Q: I’m suffering from Wry neck (torticollis). Can’t turn neck. And I get tired of people telling me to take magnesium and calcium. Because I already take those. And I have other muscle spasms, such as “charlie horse” and muscles that lock up for no reason.

Chiropractic is only temporary. -Donna C., United States

A: It is Ancient Minerals Magnesium you need and HealthPoint (see www.DoveHealth.com).


Q: Hi Robert,

I want to buy Serrapeptase from you to help dissipate a large site of haematoma that is various capsules, just under my right collarbone and into the axilla.
A 4x6cm tumour had to be removed surgically due the extreme pain it caused by being inveigled in the brachial plexus.
A ‘brachial plexus’ scrape was carried out with only a vein sacrificed. However, my right hand and arm are still devoid of sensation due the haematoma having taken the place of the tumour ! Only when the constant pressure is released from the Brachial plexus will it start to regenerate.

Will Serrapeptase help? What would be a good dosage to start with?

I look forward to your comments Robert . -Julie B.

A: If the tissue is non living such as fibrosis or cysts then the following may clear it:

  • SerraPlus+ 1 x 3 times per day
  • Nascent Iosine drops 3 drops x 3 times per day


Q: I’m at the chiropractor often because either my hip pops out, or my neck or other vertebrae are off. I do light exercise, stretch, do a bit of yoga, walk and yet, I still seem to have inflammation all the time around my spine. If I don’t go to a chiro it just gets worse. Whatever the reason for the inflammation, do you think serrapeptase can get rid of it permanently? Thanks! -Mary

A: Mary,
I think you need an overhaul of your diet.

Your recovery food plan and to maintain perfect Health (pH)

  • STOP all starchy carbohydrates (breads, pastry, cookies, breakfast cereals, white rice, potatoes and pasta), processed foods and milk produts. These are inflammatory foods and will make healing more difficult. Try to stick to quinoa and the other carb altenatives shown at www.reallyhealthyfoods.com for your health.
  • Eat up to 14 small portions (about the size of your fist) of fresh or frozen veggies daily (in soups, juiced, stir fried, steamed, etc). 50% raw juiced (use the pulp in soups). Organic if possible.
  • Eat 3-5 portions of beans, nuts and seeds (soaked and mashed for the nuts and seeds).
  • Eat 3-5 portions of dark skinned fruits (blueberries, cherries, red grapes – especially the minimum of 2 avocados daily, etc).
  • Hemp or Krill Oil and other healthy oils such as olive oil, etc.
  • Drink 6 glasses of distilled or filtered water per day with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda which improves oxygen transport.
  • Take 3-5x teaspoons of sea or rock salt daily in food or a little water (no table salts).


Q: Robert,

I really have to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Much appreciated.

I happened to read in the testimonials, one describing a man who had been in a wheelchair because of severely damaged nerves he had suffered in a fall. He evidently, had recovered substantially using Serrapeptase. I was just wondering, I have an old injury to the C-5 nerveroot in my neck, that has caused weakness and muscle atrophy to my left shoulder and arm. This injury occurred in spinal surgery to remove a bone spur on my neck. Could serrapeptase possibly regenerate an injured nerve root, over time? I realize, this may be impossible. -Wythe P.

A: Take it with curcumin98 at the same time. These work very well together for nerve damage.


Q: What does Curcumin98 do? -Wythe P.

A: It is shown is studies to help nerve damage as in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and I have had lots of good feedback from MS sufferers.


Q: How long will it probably take to dissolve scar tissue from surgery? -Wythe P.

A: Wythe,

1-2 months but maybe a little longer.


Q: Hi! I’m asking on behalf of my husband: He has back (lower) neck and hands pains for the last 30 years. Tried everything. The only thing that helped were Oxycontons, but then he slept all day , so he stopped all medications. He does have Duputrin desease. I’m wondering if the Serrapeptase would be worth a try? Thanks for answering. -Fred R., Canada


A: Fred,

I do no think basic serrapeptase on its own can help but Serranol has the best chance.
See the link 

and read www.SerranolOffers.com

Taking a high doses such as 2 capsules x 3 times per day may give a faster result.
Of course stopping starchy carbs is always sensible for healthy anti ageing.


Q: My elderly mother; she is 91 and is very hunched over with a great deal of pain in her neck and shoulders. It is probably far more painful than I can even imagine. Serrapeptase may be a Godsend to her. Can an elderly person take these without side effects? Except for her neck and spine, and some high blood pressure, she is relatively healthy and somewhat mobile for someone her age. I just want to make sure these are ok for her to take. Thank you again! -Robert W., United States

A: Robert,

Give your mom the serrapeptase, 30mins before eating a meal, with a glass of water x 3 times perday.
She will benefit in the long term from something like my Serranol (See www.serranoloffers.com and the attached report on it).

Serranol – 4 Super Nutrients