Kidney Disease FAQs

Q: Can Serrapeptase help ANCA Vasculitis (kidney affected) with severe numbness in the feet and toes and possible nerve damage in feet/toes. I read someones question that was similar (vessels blockage) and you recommended another product to take also?

I have purchased Serrapeptase 80,000iu. What dosage would you recommend?


A: The full kidney recovery plan:

Kidney Recovery Health Plan and Kidney Recovery Health Activity Plan

Start taking 1 SerraEnzyme x 3 times per day 30 mins before eating.


Q: Hello Dr. Robert,

I wonder if I can give Serranol to my kids ages 7 and 9?

I also bought KidneyCleanse from goodheathUSA for my father.

One kidney is not working and the other is 50% working.

Is it safe to give him KidneyCleanse?


A: He needs:

6 x 500ml glasses of water with a 1/3 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in each glass to rescue his kidneys first. Do this for ever but he can have the Herbal formula after 4 weeks on this plan.


Q: Hello,

I looked on your website and on the internet but was not able to find any information. My 78 years old father had a kidney transplant 6 months ago. (He has his 2 old non-functioning kidneys + the new one) – Will it be safe for him to take Serrapeptase? Yes but BlockBusterAllclear is the perfect formula for him

He has right-sided heart failure, major ascites (8 liters need to get tapped each week), Liver Fibrosis, Major varicose veins (his legs are black because of the amount), he spits out lots of phlegm/catharr, low blood pressure, has a pacemaker, etc. I have him on a very low dosage of anti-rejection / immune suppressant medication because of the side effects … I also give him lots of supplements and some herbs that are safe for his new kidney (the doctors are amazed by his blood work) Are you also giving him 6 x 500ml glasses of water with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each glass? see attached.

I think that the Serrapeptase could help him with the calcification in his valves and aorta as well as with his catharr … but I am afraid of starting him on it because I did not find any information about its interaction with transplanted organs as well as meds such as myfortic and program … I would appreciate your expertise on this. Thank you. He will also benefit with HealthyFlow See


A: The Serrapeptase and HealthyFlow will be safe for him to take.


Q: Hello Robert,

I have arteriosclerosis and diabetes II (under control with diet) and kidneys that are failing. Will Serrapeptase alleviate the arteriosclerosis within the kidneys, improve the scarring problem, and return them to health or at least postpone kidney failure? If so, which of the products should I take, and how many, and for how long? Does this also help with heavy metal poisoning? Thanks.

A: If you stick to the plan I am sending next then it is likely the problems you list will be cleared withing a month or so. The success is in the detail and if you keep in touch I can help you through it: Kidney Disease Health Plan


Q: My kidneys are at about 25%. (GFR of 20’s). Have been having problems keeping the potassium in range and right now have an 11 on calcium. Taking mag for that.

I can’t take the Vit D supplement because sarc is a dysfunction of the D system as it turns into too much D1,25. I can only get it from what’s already in food (not fortified stuff) and very limited sunlight. This has slowly come under control.

Another friend w sarcoidosis/kidney problems has suggested the bicarb and salts, so I will get back to that and do as much of the basic plan as I can. Hopefully the potassium won’t be a problem.


A: Janet,

Take BlockBuster AllClear and CurcuminX4000 in place of the Serranol.

Mag supplements are well know for poor absorb-ability. Try Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil spray which absorbs within an hour or so.


Q: I have a kidney disease and cannot take anti-inflammatory drugs, either over the counter or prescribed. The subject natural supplement was referred to me by a friend and through my research I have not be able to determine if there would be any ill effects on my kidneys if I used this supplement. Could you please advise if any research is available via the internet or if you have completed any research that would ensure me that there would be no negative impact on my kidneys if I started taking the subject supplement? Thank you very much for your response.


A: I can tell you my recommended plan and my formulations for your problems but I cannot recommend other formulations as the nutritional supplements industry is a bit a of a wild west without any control over what is in the bottle. It is not as bad as the drug industry which does real harm but you do not get what you pay for in many bottle.

My plan is in two parts:

1. SerraEzyme 80,000iu caps – 2 x 3 times per day dropping to 1 x 3 after 2 weeks, 30 mins before food with 8oz glass of water.

Curcuminx4000 500mg caps – take the same amount , at the same time as above.

Kidney Rescue – Take as bottle recommendation

HealthyFlow – supports kidney health and stimulates growth factor


These are available in Canada from

2. This diet is essential for everyone as it eliminates the foods which are showing to be a prime factor in all diseases. Even a so-called ‘healthy’ person feels benefit on this diet.


