Q: What can you recommend for heart failure? I am 63 years old, suffered from heart failure recently and would like your advice please.

A: You should follow the advice in the following Heart Failure Health Plan and activity plan. My advice is to stick to the really healthy foods in the diet plan and to avoid starchy carbs, processed foods and so on.

Q: I have had heart failure twice already and am worried that the medication I am on will cause a reaction with the supplements you recommend. Am I ok to take this alongside following your plan?

A: The supplements can cause no harm and will only help to initiate the recovery process. Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme that can dissolve and digest dead tissue in the body which is  cause of the inflammation that can lead to heart problems and blockages. Taking serrapeptase can help to get your body as clean as possible, remove the inflammation and initiate recovery.

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