Q: What is recommended for healing autoimmune diseases?
A: Follow the Health Plan as recommended for best results.

Q: Is serrapeptase as recommended in the health plan, gluten-free? I cannot find anything to that effect on the bottle. Today in town I saw a different make with a warning that it included gluten. For those of us who have autoimmune conditions including being coeliac, this is essential information.
A: No gluten whatsoever. On the other hand all starchy carbs (gluten free or not) are unfit for humans and animals.

Q: Robert, do you have any clients using serrapeptase for Dermatomyositis?
A: I cannot think of anyone with this particular problem but all inflammatory problems are inflammatory by nature.

Q: I am wondering about using Serrapeptase for vertigo caused by either viral labrynthitis or BPPV?
A: You will be amazed how many immune problems are at the root cause of various diseases. The Autoimmune Disease Health Plan has been successfully used on thousands of people around the world.

Q: Which of the products is most suitable for inflammation in the body which has been caused by a viral infection?
A: Serranol.

Q: Is serrapeptase helpful in treating Graves Disease? I have only been diagnosed today.
A: Yes. Please follow the advice and recommendations in the Autoimmune Health Plan.

Q: I am eating as best as I can, lots more fruit and vegetables than before. I am getting on track with what you advised me to do concerning my swelling on my legs. I am not taking any supplements other than your BlockBuster AllClear right now. But would like to know what I need to take to improve my memory. I can’t purchase any products at this time. I would like to be informed on what I need to take to be ready to purchase when I am able?
A: Change over from BlockBuster to Serranol. Eat fish (canned sardines, salmon etc are good). Eat Quinoa with every meal.

Q: My son is 18 and has been diagonosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Do you think serrapeptase will help him and if so what brand do you recommend?
A: Yes it will almost certainly help him and I have had good feedback from others.

There are two part to the program:
1. Nutrients as follows:

Eskimo Fish Oil
2. As recommended for best results, follow the Autoimmune Disease Health Plan.


Q: I am 32, suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for 5 years now. Last week I bought serrapeptase and after 3 days I felt fantastic, I was suffering from chronic headaches lately and they disappeared. My problem is that since yesterday I started to have pain at the back of my leg. It’s like muscle cramp. I read some reviews of people who have the same. I wonder if this is a bad sign or will it go away? Should I stop serrapeptase, give it a break, or should I just diminish?

A: I suggest Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Spray to be applied to the leg muscles daily. Apply to both legs after a shower. This will also benefit your CFS.


Q: I am wondering about using Serrapeptase for vertigo caused by either viral labrynthitis or Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)?
Do you have a recommended regime?

A: You will be amazed how many immune problems are at the root cause of various diseases.
This plan has been successfully used on thousands of people around the world:  Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: My problem started years ago from a viral ear infection. Through the years the inflammation from that infection then slowly spread to my jaw, chest, shoulders, spine and stomach even down to my groin area. I’ve been to so many doctors and specialists and they looked at me as if I was crazy, and prescribed drugs which I refuse to take. Recently I had blood work done and my ACE levels came back High 81 pct, so now they think I might have Sarcoidosis. I’ve used OLE and Coconut oil and Virastop during that time but none of them have helped now I’m trying Serrapeptase for the inflammation.

A: I am certain it has developed into an auto immune condition and the various symptoms you have are manifestation of your body profile.
The plan is on this link: Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: After having taking your recommended supplements for 1 month I had another X-ray and consultation re the bi-lateral pneumonia.  Whilst in July there were still shadows on my right lung, both lungs are now completely normal and the pneumonia is now regarded to be resolved.  Generally speaking (my chronic lyme and morgellons in the background), even my husband has noticed an improvement in general health, strength and mood.  Although much improved, there is still a little mucus running down my throat – I have a feeling it comes from the sinuses.

A: There will be many months for your body to clear everything and even then after a ‘special’ dinner your body will react to that ‘special’ food.

