Q: I would very much appreciate your knowledge/thoughts. My husband (27 yrs) has had life long Erectile Dysfunction (ED) (since puberty). We have tried all kinds of treatment. He cannot use Viagra, etc. due to side effects. Through combing the web, I found the term ‘venous insufficiency’ and a blog where a few guys discussed the exact symptoms my husband has. Blood may initially flow in, but an erection is simply not maintained. Have you heard of this? Has it been successfully treated? Thank you.


A: Libby,

There are two things I recommend:
HealthyFlow (for improving blood flow)
MacaPro for maintaining a strong hormone balance.
See them at www.GoodHealthUSA.com

So you know, my wife and I take them for their great effects.


Q: What do you recommend for a man in his fifties who is suffering from ED? Thanks.

Quentin, USA


A: Follow the Erectile Dysfunction Health Plan which includes taking Serranol, HealthyFlow, Relaxwell, Rosavin, Nascent Iodine, MacaPro and ActiveLife 90 for best results. Let me know how you get on.

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