‘My teeth feel much healthier’

“I’d always had good teeth and although I wear contact lenses my prescription hadn’t been changed for years. Some 7 years ago I began to have flare ups of inflammation and bad swellings on my gums. I went for a second opinion and a third and was generally told that I now had a gum disease and, according to one dentist, would lose all my top teeth. Alarmingly I have lost some but very careful work by my hygienist and myself has checked that. However, the flare-ups continued and my dentist began to talk of taking other teeth out. I decided to talk to Robert and David to see if there was anything I could do.

They suggested a regime of 3 capsules of Serrapeptase chewed each day; Co Enzyme Q 10 capsules, Curcumin and probiotics.

I launched into this with enthusiasm but when the date of my next hygienist treatment came round I went to it with dread. I lay there while she probed expecting her to tell me the usual tale of woe…’you’re fighting a losing battle, I’m afraid’

Silence. Then: “There is a slight improvement the pockets in your gums have reduced not dramatically but they have reduced and there is no inflammation.”

When I told her about my supplement regime she agreed that enzyme therapy is an accepted procedure.

“I am delighted. My teeth also feel much healthier, ‘cleaner’ as if plaque formation is reducing and I continue to have no inflammation.”

Jenny Pulling