For 3 weeks I have been absolutely fine with everything.  I noticed an increase in stools to twice a day and a change from a tendency to be constipated to normal/soft.  Then suddenly this changed to explosive diarrhoea, which comes very sudden and is accompanied by lots of gurgling and cramping at the time.  Weirdly, in between however I feel totally fine – in fact better than before and I think my belly is decreasing slightly too.  My Morgellons symptoms other than skin related have always been that weird structures and shapes come out of my mouth, there is much less of this now but I have detecting some of these being expelled in my stool instead.  I have had this for ca. 2 weeks now. See previous comment.

Here are my questions:

1.  Could the diarrhoea be caused by die-off perhaps caused by the Nascent Iodine?  Should I reduce, increase the doses or go on for another week and see what happens?  Although you suggested taking 3x 3 drops, until a few days ago we have had visitors and I could not get 3 dosis into the day, so for that time I took 2 x 5 drops instead.  A couple of days ago with visitors all gone I changed to your recommended 3 x 3.

2. You said to take Serranol 2 capsules 3x per day for a month, then reduce to 1 capsule 3x per day.  The month is now over and I would like to ask whether it would be beneficial to stay on 2 capsules 3x per day for a second month, because there is still some mucus running down my throat.  Also, as my lungs are now completely normal, and perhaps the focus is now more on chronic lyme and morgellons (and incidentally, I have always been suspicious that I have picked up some other tropical parasite from Africa and Madagascar) I wonder whether when I have finished this original batch of 4 x Serranol I should perhaps go over to the higher 80,0000IU original serrapeptase instead?

3.  Special lyme clinics and many alternative Lyme and Morgellons protocolls are using a pulsed approach.  5 or 6 days meds or supplement, 1 or 2 days rest.  Do you think this would be beneficial with serrapeptase and Nascent Iodine too in the long run? Not really as they are probably talking herbs or medications.

4.  I am currently still taking Prescript Assist 2x a day with food.  In view of the diarrhoea, should I continue with this or reduce to 1x per day?

5.  I originally bought 4 x 1st line immune support.  You recommended using 3 on consecutive days which I did.  Do you think I should take the 4th one now and see whether it helps with the diarrhoea (although if this is because of a detox effect I assume it can’t make any difference?)

Apart from the diarrhoea which is beginning to worry me slightly (and is immensely embarrassing because it is very urgent indeed), I have been so delighted with everything – it has already made a big difference in my well-being and life in general.  If I could just get this diarrhoea under control…

A: Answers to your questions, see items below.
1. I have not had any negative feedback reading the Nascent Iodine and refer you to my comment above.
2. I only suggest lowering it with reference to people’s finances. I do and I suggest you stay on 2 x 3 with Serranol.
3. Iodine is a critical daily nutrient and taking Serranol is like having a personal bodyguard that does not need a day off.
4. I would have taken 5 as soon as the diarrhoea started until it stopped and then back to 2 per day.
5. Yes take it and again it is with regards to a person’s finances that I suggest 3. If I was personally in your shoes and because I can afford it would have taken many more. We take 2 every 3 months.

Your diet needs to be perfect with no ‘special’ dinners that are not planned specially for you. If you would like feedback then send me you daily menu and I will pick it apart and report back to you.

You should read:  Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: Lately my friend’s dad’s blood pressure went up to 200/100 something.
The was the remarks on his CT Scan: Acute infract, left middle cerebral artery distribution
May I know what’s your best plan for this? Your recommendation is highly appreciated.

A: BlockBusterAll Clear
Stop all carbs and high sugar foods and follow the plan above.


Q: My partner and I suffer from Autoimmune disorders. He has inflammation in response to foreign matter (working with poisonous cacti as a horticulturalist for years). I simply have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), the nasty rheumatoid arthritis which is also inflammatory. We both are interested in your Serrapeptase products and would very much like your best advice as to what we should order – the stronger the better we feel. Serrapeptase is available in New Zealand, though as you stated , they do not have the IU rating , only SU etc, which you did not seem to rate. Even though they did appear to be kosher, I would prefer you to advise and explain. would like to order asap.

