Q: Would serrapeptase help with gallstones and pain caused by these? Patient: Mother 39 years old, very slender, been avoiding fats, but two pregnancies within a year of each other and developed gallstones during the first. Wondering about Serrapeptase for her. She has been taking good care of her diet and water intake.


A: Here is my successful plan:

BlockBuster Allclear  – Take 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal, with a glass of water: http://www.goodhealthnaturally.com/products/Blockbuster1C/

Super K – 1 cap x 2 times per day with food: http://www.goodhealthnaturally.com/products/Super-K/

Probiotic14 – 2 caps opened and mixed with a little food.

6 – 8 x 500ml glasses of water with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each glass. each day.

Try to stay just eating a wide variety of vegetables, soups, smoothies, juiced, steam etc.

Make fresh squeezed lemon, lime or grapefruit juices.

Apple Cider Vinegar.

Raw organic sheep’s or goat’s milk yogurt.


Q: Hello,

I have been reading your book re. Serrapeptase and note you do not recommend this for gallstones.

I have small gallstones and awaiting to see a specialist. However I am concerned that he will recommend removing my gall bladder which I do not want.

I take good quality multivitamins every day and presently am taking a tincture containing Milk Thistle and Dandelion 3x a day for liver support.

May I ask why one cannot take serrapeptase for this problem please as was starting on them today and maybe some other advice as to what I

can take to dissolve these gallstones. I try to eat a nutritious diet along with fruits and vegs, etc.



A: I recommend for Gallbladder stone:

SerraPlus+ 1 x 3 times per day 30mins before eating with water

Quadra Pedra take as per bottle instructions http://www.goodhealthnaturally.com/index.php?p=product&id=110&parent=0

Stop starchy carbs, drink 6 or 8 x 500ml glasses of water with 1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in each glass


Q: Thanks for your recommendations re my gall bladder problem. Am a little confuse as to what you mean by starchy carbs…is it just bread, potatoes, rice and pasta??

I eat a lot of fruit i.e. apples, grapes, oranges and pineapple. Is that ok or are some fruits taboo??

Hope you can help/advise.

A: Those are high sugar and should be in strict moderation. Cherries, blackberries blueberries, red plums are all low sugar.


Q: Hi Robert.

Some sixty years ago my wife had liver problems, the name of the illness was yellow jaundice. She recovered but has never been able to eat too much fatty foods. Two weeks ago she had a scan which showed gallstones, also calcium in her arteries, the doctor said it was nothing to worry about because when people age they always get calcium in the arteries. I do not agree with him, I would like her to start taking serrapeptase but she is worried that it might damage her liver, your opinion on this please?


A: Yellow jaundice is caused by blocked Gallbladder or Hepatitis. Do you know which one it was?

Stones and calcium in the arteries are caused by a lack of Vitamin k1 and K2 in the diet. See http://www.goodhealthnaturally.com/products/Super-K/

Serrapeptase will help but stopping starchy carbs will as well. See lifestyle plan attached.

I also recommend a Liver Cleanse. see http://www.goodhealthnaturally.com/products/Liver_cleanse/

Read more about Really Healthy Foods at http://goodhealthhelpdesk.com/index.php?/Default/Knowledgebase/Article/View/9/0/really-healthy-foods



Q: My husband has a small gallstone, can serrapeptase help him with this? I use it for my scar tissue but I can’t find anything on your site that talks about gallstones?


A: This is my plan for gallstones:

Quadra Pedra http://www.goodhealthnaturally.com/products/Quebra_Pedra/

SerraEnzyme 80,000iu http://www.goodhealthnaturally.com/products/SerraEnzyme80K1T/

Cut down on starchy carbs (bread, breakfast cereals and potatoes etc) and replace with vegetables including  leafy greens.

Drink 6 x 500ml glasses of water with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each glass.


Q: I would like to know if you take this much product a long time for results?

I have issues with my gallbladder meridian and pain in my rib cage in the back and mostly the problem is in my him and glute area………. even though I have flushed the system.

So this product fixes the situation not just take the pain away?


A: I recommend Serranol for your problems. See attached and www.SerranolOffers.com

Serranol – 4 Super Nutrients



Q: Thank you for the suggestion. Where would you recommend buying this product? Is it something that is an on-going supplement? What form is it in…capsules, tinctures, etc.?

The naturopath’s supplements and tinctures seem to be flushing but this hip, glute and leg seem to improve and then get worse again…it is stumping me. I had gallbladder removed as I mentioned and when I had gall stones the pain was dramatically different and had no symptoms like I have experienced the last few years with this “Meridian” system. And I have noticed less energy…usually I am active and strong…that is switching.

Thank you again for your help and interest.


A: See them at http://www.GoodHealthUSA.com



Q: I have a nagging pain in my right side which will not be healed by antibiotics. Doc thinks it’s an infected gallbladder. What dose should I take ?


A: It is important you clear this up quickly and within days. Here is the plan to do that:

1st line Immune Kit (3 Kits, take 1 each day for 3 days)

SerraEnzyme 80,000iu 1 capsules x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal.

See both of these at www.GoodHealthNaturally.com or phone them at 0800-015-1580

Drink 6 x 500ml glasses of water over the day with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each glass.

Stop all starchy carbs.


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