Q: I started taking serrapeptase two weeks ago to clear up eye floaters. It hasn’t yet shown any results and I was wondering how long should I expect it to take before seeing a difference in these floaters? I’m taking two pills a day, each 40,000 units. Thank you.

A: I am sending the plan in the link below for Floaters. Serrapeptase is unlikely to clear them on its own: Floaters Health Plan


Q: My local Earth Foods in Southbourne, Bournemouth stocks a version of Serrapeptase produced by your company that the owner recommends for eye floaters on the hearsay of customers. The bottle says 120K on the front, has a pink label (used to be blue), costs £30 and is non-enteric coated; I cannot find it on your website four questions:

1) Is it preferable to have a tablet that is enteric coated so the serrapeptase is not destroyed by digestive juices?

2) Is this suitable for vegetarians?

3) What is the best dose of eye floaters? I am in my mid-forties

4) In the States some companies producing Serrapeptase are FDA approved, as it is important how the enzyme is obtained. Are you approved by a body?


A: The one you describe is not my formulation.

My floaters plan is:

SerraEnzyme 80,00IU veggie caps 2 x 2 times per day 30mins before food

NewFocus Sublingual Spray 6 sprays under tongue per day

MSM drops. 2 drops in each eye x 4 times per day

All above are made in FDA approved facilities in the USA



Q: Hi Robert,

Thanks for the reply. Has this plan worked for anyone you know of to get rid of floaters? There’s lots of advice re. floaters, but I have so far to hear of anyone who has rid themselves of them. Any testimonials, or anyone I could contact? Many thanks.

A: I have had general feedback but it is not something that that we have tracked. I am just setting up a revamped web site and it will have a form for users to upload their testimonials. I will be emailing my lists of 50,000 users and asking for specific conditions. I will let you know as soon as it is working. www.Serrapeptase.info will have this facility and www.Eyesight.nu as well.



Q: Hi! After my 2nd pregnancy one and a half years ago (still breastfeeding) I’ve had severe problems with floaters in both eyes (along with other eye problems seemingly related to the pregnancy, such as glare, starbursting, halos, double vision etc). All doctors say my eyes are healthy so it’s probably been caused by hormones? I also had surgery for myopia many years ago, but the outcome was very good and before these problems started during pregnancy my vision had been almost perfect for 13 years. What do you think? Could serrapeptase improve my condition  especially the floaters)? Which brand should I buy? I’d very much appreciate your answer! I really don’t want to do a vitrectomy but perhaps that will be necessary if I can’t find another way to reduce floaters.. :-/

A: Floaters are the most common eye question that we get asked. This is probably because most people have them. We all have some debris from birth that lies out of sight in the bottom of the eye. Bodily changes such as aging and perhaps hormonal changes can affect the viscosity of the vitreous and make it easier for the floaters to be disturbed.

More cell debris can be deposited as the result of the vitreous pulling away from the retina. This is more frequent in short sighted people because the back of the eye is shaped more like the pointed end of an egg, rather than perfectly round.

The flashes of light that you have seen are the result of this detachment. Minor detachments may not be obvious in an examination and are not viewed as important.

It is too early to consider a vitrectomy, which is not a pleasant procedure.

You may find that the floaters settle out of sight. It is unlikely that they can be removed as the eye is a sealed unit. They may break up and become less troublesome. Stroking the upper eyelid downwards can offer temporary relief and you can learn to look past the floaters. Drink sufficient water and avoid stress as far as possible (not easy with a young baby!)

Supplements that may help are:

Taurine liquid sprayed under the tongue – this can strengthen the cell walls of the retina as well as having many other benefits in the cardiovascular system.

Revision Formula – a herbal mix which may help to settle the floaters – it may be best to wait until you finish breastfeeding.