A: The auto immune plan is the the same for both of you and is coming in the link below together where to obtain them: Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: Whenever I try to take enzymes of any kind, systemic or digestive, I get either a very loose stool or diarrhoea. If the reaction is strong enough, my back will also go out. I’ve tried persisting to see if the problem would clear up but after about a week I’m done with it. Just have to stop.

The only enzymes I have ever been able to take without a reaction are bromelain and papain.

I have several autoimmune presenting problems. Vitiligo came first, then Hashimotos and now Dupuytren’s in my hands. Also my right knee won’t extend all the way out because of scar tissue after three meniscus surgeries. I’m 73, a young 73, and just don’t like the idea of slowly falling apart. Enzymes seem to be in order.

How do I take serrapeptase without ending up at the chiropractor and otherwise progressively miserable? Is there something I should start first? Build up the gut with fermented foods, take the bromelain? I do eat fairly clean. Probably have toxins in my system – raised in farm and oil country and have mercury in my teeth. Had radiation on my nasal tissue when I was a teenager – thanks Doc! I have a similar problem whenever I try to detox. Cascara Sagrada and cassia have a particularly vigorous effect on me and guarantee a visit to the chiropractor.

Maybe I need a way to clear the toxic load more slowly, more gently. Ditto with the enzymes.

Thank you in advance for your insights on how I proceed.


A: Here is my Auto Immune recovery plan: Autoimmune Disease Health Plan

Also Register at www.GoodHealthHelpDesk.com to send me tickets for support.

I suggest taking the Prescript Assist for 1 week and then the 1st Line to re-establish your digestive tract health first. After a couple of weeks, start on the Serranol and other things.

I know you believe your food is healthy but I need you to send me your daily menu so I can give you feedback. I will leave no plate unturned to get your health perfect. I do it for others and all I ask is you work with me to do it for you.


Q: Hello Robert,

Thank you for your help and suggestions.

I took a look at your healthy eating suggestions and decided I really don’t eat as healthy as I could. I’m not a processed food kind of gal. Mostly need to drop the dairy and coffee and ramp up the veggies along with good quality protein in the form of fish, organic chicken or grass fed beef.

Not comfortable about adding any kind of probiotic, even soil based, to my diet at this point. I’ve spent too much money on probiotics only to have to toss them when I found I couldn’t tolerate them. I’m going to work on the diet first and will keep in touch.

I’m sure I need the probiotics. I belong to a health food cooperative store. I think I’ll go in and muscle test to see if there are any I could handle at this point. If not, I’ll eat like a hunter-gatherer and go back in and test in a couple of weeks. Will be in touch. 

A: Prescript Assist is the only probiotic anywhere in the world with double blind studies with a 12 month follow up to show it works (which is why I recommend it). see http://goodhealthusa.com/products/Probiotic/



Q: Are the Prescript Assist capsules that can be opened to half the dose?

I’m 73 and consider myself healthy. The only medication I take is armourers for thyroid. I have joint problems and recently realized I have Dupuytrens in my right hand and vitiligo. Enzymes are indicated for this whole autoimmune syndrome. I’m game, I just need help getting into the program at the pace my body can handle.

Thank you for your help. I really appreciate the time you take to respond personally regarding my concerns.

A: Just so you know for your digestive problems:

1. Grains and cereals are not natural foods and harm you. They are a major factor in all diseases. There are many alternatives such as Quinoa and Buckwheat

2. Cows milk products are not natural foods and again will harm you. (Sheep and goats milk products are less harmful)
See www.Probiotic29.com for info and studies and see the product at http://goodhealthusa.com/products/Soil-Based-Probiotic/

In the Garden of Eden (before food companies) the food we picked off the garden floor was covered with over 50 probiotics and that gives us immune protection, manufacturers essential vitamins such as K and various B vits. It also cleans the intestines, ensures proper absorption of foods, and sends messages to the brain as to what is happening in the digestive tract. None of this happens with fermented foods or bentonite clay.

