Juvenile Arthritis Testimonials


“Thank you so much for recommending serrapeptase to my son, aged 4. He was struggling for the longest time to walk properly due to the pain and inflammation in his knee joint. I’m pleased to say that the pain has reduced by half and he is beginning to walk again and regain his strength once more.”

Eliza, United States


“My daughters ankles had swelled up like balloons and she was finding it difficult to do every day activities that little girls do. I feared for her on a daily basis, but now that fear is no longer there. Serrapeptase really has been the ‘Miracle Enzyme’ in her recovery.”

Samantha, Brighton



“The pain was growing worse and worse, she could barely stand up. I never thought it was possible for someone so young to suffer with such crippling pains. The good news is now that she’s on your health plan and taking the serrapeptase, along with following a healthy diet (plenty of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits…no unnatural sugars or starchy carbs, etc) I have seen a big change in her. My 6 year old is now able to wake up in the morning without screaming in agony and the rash alongside one side of her leg has reduced considerably. She seems to be returning to normal once more.”

Frances, London


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