Q: I’ve been in detox mode since diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome in 2007. my complaints derive from yeast and backed up lymphatic and glands in neck. One other concern is blood pressure and night sweats. My reading this past couple of days has been 180/100, however last 3 months has been around 144/82. One product that has helped is Hemoxide. I’m age 62 male and have had blood pressure issues since my 30’s. I’m currently taking no meds. Appreciate your help in this matter.

A: Complicated issues need a total recovery plan and then start from there. It is in the link below.

Kidney Recovery Health Plan


Q: I have a high abnormal amount of protein in my urine and doctors have done many tests to try to fine the cause. So far no luck I don”t have any of the usual reasons for it . I wondered if serrapeptase could help with kidney problems? I don”t see anything in the testimonials about kidney problems but a friend said this product eats protein? Could this be so? Please get back to me soon. Thank you I know you can’t make any promises but is it a possibility?


A: It should take 30 days to clear this:

I suggest BlockBuster Allclear 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal.

Also one Essential Digestive Plus with each meal in the day.

See these two Where To Buy – Click Here:

6 x 16oz glasses of water per day with a 1/3 rd teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in each glass.

Cut out or cut right down starchy carbs and particularly when eating meats.


Q: I am a patient on dialysis who also happens to have a 100 percent blockage of the upper left innominate vein due to scarring from an Ashe catheter that was aggrevated by a fistula. I am in good physical shape and still excrete water with high functionality. Do you have any info on people in my situation using Serrapeptase with success? Can the enzyme be dialyzed? I am interested in trying to clear the vein blockage to some extent. Is there any known downside effect on the kidneys? I would appreciate any info you might have, to me, it sounds like a good potential therapy.


A: First your answers:

1. Serrapeptase will only have a beneficial effect on your kidneys.

2. It is unlikely to clear a 100% blockage as there is no blood flow to deliver it it to the scarring. Even 2-5% may work but 0% is unlikely.

3. There are some doctors in the UK giving it intravenously but I cannot help you in this.

4. In any case I would have recommended BlockBuster AllClear rather than simple serrapeptase.

Since you are still on dialysis I guess you have not seen this study attached. I know of many people who have used it themselves and been given it by doctors to rescue the kidneys. There is no downside to this either (except the doctors and medical system lose a lot of money).

Starchy carbs are another cause of poor kidney health.

If you want to follow my renal recovery plan then see it in the link: Kidney Recovery Health Plan



Q: Is serrapeptase effective against kidney stones or renal stenosis?


A: Please see the Kidney Recovery Health Plan.


Q: I am on the Serrapeptase (40,000 i.u. 3 x day) and water regimen as per your instructions. I also have a problem for many years with frothy urine (bubbles) with +1 or 100 protein (urine analysis 5 years ago). Will Serrapeptase also help in this condition or is there something else I can take to clear the protein and frothiness of the urine?

A: Serrapeptase is a protease and so it may help.


Q: I started taking Serrapeptase plus (40,000 i.u) as of Sept 4. You had instructed me to also drink 500 ml water with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda six times a day. Your recommendations were based on my problem of having chest pains (angina) on exertion. Later, I had mentioned that I also have frothy urine with protein ( + 2) for many many years now.

I felt quite good for the first 4 to 5 days but lately it appears that the progress has halted. Also, I have not been very good at drinking as much water as I should. First day I did 500 ml 6 times a day. Each day thereafter, I have not been able to keep up with the water intake. Last few days, it has been only 48 ounces. It may have to do with the fact that I am mostly sitting down and not doing too much physically. It’s like a catch 22; doing physical things cause chest pains and fatigue and inactivity causes lack of thirst. My blood pressure reading today was 154/85, pulse 69. I also feel a constant heaviness, numbness and pressure in the head.

I will be needing to reorder the Serrapeptase in the next few days. I would like to know if I should continue to take the Serrapeptase plus with the water/baking soda. or something else? I am curious whether taking baking soda for extended periods will have any side effects?

Is it possible for me to have a brief conversation with you on the telephone? It would really help me to clear all the doubts and fears I have regarding my condition and it’s treatment.


A: You urgently need to resolve this Angina. The heart muscle must be nourished with CoEnzyme q10. You need to take HySorbQ10 2 capsules x 2 times per day with food. This is the equivalent of 400mg of ordinary CoQ10.

Change to BlockBuster instead of just serrapeptase and take 2 x 3 times per day for the first month and then drop to 1 x 3.