Prescript Assist can be opened and mixed with a little mashed food. Then this can be divided into two parts. Chew this very slowly to populate the mouth first before swallowing and then leave the other part in the fridge for later.

I strongly recommend Nascent Iodine Drops from www.GoodHealthUSA.com or 3 portions of Kelp or Kombu per day to get the essential iodine you need. As well as the thyroid you need this for many things around the body including protecting your breast health.

Auto immune problems (which I agree you may have) need a super plan which I will supply here: Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: I have just purchased serrapeptase from you and it is very important for me to know if it is gluten-free. I cannot find anything to that effect on the bottle. Today in town I saw a different make with a warning that it included gluten. For those of us who have autoimmune conditions including being coeliac, this is essential information. Thank you.

A: Gillian, No gluten whatsoever. On the other hand all starchy carbs (gluten free or not) are unfit for humans and animals.


Q: What would you recommend for my 69 otherwise healthy husband(John) who has Haemochromatosis & has had 2 knee replacements,1 shoulder replacement & now has the same degeneration in his ankles? He’s had one heart stent and is on blood pressure meds and aspirin. The heart specialist is impressed with his state/progress to date?

Re myself, Kay(69) *Breast cancer in remission *1 large gallstone *very old soft tissue neck injury ?
We are interested in a regime for the above and long term anti-aging protocol.


A: Both of you need to take Serranol 2 x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal. A good multivitamin/mineral formula similar to MaxiVision is necessary.
See both of these at www.GoodHealthOZ.com. Stop eating starchy carbs, eggs, cows milk products and barn reared meats. Eat, veggies, dark skinned fruits, nuts, seed, beans and wild fish.


Q: Hi,

I am HIV+ (currently on ARVs) and would like to know how I could  benefit. I have a peptic ulcer, thyroidism (underactive and on treatment for that).  I am constantly chronically tired and and feel sluggish even after the gym. I would like to try the serrapeptase, please advise how I can have a bottle and what the cost would be?  I am based in South Africa and can arrange a courier to get it to me, please let me know what the cost would be.

A: See my full plan in the link below:  Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: Can you tell me if the serrapeptase enzyme would help against inflammation caused by Hashimoto’s and Sjrogren’s syndrome? Thanks.

A: Yes.


Q: My son suffers from Hashimoto’s Disease and I would be very, very happy if his thyroid gland became active as it was before. Which is the role of serrapeptase in this case?

A: Vida,

This is an auto immune disease and it takes the full Autoimmune Disease Health Plan to clear it.


Q: Hi Robert,

My daughter was diagnosed a year ago with Linear Scleroderma or Parry Rhomborg Syndrome. On the left side of her face she has scar tissue and it has greatly affected her lip as well.

Do you know if the Serrapeptase might be able to dissolve some of that scar tissue?


I am attaching a picture of her face so you can see what it looks like.


A: I suggest Serranol 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal.
They both are her best solution. I cannot say I have heard of this but that is the same for the past 12 years, every success was a new success.Only eating really healthy foods goes without saying.


Q: My 11 year old daughter developed a rare medical condition called Henoch–Schönlein purpura about six months ago. This condition was at it worst at 8-12 weeks and she experienced severe joint swelling and pain, abdominal inflammation, and excessive purpura. The condition is known to usually last about 4 -12 weeks. Although the joint swelling, pain and abdominal problems had disappeared at about 12 weeks, she still has a mild chronic case of purpura which to my understanding is vasculitis. Is this a condition that serrapeptase can help with? Thank you in advance.

A: In my opinion this is an immune problems. The solution I offer is on the link below. The food has to be perfect really healthy foods.
Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: I am taking serrapeptase for inflammation. How long is it before you see results? I have been on them for about one a week, I am on steroids as well as my doctor said I had polymyalagia which is a sort of inflammation. Today for the first day I woke up and didn’t hardly feel any of the stiffness that I have for months. Also how many should I take a day do you think and what is the best time – before meals or after? Hopefully you can help me, many thanks for all your emails that I find very interesting.


