Chronic Ear Infection

Q: Hi Robert! In the Chronic Ear Infection Health Plan section, it mentions usage of 3×3, 4×3 going down to 1×1. At 80,000IUs this would amount to 720,000IUs in one day to start. At 4×3, this would go up to 960000IUs in one day. Am I understanding that right? Isn’t that too much to take per day? Is there any possibility of negative side effects with such a large quantity?


A: Valentina,

Using 80,000IU, you can take 240,000iu per day.
In addition, I now have a faster and better solution that clears it within 24hrs:
MSM/Silver Drops (put a few drops in the ear every few hours and lie on the opposite side for a few mins to let it soak in.)
Prescript Assist Probiotics take 3 caps x 3 times for the first day and then reduce to the bottle instruction.

See them both at




For help with the above condition, check out the Chronic Ear Infections Health Plan.

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