Do you eat fish? Make sure you eat oil fish 4 time per week or take Fish Oil Or Krill Oil daily

Active Life contains 90 Vitamins and minerals and take 15ml x 2 times per day.

Did you stop eating starchy carbs as I suggested? I am sending food ideas in my next email.

Stay with the water.

Angina is serious and do not exercise or get anxious until you are on the above plan for 4 weeks. If you are an anxious person then take Relaxwell 1 x 3 times per day before eating.



Q: Thank you for your prompt reply.

1. I am ordering the HysorbQ10, Blockbuster and Active Life. I am taking Ubiquinol (kaneka QH from Japan and sold by doctor’s best) 50 mg tablet once a day. It is supposed to be equivalent to 200 mg of regular COQ10. Would you concur that Hysorbq10 is Ubiquinol?

I am also taking Neptune Krill oil 1000 mg and Carlsons Vitamin D3 4000 i.u. each day. I had started on Dr. Rath’s supplements for angina about six months ago but found no relief. I should be done with these supplements in the next ten days.

2. I eat fish but worry about the mercury contamination.

Also, I have concerns of aggravating the gout with any kind of meat. I was buying grass fed organic beef, organic chicken and wild fish.I have not eaten any fish, red meat or chicken for the last month or two. I am avoiding wheat, white rice, white flour and pasta. I use a tablespoon of milk in my tea two times a day. For the last three days i have been eating oatmeal with almond milk.


3. Is oatmeal okay for me?

I did buy quinoa and buckwheat as per your suggestion. I will follow your recovery health food plan on

I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and consideration.


A: 1. It is very similar.

2. It is overrated and so do not worry.

3. Oatmeal is OK but Oat Groats is better.



Q: Greetings:

I would like to know if you have any records of Serrapeptase use for “External Kidney Cysts”? I am considering any operation for mine and if possible, would rather try your formula. Also, can you supply any research with Serrapeptase that shows how long it takes to dissolve a specific problem?


A: You need two things to clear cysts (anywhere in the body).

SerraPlus+ 1 x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal, with a glass of water

Nascent Iodine 3 drops x 3 times per day.

Also very important:

Drink 6 x 500ml glasses of water with a large pinch of bicarbonate if soda in each glass.

Read here what causes kidney disease.


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I am taking high dose ARBS ( Olmetec) as per the Marshall Protocol for my sarcoidosis, but my renal function is deteriorating. eGfr is now only 33, and I am concerned. I also have MGUS and pre diabetes and eat gluten – free. Would it be ok to take serrapeptase for my kidneys with the ARB, which is being used for inflammation. I want to reduce the medication, but then my sarc symptoms return. I take 1/2tsp baking soda in a glass of water with 1/3 tsp salt ( to reduce K levels ) every day and am well hydrated.… Read more »


Hi Kas, I would recommend our full Sarcoidosis Health Plan to help with the Sarcoidosis, with added Kidney Rescue. You can see the full health plan here: You can also download for free our ebooks to go along with the autoimmune plan and kidney health: Plus we have lots of dietary info, which is crucial to your long-term health improvement and recovery. This info can be found at these links: Finally, it may interest you to know that we have our full acupressure info at To ensure you can follow any part of our… Read more »


Would serrapeptase help someone with polycystic kidney disease? It is also present on my liver, with the potential of forming on my heart.

Lindsay Powers

Hi Shearry, yes we would recommend serrapeptase as part of our full health plan for PKD. Please see our full plan here, as this approach will help to get the best results:
Please also contact the health coaches at Good Health Coaching Centres, for full support and guidance throughout the plan. It is completely free, so nothing to lose. Just register for a call back at and one of our health coaches will contact you shortly, so we can help you on a more individual basis.
Your Good Health Coaching Team


Hello i just had a kidney ultrasound and it shows that i have scar tissue which is reducing my renal function. I am very scared. Can you recommend anything to help reverse this or at least preserve my current kidney function? I also have gut issues with histamine intolerance and am sensitive to many supplements. most botanicals and fermented foods cause inflammation for me especially on my tongue. any support would be very much appreciated



Lindsay Powers

Hi Jason, please see here our full plan for Kidney Disease:
If you would like more individual support on the plan then please contact our health coaches at and request a callback.
I hope that helps
Your Good Health Coaching Team

Bryan Williams

I had a Kidney transplant in 2009. My creatinine has gone up and down. Will serrpeptase help improve my kidney function even more?