A: This is the link as to what you need to do and the diet to recover your health.
Autoimmune Disease Health Plan

Please read it all carefully and let me know what you are doing from the plan now and what you would like to include.


Q: Which one would I need for Shingles, Lyme’s Disease and fibromyalgia?


A: The plan for clearing your problems is here:  Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: Ok thanks, are you confident this gets rid of the HIV? I’m just always tired, mostly in bed – and incredibly skinny with weak lungs. I come from a STRICT Indian family who don’t know about my condition otherwise they’ll disown me. I need to get it sorted ASAP I’ve tried other natural things with no luck. I am not on any other medication for anything, as I got diagnosed for it at a private outside place. I don’t want it on my record, etc.


A: What I can tell you is that this worked for many people. It has studies showing great results, and it is natural. That is why I said you can take it every day for a couple of weeks if you can afford it. See a video here http://goodhealthnews.tv/healthnews/new-immune-booster

You can also add another great product, Prescript Assist as well as 1st Line. This is a probiotic that again has great studies for helping to keep us healthy.

You can come through this and be strong and become a leader of others to help them as well.

You are going to have to let me coach you to completely recover, and in that I include the foods and drinks that go into your mouth. I realize you will be putting your life into my hands but it is my experience that fear makes people do the wrong things. I have no fear.

If you want my help reply and tell me what you are eating for meals, what liquids you are drinking and what supplements you are taking. More importantly that you can afford these things. If you cannot I will still help you with the foods you need to eat, etc.


Q: Dear Robert Redfern,

I have a question about serrapeptase. I’m 30 years old and I have had pains in my bones for the last 2 years. I have consulted with my doctor and the pain is not caused by rheumatic infections. The reason can be that I had lyme infection 2 years ago and also that I have infection in my quinsy and I have had sore throat for years. Could you please consult me how could I help myself with serrapeptase. I have taken the capsules 2 times a day for a month, but I didn’t recognize any positive changes. Is there any other way I should take the enzyme?

A: Anu, you need to take Serranol, 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal, with a glass of water and drop to 1 x 3 after a few weeks.


Q: Hi,

Are you aware of any ‘Herxheimer’ type symptoms after first taking Serrapepatse?

I started taking Serrapeptase about 10 days ago but in the last week I have a bad sore throat and earache which has developed in a cough that is, at last, changing from being non-productive to productive. My energy levels have been severely depleted and I have generally felt well below par.

I am a registered Homeopath, so am familiar with seeing reactions to remedies during a healing crisis and seeing results according to the Hering’s Law of Direction of Cure.

I initially started the Serrapepatse to help with skin inflammations that were not responding as completely to Homeopathic remedies as I would have liked. These now seem to have all but cleared but I am struggling with my chest/respiratory tract condition.

I am otherwise a healthy woman of 54 years, taking no other medications other than a few nutritional supplements.

Any comments you have would be most welcome.


A: What and how much were you taking?


Q: Hi Robert

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Sorry, I forgot to tell you what I had been taking!

I’ve taken 3x 80,000 tablets morning and evening on an empty stomach … and when I remember, 3 in the afternoon too. I’ve probably missed 3 or 4 lunchtime doses.


A: It can happen with a large dose and very rarely with a small dose. Have you stopped taking them?
Can you try Serranol instead? I presume you mean SerraEnzyme 80,000? Do you have any unopened bottles you can send back to swap. It is what I would have recommended for your symptoms.
Let me know what you have left?


Q: I haven’t stopped taking them (yes…they are the SerraEnzyme) and I was about to order some more, but I will order the Serranol instead and see how things go.

I presume the dose I have been taking is classed as a ‘small’ dose?

