in her case), and I’m just wondering if somehow the serrapeptase might have triggered this curious incident. I just wondered whether you had any views on this?

Many thanks for any advice. -Lindsay K., United Kingdom

A: Lindsay,

I am sure it is not the SerraPlus+ as to the cause.
I do recommend in view of her mycosis fungoides condition:

Curcumin98 2 caps x 3 times (this will also help her eyes)
Vit D3 5000iu capsules x 5
Graviola 1 x 3 times.


Q: Can you advise whether to purchase the serrapeptase or serranol for my mum ? She has diabetes and painful knee and shoulder joints and lumps in the muscle of her arm, which are painful.

A: I recommend Serranol. See www.SerranolOffers.com

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