Gravatar_transparenteSerrapeptase reduces use of anti-inflammatory drugs and symptoms of Crohns Disease

“Dear Robert,

I thought I would give you an update on my progress with my Crohn’s Disease. I have been taking the SerraEnzyme, Curcuminx4000, D.I.P, MaxiVision & Gastro Enzyme Therapy for about a month now.

I think all the above are definitely making a positive impact on my body because the gastritis has nearly all disappeared. I feel so much better and healthier. I am afraid to reduce my Serraenzyme enzyme, Curcumin and Gastro Enzyme because I have cut down on my anti-inflammatory drugs to only four tablets and I have thrown away the proton inhibitor drug for gastritis!!

I am still taking every day:

6 SerraEnzyme
6 Curcuminx4000
6 Gastro Enzymes
4 MaxiVision
1 D.I.P

I feel I have definitely made progress in big way and am getting stronger every day.”

Sudha B, United Kingdom


Gravatar_transparente“As far as the inflammation goes in regards to my Crohn’s Disease, it went within 4 days of taking the serrapeptase. From the fourth day of taking it I didn’t feel anything, although at first I wasn’t sure. I have had Crohn’s disease since 1973…I take them 3 times a day and I’m happy at the moment. My doctor was surprised by my results. I am now giving up the steroids as they never did much good. I feel fantastic and I also feel different. I’m going to send my friend a bottle. Serrapeptase has also improved my asthma, I used to walk every 100 yards and had to stop to get my breath back. I thought it must be a miracle!”

Phivos Stacey, UK



Gravatar_transparente“As you suggested, I took the serrapeptase three times daily for my Crohn’s Disease and joint pain. I saw improvement.

I’m going down to one three times daily, for maintaining any improvements that I have received and to continue to heal the inflammation.”

Lisa S.


Gravatar_transparenteI feel marvelous, there is no pain.

“Over the weeks I have chatted with Dee who runs our local pet shop, Paradise Pets. She is a sufferer of Crohn’s Disease and has a history of surgery. As she told me: ‘For years I fought this disease. I’d had so much surgery that there was nothing more the medical profession could do. I’d been left with lesions that caused me so much pain. I’d come to work and be doubled up, my life was very limited as I could not go anywhere very far away.’

I suppose it was about eighteen months ago that I suggested she try SerraEnzyme. The rest, as they say, is history. Again she told me: ‘I take SerraEnzyme religiously every morning and evening with a glass of water. I am, quite honestly, a different woman. I feel marvellous, there is no pain. Last year my husband and I were able to go on holiday with no problem.’

But that’s not all. When Dee was told that her little Shitzu dog had a large tumour in her throat and it was probably best to have her put to sleep she sprang into action and began to give the animal Serrazyme. ‘The results are amazing. The tumour has shrunk considerably and she is able to enjoy her doggy life. Both of us have benefitted so much from wonderful SerraEnzyme.’

Jenny Pulling



“At age 80, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Two GI doctors did nothing to stop my 30 trips to the toilet, because of constant diarrhea during a 24-hour period. This went on for six months’ time. I lost 55 pounds in one month and knew I was going to die. I was so weak I could hardly walk and needed assistance from my wife to do so. If it were not for finding a newly qualified medical doctor in Palmetto, our next town, who through holistic methods, chelation and Serrapeptase, I would not now have control over my Crohn’s as well.”




“At age 80 I came down with Crohn’s Disease and had open heart surgery, with 5 by-passes installed. In just 10 years time, I had to undergo my first stent, after very serious Angina attacks. Then from that date on I had 14 more stents installed and still was having Angina attacks after my 5 year carotid artery checks which started at 10-20% and increased 1% every year for the following 5 years. A month ago I was due for another carotid artery check, but this time, some 9 months prior, I started taking 6 tablets a day of SerraEnzyme for 30 days and then cut back to 3 a day, until I had the carotid artery test via the latest brand new CT scan machine. My readings were both less than 30% for the first time in the past 5 years. I owe it all to Serrapeptase and will keep on taking until the day I die.