Erectile Dysfunction Testimonials


“I have been taking the serrapeptase as recommended by you. I was struggling to maintain an erection. It was embarrassing for both me and my wife, who one day soon hope to have a baby. I wasn’t holding any hope that anything could help me and simply put it down to my age. Now I can see that by taking the serrapeptase and following a healthy lifestyle as you suggested, the blood flow is improving – and so are things in the bedroom!’

Tom, Bolton


“ED has embarrassed me long enough. Now, thanks to your serrapeptase and sound advice, I am once more feeling youthful and agile between the sheets. Thanks!”

Gareth, Wilmslow



“Thank you for your help. My sex life is back on track and me and my partner are amazed at the difference. I am feeling healthy and young one again.”

Jim, USA

We have erectile dysfunction supplement which is very useful for treatment. Here you can read What cause of Erectile Dysfunction and Erectile Dysfunction treatment Health Plan.

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Everardo Garcia
Everardo Garcia

How do you take it .
What is the amount you need to take.


Hi Everardo, Here is our full health plan for erectile disfunction, as it is important to combine the right form of supplements, with the right diet, but also the same attention on relaxation, positive outlook and even acupressure (see below): For more information on accupressure see: Plus we have lots of dietary info, which is crucial to your long-term health improvement and recovery. This info can be found at these links: To help you further please sign up for our free telephone/skype health coaching programme, where we can help you to follow any part of… Read more »