“I have used Serrapeptase 60,000IU and Blockbuster AllClear for eight months. I had a heart attack last year. I was fit as a fiddle before my heart attack and I’m just as fit now I take six serrapeptase tablets a day. Thank you.”

– Roberta L., United Kingdom


My heart pressure is down and I am now fitter than most men my age

“Thank you for the info. I took two courses of serrapeptase two years ago. Recently I visited the heart specialist for my three-yearly (cycle machine) test.

He was astounded at the improvement. My heart pressure was 111/68 (down from over 130). I am 30% fitter than three years ago and 20% fitter than most men of my age (70 years).

Keep up the good work.”

– John M.


I am now off four chemical drugs the hospital started me on

“I suffered from a heart attack in December 2005 and had a stent put in. I now take serrapeptase in the morning on an empty stomach. I take Nattokinase before bedtime. I also take vitamins “E” and “C,” as well as 300 mg of CO-Q10. I also take Salmon oil 1000mg 3 times a day. I am now off four chemical drugs the hospital started me on. I’m now also walking 6 days a week between 5-7 kilometers. I thank the Lord every day for how good I feel.”

– E.M.S., Canada


Reduced Medication After Heart Bypass Operation

“Dear Mr. Redfern, I have been successfully using Serrapeptase since my Heart bypass operation a few years ago. Regularly I undergo check ups and so far my arteries are perfectly clean to such a point that the Cardiologist has reduced my medication! THANK YOU so much!”

– Antonio D.