Relief for Gallstones and Severe Pain After Eating

“I ordered serrapeptase after it was recommended by a relative. My husband has suffered with extreme pain for 18 months with gallstones and severe pain after eating. It was recommended that he have his gallbladder removed, but we were so reluctant to go down this route, so I browsed the internet for alternative remedies, and decided to search natural remedies.

Well, when my relative suggested serrapeptase I researched this product and was so impressed with the testimonials, I decided to order some and give it a go, as we were really desperate now and my husband was in so much pain. Although it is early days, only three days into taking the serrapeptase he has had 2 completely pain-free days and is feeling so much better, and no longer scared to eat. We are excited and hopeful, but like I said it is early days and I will keep you informed.”


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