I’m not unduly concerned at this stage but more interested in what could be going on in my body and why! I was wondering whether there could be a detox going on that has overwhelmed my immune system, on the other hand, perhaps I have simply fallen foul of a nasty respiratory tract infection which coincided with starting the Serrapeptase.


A: No, 9 per day is the high dose. 1-3 per day is the low dose.


Q: Hello Robert,

Thank you for the information provided. My dad is on baby aspirin for almost 5-6 years, will it be ok to continue with serrapeptase? What are your recommendation for vitiligo?


A: Yes your dad can take a serrapeptase formulation. Which one does he need?

Vitiligo is an auto immune condition and the link will take you to the full auto immune protocol: Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: Does serrapeptase cross the blood/brain barrier? A friend has Temporal Arteritis. Also two clots – one in each leg. Has been taken off Warfarin because of brain bleeding. Doctors now say they hope the clots will disperse in time. I have recommended Serra to loads of my friends who have all benefited but in this case I’m cautious.

A: I have a full plan for this here: Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: I have one more question. I have been looking up cervical arthritis and found a website with a product which is supposed to correct autoimmune disorders which it says is the cause of all disease. Does serrapeptase do the same thing and help with autoimmune problems?

A: Serrapeptase only helps the immune system by relieving the inflammation.

I have a more powerful solution that I have for the really serious auto immune problems:

1st Line immune Kit http://www.goodhealthusa.com/products/immune_support/

These are my serrapeptase formulation as well and I take Serranol:


Q: Dear Mr. Redfern,

I have been recommended to contact you by Anna Herbert. On December 17th last year, I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. I spent the following 4 months in hospital, and was discharged on 4th April. Since then I have been having physiotherapy to help me to get back to what I was before. I completely lost all the feeling in my feet, and also feeling in the rest of my body, but not as badly. I have the feeling back everywhere now, except my feet – it is returning slowly. I am now walking again, but need to practice on stamina and speed.

In hospital I was put on 4 different types of pain killers – Gabapentin, Amitriptyline, Dihydrocodeine and Paracetemol. They tried Tramadol but it was unsuccessful. I am now off all these painkillers except for the Amitriptyline which I am still taking at night (30mg), but am cutting this down slowly. They tried different treatments to help me recover, but nothing seemed to work until they put me on a dose of steroids. I started on a dose of 40mg a day, then it was reduced down to 30, then 20, then 10, then 5. I was taking 10mg a day when I was discharged. I am now on 3mg a day and will be cutting it down by a mg a month. I also take 150mg of Thyroxin a day as I have an underactive thyroid.

Is there anything you can tell me to do or take in order to help me recover 100%? If there is anything else you need or would like to know, please feel free to call me on 02381 789 979, or reply to this email.

Many thanks for your time.


A: Sophie,

All I can suggest is clearing everything up once and for all: Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: My son, aged 31 years was diagnosed with Seronegitive arthritis some time ago and he is back on sufsazaline but has also received an injection which he said was extremely painful. This seemed to work for a while but now he is suffering from much more regular flare-ups and the pain has extended from his knee into his hips as well. The specialist wants to put him on stronger medication which will prevent him from having children which he does not want to take as they want to start a family in about a year. What would you recommend?

A: This is an autoimmune problem in the same way that lupus, RA, MS and many other problems and the latest research is also indicating cancer is as well.
The plan is in the link below and requires adherence to the detail: Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: Hello,
I started taking Serrapeptase 9/11/12, 120,000 units a day, increased it 9/27/2012 to 720,000 a day, yet I am still in pain there is no change (have RA, sjogren’s sydrome) as of 9/29/2012. I developed runny nose, now two days later a bad cough, and as of today 10/4/12 a serve sore throat. As powerful as the information I gathered on this product is, I am very surprised that I am getting sicker!!!!! I welcome any suggestions.

