Q: I just read your website regarding serrapeptase, I used the product for less than 2 weeks because I got pregnant. I have fibrocystic disease and the serrapeptase reduces the pain when I take it. I want to take it again this time. Will my cyst disappear eventually when I take it for more than a month? I read most of the testimonials and I’m interested, please help.

A: Yes it is safe to take it all the way through and even when breastfeeding to stop engorgement.

Q: My wife has been diagnosed with Tarlov cysts and is in constant pain. Is there any evidence that Serrapetase would benefit her?

A: Cysts in themselves are caused by foreign bodies in the blood that is causing a local problem that the body needs protecting from. The most common cysts I have experience dealing with are breast cysts. These can be caused by shortage of minerals, Vitamin D3, breastfeeding (mastitis) and the biggest cause of all breast implants. The good news is I have a 100% success rate clearing these cysts. I do not recall anyone coming back to me after clearing Tarlov Cysts but that is not unusual as it understandable that they may be more thankful saving their breast compared to any other cysts.

The Plan:

  • Serranol 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating each meal (or SerraPlus+ and Vit D3/K2 Spray depending upon finances)
  • Nascent Iodine Drops 4 drops x 4 times per day in a little water
  • Selenium: To get the selenium needed as a co-factor for the iodine, take a multi-vitamin, or better, I suggest, Daily Immune Protection, that has selenium content and other powerful ingredients.
  • Ancient Minerals Magnesium OIL ULTRA massage to the back and leg muscles daily

It is critical that a really healthy foods diet is followed.