5 Natural Ways To Relieve Lower Back PainLower back pain affects about 80% of adults. This is due to a mixture of physical inactivity, weight gain and not working in a job that allows for enough physical exercise. This problem affects around one-third of work-related disabilities so it’s thought to be a potential problem for employers.

There are numerous methods that can help with providing pain relief in the body. Below are some of the best health tips for helping to relieve lower back pain, naturally:

    • Serrapeptase. This proteolytic enzyme can dissolve and digest inflammation within the body. It comes from the silkworm, but now manufactured in a laboratory. Once the inflammation dissolves within the bloodstream, the kidney can then safely eliminate it. Serrapeptase can help to ease many of the painful symptoms associated with numerous health conditions. It covers everything from migraines to joint pain, brain problems, heart issues and more. The serrapeptase products that Robert Redfern highly recommends are  Serra Enzyme™ 80,000IU and SerraEnzyme™ 250,000IU from Good Health Naturally.


    • Myofascial Release. This is a massage technique that gently applies pressure to the soft tissue and traction to the fascia. The result is a softening and release of the fascia, leading to breakdown of the adhesion. By locating and applying pressure to the trigger points, it’s possible to find relief.


    • HealthPoint™. This is a DIY home electronic acupressure device. It can accurately pinpoint the pressure points on the body that is causing the most pain. When used consistently, the HealthPoint™ , it’s possible to find pain relief for a wide variety of health conditions. Find out more about this device here.


    • Magnesium. This is an essential mineral that’s missing from many people’s lifestyles. Magnesium can relax nerve cells, enhance cell membrane permeability and ease inflammation in the pain management process. When combined with OptiMSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and applied topically, Magnesium can be easily absorbed into the body. The recommended product for this is Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Ultra with OptiMSM from Good Health Naturally.


    • Omega-3 fatty acids could reduce the incidence of neck and back pain according to various studies and discussed as an alternative to N-SAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Hemp Seed Oil or Krill Oil can support cell growth and organ function. They can also help to decrease painful symptoms related to arthritis. In addition, it also provides protection for cell membranes.  The Krill Miracle or Hemp Seed Oil (for vegetarians) both available from Good Health Naturally.


By combining the above factors, along with following a really healthy natural lifestyle it’s possible to greatly improve your lower back pain and to find relief in the long term.



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