A: The effect may be a detox effect but your condition is an auto immune condition and needs an intensive plan to clear it up completely rather than simply serrapeptase.
I am sending my full recovery plan in the link below. Please look at it carefully and I am happy to support you all the way through to recovery: Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: Hi there,

Could you tell me what you know about Serrapeptase in autoimmune conditions please? I am concerned about introducing another possible allergen into the bloodstream.

A: It is not the allergens, it is your immune system that is mixed up. I am taking the liberty of sending my plan in the link below: Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: Hi,

I am hoping you may be able to give me some further advice. I got on to Serrapeptase by an unusual route. 20 years ago I had to retire in my 40’s, because of chronic daily migraine induced by multiple chemical sensitivity and a wide range of food intolerances. As you can imagine I have done the rounds of every doctor, naturopath, homeopath etc. In January this year I was admitted to hospital with suspected cardiac problems which turned out to be misleading as my heart is in excellent condition, the problem was acid reflux. While in hospital the cardiac consultant put me on an anti-platelet drug, Clopidogrel.

The first surprise was that I could tolerate it without getting severe basilar artery migraine which is generally what happens if I take any medication, vitamin supplement, etc. The second surprise was that the anti-platelet drug took away the migraine and I was not troubled by smells of perfumes, cleaning substances and so on. The doctor told me that I could not stay on the Clopidogrel because of the risk of bleeding. Then I went to see the specialist GP who treats me by enzyme potentiated desensitization which helps a bit. When I told her about the Clopidogrel she suggested I try Nattokinase.  I then did a search for N’kinase and found your site with information on Serrapeptase which the doctor had never heard of.

I bought some from your site and now, one week later, I am taking 6 of the 80,000 caps per day with no ill adverse reaction at all – amazing! I say amazing because in 20 years I have tried so many things only to be disappointed. I am definitely having some effect in reduction of migraine symptoms. Yesterday I was at a lunch party and sat next to a lady with strong smelling perfume which troubled me only slightly, I could hardly believe it! I am now wondering how long I should stay on such a high dose and furthermore, should I consider adding Nattokinase to the equation?

Your comments would be much appreciated.


A: I am so pleased to hear of your progress. The normal protocol is to take 6 per day for the first bottle and then reduce to 3 per day, but some do stay on the higher dose for a while longer. The best guide is after the first bottle, reduce by one per day, but go back up if symptoms return. I would stay on 3 for the foreseeable future, as your symptoms are quite debilitating and the SerraEzyme seems to be doing the job.


Q: Robert, I am always catching colds and bad chest infections. I have been to the doctors many times,and he gives me some antibiotics, they partly clear it up, but it ALWAYS COMES BACK. Please give me some direction and HELP.

A: Infections are a root cause of most diseases including heart attacks, lung diseases, auto immune disease such as multiple sclerosis and now the researchers have added cancer to the list. Infections could be said to be one of the leading causes of death.This plan will clear up the worst infections you have now and keep you clear in the future. It involves taking supplements and reducing and eventually eliminating the unhealthy foods such as sugar that feed the bad bugs in your body. Yes, I know changing lifestyle is difficult but that is where I come in to coach you until you are on the right track.
1st Line Immune Kits – Take 3 of these, 1 per day for three days. You can repeat this every 3 months, 6 months or 12 months depending upon finances.
Prescript Assist – Take 2 x 2 for 1 week and then drop to 1 per day for ever. These are the good bugs that will spread around your body to always keep the bad bugs in order.
DIP Daily Immune Protection – This is a bunch of really helpful nutrients that all have studies for helping your own immune system to stay strong in the face of infectious diseases.

Diet is critical and see my food plan attached.

Really Healthy Foods: www.reallyhealthyfoods.com


Q: I’m a 46 year old female. Quit smoking 15 years ago, never took birth control pills, had Graves disease 4 years ago, which is now in remission. I am overweight at 200lbs, being 5’5″ and I have really heavy and painful periods, so much so that I am constantly anaemic with a hemoglobin around 8 and low iron levels, I just started taking a whole food iron supplement.

