Since taking SerraPlus I have been able to sleep on my sides at night

“I have been reading about kidney rescue in your issue 14 catalogue. My kidneys are what have given me the main problem with my Lupus. Every day I have some pain with them, but most of the time it’s only a little. Since I’ve been taking your SerraPlus, I have been able to sleep on my sides at night.”

– Tracey C., United Kingdom


“I am finding the pain in my kidneys has vastly decreased since taking serrapeptase. I want to thank you for your advice in recommending it, along with the health plan I am following, I am beginning to see a big difference in my overall health.”

– Mark T, Dundee



“I have been in a lot of pain due to my kidneys, but it’s beginning to ease now thanks to SerraPlus. Thank you!”

– Margaret, Surrey

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