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Gut Dysfunction in Child with ASD

Q: Hi Robert,

I have a son with autism. He is already doing the diet without milk and  is gluten-free, but his gut dysfunction continues  (sometimes diarrhoea, sometimes constipation). In addition, he does not sleep very well and has many other problems in relation to ASD.

He is only three years old and about 20 kg. Any suggestions?
A: Your son needs this initially to clear up his digestive problems and to start his recovery process:
Prescript Assist – Take 1 capsule opened and mixed with a little food x 2 times per day ( see )

Once he is stable he needs 1 capsule every 2-3 days.
If you want my help to clear his autism then come back to me any time.


Serrapeptase for ASD

Q: First of all, thanks for the help.

In fact, my question was whether the Serrapeptase could help, and of course what would be your opinion for a possible solution.

Actually, he is already doing the biomedical treatment for ASD, among others including taking a probiotic supplement (Pro Bio Gold – Kirkman), since a year ago.

However, the intestine remains uneven (the stool, sometimes diarrhoea etc).

Any advice is welcome. I wait for your recommendations anxiously.

A: Hi,

Pro Bio Gold doesn’t have any studies for repairing ‘gut’ problems or for anything else. One would have to charge such an exorbitant price they could spare a few $ per bottle to get it tested. It could be that it does not work since any probiotic that works should be working in hours or in the absolute worst case, a few weeks.

Prescript Assist has ‘gold standard’ studies of effectiveness and with 29 strains is proven in these studies to be the most effective probiotic available.

It should be effective in weeks and a month at the most.



For help with the above condition, check out this ASD Health Plan.

For more articles on health and wellness, visit our Naturally Healthy News site.

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4 years ago

My 4 year old was diagnosed with autism early this year and I just heard about serrapeptase. Since autism is neurological how does this help? Also serrapeptase acts as an anticoagulant, wouldn’t this be dangerous for him to take? I’d love for him to be able to communicate much more effectively than he does. He’s verbal but lots of echolalia speech and stimming and toe walking. Thank you for any info you can provide

4 years ago
Reply to  paulette

Hi Paulette, Serrapeptase is safe to take for all ages. It is not a blood thinner but improves the flow and quality of the blood by helping to dissolve clots, scar tissue, arterial plaque and inflammation in all forms. We have a full health plan for autism to help your further as it is important to combine the right form of supplements, with the right diet, but also the same attention on relaxation, positive outlook and even acupressure (see below). You can see the full health plan here: For more information on accupressure see: Plus we have lots… Read more »

3 years ago

my son is on autistic spectrum. He tends to cheat on his diet and take sugary drinks which are not helpful. Would serrapeptase enzyme help? He is also on low dosage of respiradone due to an incident caused by GP’s mistake in prescribing prednisone. He is picky about his food. Altho on biomed treatment he still shows spectrum behaviour like repetitive behaviour. He is a young man in his 20s but behave as one much younger. Appreciate your input/ advice. Thank you.

Lindsay Powers
3 years ago
Reply to  Penny

Hi Penny, yes we would recommend the serrapeptase for you son, alongside our full health plan for autism, as there are other beneficial nutrients to consider as well:
For further support please register a callback with one of our health coaches at the Good Health Coaching Centres

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