I had a small DVT/PE in 2007 when I was ill with Graves disease and had a really bad experience with Coumadin…hated the way it made me feel, plus my periods become unsafely heavy.
June 3 2012, I again had a DVT and massive bilateral PE’s. I was really sick. The PE’s affected my heart function, enlarging it to a dangerous level. I refused to take Coumadin again and am now on Lovenox. I also had an IVC filter placed. The doctors want me to take coumadin for the rest of my life. I don’t want to.

Is serrapeptase/nattokinase really effective in DVT/PE prevention and what does it do and are there other supplements should I take? As far as I know, my blood work did not show any coagulation abnormalities.


A: The doctors only suggest you take drugs because they do not have confidence you can get yourself healthy?  I know you can if you will follow the recovery plan in the link below and you also get me to coach you to that recovery: Thyroid Health


Q: Hello Mr. Redfern;

I would like to ask you a question. I have for a while had graves disease but it is in remission at this point and that is not my problem. I read that sometimes because of the thyroid disease I might become more forgetful. I have been very forgetful, more than usual. Would like to know what you would recommend for me since I am trying to be a medical assistant and taking the test has been a little hard for me? Seems I can’t retain information. 

I do thank you so much for always helping and for the good Lord giving you that desire to help others as well. I appreciate it very much. May the Good Lord continue to bless you richly in spirit and in truth. Have a wonderful day!!!!!


A: Does your diet mostly consist of God-made foods?
What is your daily diet?
What supplements are you taking?


Q: Good Morning Mr. Redfern,

I am eating as best as I can, lots more fruit and vegetables than before. I am getting on track with what you advised me to do concerning my swelling on my legs. I am not taking any supplements other than your BlockBuster right now but would like to know what I need to take to improve my memory?  I can’t purchase any products at this time. I would like to be informed on what I need to take to be ready to purchase when I am able? Already know about some products since I did my research. But would like to hear your view. Thank you so much for all you do and God Bless.


A: Change over from BlockBuster to Serranol (see attached)
Eat fish (canned sardines, salmon etc are good).
Eat Quinoa with every meal.

Serranol  – 4 Super Nutrients


Q: Hello Robert,

I am wondering if serrapeptase is helpful in treating Graves Disease? I have only just been diagnosed today.

A: I am sending the full plan in the link below: Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: Hi.

Can serrapeptase help ABXS to penetrate deeper?
Those of us with chronic disease (like Lyme/Co-infections) are always looking for ways to enhance our herbal or medicinal anti-microbials.


A: I have a protocol for such conditions. Serrapeptase is only a tiny part of it and see the following link: Autoimmune Disease Health Plan


Q: Can serrapeptase help Reynauds?


A: No, unfortunately.


Q: Dear Robert,

I hope you don’t mind me asking for advice but over the years I have wasted thousands of pounds on supplements I have been unable to take. I have a mixed connective tissue disease and having been given extremely high doses of steroids my body is knackered. I find now that I struggle to find anything (including food) that does not give me acid reflux.

I have been on serrapeptase for years and have recommended it to many of my friends but since having an emergency op. for a gangrenous appendix my stomach has become unbearable. I also have serious heart disease, osteoporosis and other complications.

I tried the Gastro tabs (not sure) and the Flax Oil which I could not take. I wondered if there was anything else which would help. I would really like to take the Blockbuster but don’t think I could tolerate it.

I would be really grateful if you could suggest something that might help.


A: I trust you won’t mind me starting from the beginning. Can you give me a typical daily menu of your food?


Q: Robert,

I need the candida supplement. Please respond as soon as possible.


A:  Your need for candida:

Protease Enzymes 3 x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal with water
CurcuminX4000 2 x 3 times per day with the protease
Probiotic14 2 x 2 times per day

6 x 500ml glasses of water per day with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each glass.
Follow the basic recovery food plan.
Get some Coconut Oil from your local store and take 30ml x 2 times per day

Really Healthy Foods: www.reallyhealthyfoods.com