Reducing the amount of fat consumed within the diabetic diet eases inflammation within the body.

Diabetics can no longer produce enough insulin to overcome insulin resistance. Thus, blood glucose levels tend to rise above the normal range. Reducing the amount of fat consumed within the diet eases inflammation within the body. A study found that consuming too much fat could be a possible trigger of chronic inflammation. This may promote insulin resistance by encouraging chronic inflammation. Consequently, it may trigger diabetes.

The study also found that within the test subjects, immune cells can’t manufacture fat. They don’t develop diabetes and inflammation, even when a high-fat diet is consumed.

The research team believed that the study made modest progress in helping diabetics avoid heart attacks and strokes. However, chronic inflammation resulting from the therapy may actually cause them to die from complications.

By blocking the production of fat inside the cells, it is possible to prevent inflammation in diabetics. This may also help with other conditions such as arthritis and cancer, where chronic inflammation is also likely to happen.

Test subjects that are genetically altered couldn’t make macrophages, which are the fatty acid synthase (FAS) enzymes in immune cells. They also found it was possible for them to synthesize fatty acids, which are important for cell metabolism. The researchers were surprised that the test subjects were protected from diet-induced diabetes. They didn’t develop the disease nor exhibit insulin resistance that normally occur when eating high fat diets.

Through the series of experiments, the researchers found that macrophages couldn’t synthesize fat. The external cell membrane also couldn’t respond to fat from the outside of the cell. It was this that prevented the cells from contributing to the inflammation.

However, preventing diabetic complications can’t be stopped altogether. This is because inflammation is vital for clearing infectious pathogens from the body. It also helps in wound healing.

Although there are clinical trials for potential cancer treatment, other drugs are available to help inhibit the fatty acid synthase in diabetes as well. By altering the lipid content in the cell membrane, it can block cancer metastases and diabetes complications.

A Natural Solution

The good news is there is a healthier solution to avoiding chronic inflammation build-up that can increase the risk of diabetes. One of these is to take Serrapeptase, a naturally occurring digestive enzyme. Serrapeptase helps dissolve inflammation within the body and enables the kidney to safely eliminate them.

Cinnamon is also excellent for controlling blood sugar levels and minimising any cell damage. Diabetics and anyone looking to lose weight will do well to add cinnamon to their foods to reduce their sugar intake.

Following a naturally healthy diet and lifestyle is crucial. This includes avoiding ALL carbs that raise insulin and glucose blood levels, as well as eating foods that are low on the glycemic index. By doing this, it is possible to see considerable improvements in diabetic health.

For best results please follow the Diabetes Health Plan here. Also consider reading the book ‘Solving Diabetes Type 2 in 27 Days’ by Robert Redfern of Naturally Healthy Publications. It is good resource that provides a step-by-step guide to improving diabetic symptoms and achieving good health in the long term.


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