Lindsay Powers

Hello Bryan, there are many possible causes of kidney disease, yet they all involve inflammation, which can be triggered by infection, trauma or other attack. This can lead to excess fibrin production or scar tissue, that can hinder the organ. Inflammation causes this build up of excess tissue and serrapeptase can work on both reducing inflammation in the body, as well as clearing the excess scar tissue if relevant. Please download from here the full Kidney Health eBook to help you further:
Your Good Health Coaching Team


Good evening,

I have read that serrapeptase can have very dangerous side effects ; so is it serious to give it to my father who is a sick old man of 89, hypothyroid, with a end-stage renal failure, a heart arrythmia and pulmonary fibroses ?

Thank you in advance for your reply.


Lindsay Powers

Hello Waegeman, there are no dangerous side-effects to taking serrapeptase, and no side-effects whatsoever have been found in over 30 years of therapeutic use. It is safe for all ages, regardless of their health. Introduce any knew supplements for your father slowly and closely monitor his progress.
I hope that helps
Your Good Health Coaching Team


Thank you Lindsay for your reply ; however, I have two others questions :
1. The serrapeptase is a “cleaner” for the body ; the cleaning is always done by the kidneys ; therefore, there is a risk of making the renal failure worse ; can you confirm
2. If the serrapeptase is ok for my father, could you please recommand a brand of quality ; the serrapeptase is not sold in France, except via the web and there are many of them.

Lindsay Powers

Hello Dominique, no serrapeptase does not make any condition worse. During their lifespan, as with all types of enzymes, they have the ability to facilitate the reaction without being destroyed or changed in the process. So in theory there is no limit to the amount of work they can do in this time, which is around 12 hours in the body. To increase the effects within a given time, more enzymes can be taken. Once the enzyme wears out, they will be broken down and the body uses the component amino acids for other purposes, or they will be excreted.… Read more »


Hello Lindsay,thank you very much for these explanations which reassure me.


Hello Lindsay, I am coming back to you with a very last question :

can we freely mix serrapeptase with any CHEMICAL MEDICATION ; in other words,
my father is taking his 3 daily chemical tablets (for renal failure and heart) on an empty stomach just before breakfast ; can he take serrapeptase AT THE SAME TIME or later on?

Lindsay Powers

Hello Dominique, we advise to leave at least a 1 hour gap between taking any medication and supplements, such as the SerraEnzyme.
I hope that helps


Thank you Lyndsay


Hi, i was diagnosed with right renal hydronephrosis and tarlov cysts in right sacral region. Is Serrapeptase may help to reduce pain?

Lindsay Powers

Hello Hilda, I would suggest SerraEnzyme 250,000IU at 3 x 3 times per day to begin with, to get some initial relief. Then review progress and aim to work down the dosage after a 2-4 weeks or so.
And use the HealthPoint acupressure machine to help relieve pain and improve mobility (see
I hope that helps
Your Good Health Coaching Team



In case of difficulty in swallowing the capsule, can we open it and put the power in a compote or a yogurt ?

Lindsay Powers

Hello Dominique, yes you can open the capsule and add to a little non-protein food such as a fruit compote or even a little water and take it that way. Take at least 30 mins away from a meal or snack.
Your Good Health Coaching Team


Good day,

I would like to ask if your serrapeptase product will be of any help for FSGS with a gfr of 28 and high leakage of protein. If so, what product do you recommend and how much in iu.

Thanks in advance

Lindsay Powers

Hello Marah, start adding a good pinch of bicarb to your drinking water throughout the day, aim for around 6 large glasses.
You can download the full plan here with the Kidney Health ebook:
Your Good Health Coaching Team

Sharon Costello

Hello. I have a rare auto immune disease called Bechet’s a kind of Vascullitis where the immune cells attack inside wall of blood vessels. I took a 40,000 IU Serrapeptase thinking it would help w/inflammation in blood vessels, but the next day I had a a horrible flare up with bad, bad headache, diarrhea, weakness, fatigue and sick all day. It could have been my normal flare up, but I’m afraid to take another Serrapeptase. Is there any information about the effects on inside of blood vessels? Thank you for your time and help. Sincerly, Sharon Costello


That is a very low dose of serrapeptase, but its difficult to say if related. Serrapeptase does work inside the blood vessels and helps with inflammation, so would be considered a good option for you normally. You can either try again or work on some gut strengthening first with probiotics such as Prescript Biotics.

Sharon Costello

Thank you for the advise.It makes good sense to me to strengthen the gut first. How long would you recommend taking Prescript Biotics before starting back on Serrapeptase? Thank you again.