Testimonials from people who have improved their Sarcoidosis



Serrapeptase has helped my sarcoidosis and my breathing problems more than anything else

“Dear Robert, Serrapeptase truly is the “miracle enzyme.” I have been taking Serrapeptase for about eight months and just recently I tried Blockbuster. It is also amazing. I have two auto-immune diseases- sarcoidosis and reynauds. The sarcoidosis is mainly in my lungs and sinuses. Serrapeptase has helped more than anything else with my breathing problem.”




Gravatar_transparente“Dear Sir,

I have suffered with sarcoidosis since August of 2000. I began taking natural supplements in September and NEVER took any steroidal drugs despite being told I could die by two separate doctors if I did not enter into this treatment.

Despite taking whey protein products (glyconutrition), I have never quite been able to get over the sarcoidosis in its entirety. I managed to eliminate many of the symptoms, but in January of this past year, began developing some severe problems with my shoulder, neck and arm (inflammation). I have also suffered with pain in my feet for over 10 years which no doctor, or podiatrist ever seemed to be able to fix, nor any amount of expensive shoes relieved.

A good friend who shares info with me about natural supplements, told me about Serrapeptase 2 weeks ago and I ordered it after reading the information available at your website. I noticed in less than 7 days that when I would get out of bed in the mornings, I was experiencing less foot pain. Now, 2 weeks later, I am starting to regain some mobility in my arm. My arm has been severely affected since January and certain movements were entirely impossible. I am now able to move my arm in most directions. While still sore to some extent, I am thrilled beyond words at how much improvement I am seeing in such a short period of time. I walked 2 miles the other night and not one time did I feel a need to return home because of foot pain.

Sarcoidosis is also an inflammatory disease that has affected my liver, spleen and lungs. I believe that it too is being helped. The one thing that I have never totally been able to eliminate is a slight wheeze. I am now starting to experience less and less wheeze.

You cannot begin to understand how excited I am feeling. I believe that I have finally landed upon something that could potentially heal me totally of Sarcoidosis.”

Many thanks,

J.L., Louisville, Kentucky