Q: Hi there! You told me to email on Facebook. Thanks! I just ordered the SerraEnzyme 80000iu capsules- buy 3 and one free – thought that might make up for the heavy postage from the US to Canada. I also ordered a bottle of the Serranol because it sounds so promising but I really was not sure what to order or how much to take when I get the product.

I am 52 years old, in good shape and exercise daily. My problems seem to be just starting out and stopping from exercise. First of all, I am in my second year of menopause along with all the hot flashes and cold flashes- if that is from menopause. It’s all so confusing. Then along comes hip pain – not sure what from. I am wearing orthotics and taking my calcium and magnesium… and now I have had a bad bout of vertigo. It appears to be the benign positional vertigo cause that’s what my symptoms are – quite bad for a few days but now getting better. I carefully walked on my treadmill today for an hour and have been able to get some things done around home today.

Not sure if I have a real question- just wondering if you know of others with these symptoms who have been helped and how much should I take to get the best results?

Thanks so much for your time- any articles you can refer me to would be awesome 🙂


A: Serranol is the prime one and if you want to take both, then that is OK. Take 1 capsule x 3 times per day, 30 mins before a meal with water.
SerraEnzyme – Take 1 x 3 times per day with the Serranol.

I do not recommend calcium tablets, etc. These are minerals you can easily get from food in their proper form. Vegetables and dark skinned fruits such as avocados are perfect. Sardines and canned salmon are other great sources.

Your menopause and vertigo symptoms are likely caused by starchy carbs and high sugar foods. Sugar upsets hormones and confuses them.

You would also benefit from Nascent Iodine, 4 x 4 drops per day. This is essential and missing from the diet unless you eat seaweed everyday as they do in Japan. If you call the US store they can add it to your order before shipping it today – 800 455 9155.