Colitis is an inflammation of the colon. It may be classified as acute or chronic and falls into the category of digestive disease.

The symptoms include recurring diarrhoea with blood, mucus or pus and abdominal pain. In addition, one might feel the need to empty their bowels frequently.


Serrapeptase for Colitis and Gout

Q: Robert,

Could you advise how we could access your products from Australia?

My wife suffers from gout and ulcerative colitis so it appears serrapeptase would be worth trying.


A: She can take SerraEnzyme 80,000IU for the gout.

I am sending the colitis plan in the link below:

Colitis Health Plan


Serrapeptase + CurcuminX4000

Q: Hi,

The Serrapeptase website won’t receive my query so I thought I would try you. Does Serrapeptase have any Sulphur in it?  I started on it last Friday night and had broken out in Hives by Monday lunch time.  20 years ago I had an allergic reaction (massive hives) to a drug which was sulphur based and so avoid it now.  If it does have Sulphur do you sell any without sulphur. (I bought the new strong ones). I had Ulcerative Colitis until having my large bowel removed 15 years ago.  The new internal “J-Pouch” often becomes infected hence my trial of Serrapeptase to avoid Prednisone and strong antibiotics.

A: Only the SerraPlus+ has msm (sulphur) in it. Which type have you got? From your description of your problems I would also recommend Curcuminx4000 as well or instead.

Serrapeptase + CurcuminX4000

Q: Hi Robert, Thanks for your quick reply.  I have the following Serrapeptase, I can’t see Sulphur or MSM on it. Could you please let me know if it has sulphur?  In addition, if it doesn’t have sulphur do you know if anyone has had an allergic reaction to any of the other ingredients?

A: No, I can confirm that it does not have any MSM (Sulphur) in it.

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