Are you feeling burned out all the time? Unsure of why you feel mentally foggy and drained? Adrenal fatigue could be the reason. More of us are becoming increasingly sick and tired due to toxic medication that the pharmaceutical industry produces to combat this condition. Yet the solution they provide is only adding more stress onto the body.

One of the most common symptoms of adrenal fatigue is feeling sluggish and tired. This can have an impact on our levels of mental concentration. In addition, it also leads to strong cravings for salty foods and inducing a low stress tolerance of any kind.

Overstressed adrenals caused by too many toxins or emotional stress can also run the risk of greater chronic diseases. This is all due to a weakened immune system.

The good news is that there are natural solutions you can use to find and restore inner energy levels once again. Below are some top nutrients you should try:


  1. Thiocyanates can help with clearing infections in the cells along with supporting the body’s natural immune response. Good Health Naturally recommends 1st Line Kit for this purpose.
  2. Serrapeptase and Curcumin. Serrapeptase is an enzyme that can ease inflammation while Curcumin works as an antioxidant due to its anti-inflammatory properties. These can promote good blood flow and circulation, therefore preventing any infections. Serranol from Good Health Naturally is best for such conditions.
  3. Iodine can support normal thyroid function, general energy levels and detoxification, supporting adrenal health in the process. Iodine can support the immune system responses and is essential as part of a nutritional regime. Nascent Iodine is best for this purpose. Take 5 drops x 3 times per day in 20ml of water, swish around the mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. Build over 2 weeks to 15 x 3 until well and then slowly reduce back to 5 x 3.
  4. L-Glutamine. This can support cognitive health, positive moods, better memory and a healthy digestive tract. The suggested formula is GlycoBoost from Good Health Naturally. Take 2 teaspoons daily.
  5. EpiCor® and Immune Assist Powder. This protects against infections and maintains a balanced immune system. D.I.P Daily Immune Protection is recommended or this purpose. Taking 1 capsule, twice daily with food.
  6. A good Probiotic such as Prescript-Assist from Good Health Naturally. A good probiotic can maintain healthy GI tract microfloral ecologies and promote normal bowel function. Prescript-Assist is a next generation clinically proven vegan probiotic supplement. Take 1 capsule x 2 times a day (can be opened and mixed with food). Then for maintenance, at the rate of 1 every 3 days.

Important: Stop Carbs and Avoid Sugar

Along with following the above advice, the prime thing is to stop carbs and sugary foods. A one week detox on green smoothies will dramatically clear the adrenals.

It’s also vital that you are getting enough exercise. Making healthy lifestyle choices such as ensuring you get a full night’s sleep makes it possible to find relief for adrenal fatigue in the long term.

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