Serrapeptase to Dissolve Blood Clots

Q: Hi,

I recently had a DVT/PE and I am on Warfarin till Feb 2011. A friend suggested I take serrapeptase +msm + trace minerals to help dissolve blood clots. The anti-coagulant clinic I attended don’t recommend any natural products as research has not quite proven whether or not they interfere with Warfarin. What would you recommend ? Would it be an option once I finish Warfarin?


A: I strongly recommend BlockBuster Allclear. This has serrapeptase and nattokinase as well as other enzymes and pycnogenol to help get your cardio system healthy. Nattokinase will dissolve blood clots whereas Warfarin just stops clots forming. There is no interaction between them as they do different jobs. I strongly recommend an anti-inflammatory diet as well as exercise as that can help to clear your DVT. See


Q: Hello,

I have had a DVT and Bi-PE. I had a stint put in where the blockage was. The DVT was dissolved in the hospital but I was told that the PE would dissolve naturally over time. Will taking Serrapeptase help dissolve the PE faster and could it cause problems with the stint or tissue around it?


A: Stints are temporary and will block up over time. DVT’s are caused by an inflammatory diet and will come back again unless you change your diet. Bi-PE is the same as a DVT but in a different place. The very minimum I recommend is the things below from

BlockBusterAllclear 1 x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal, with a glass of
Serranol 1 x 3 times per day with the BlockBuster
UB8Q10 Ubiquinol 2 caps x 2 times per day with food
The Krill Miracle Oil caps 1 x 2 times per day with food
Active Life 90 Liquid Vitamins and Minerals 15ml x 2 times per day with a little juice with your food
Follow the food plan attached and recipes at

There is more if you want to completely change your future but ask me once you are feeling great with the above.

Really Healthy Foods

Against The Grain


Q: Where could I buy this product in South Africa (SerraEnzyme80,000IU Tabs/Caps)?
A: until they find a distributor.


Q: Good afternoon.

Please could to let me know, I was in hospital with a DVT on my left leg. Am I allowed to take these tablets when I’m on warfarin.
A: Yes but you must take BlockBuster Allclear 2 caps x 3 times per day 30mins before eating a meal.
Also, I also recommend:
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Spray

Please come back to me when you get these things for more support to clear this problems completely.


Q: Thank you so much for your quick response – my Mom is undergoing treatment for deep vein thrombophlebitis and I am concerned about the clot dissolving itself – figure serrapeptase should do the job ! I will purchase now and keep you posted!

A: What treatment? When?
I recommend BlockBuster in high doses (or add Nattokinase to your order). She may be able to avoid surgery!
I call call you if you need to discuss.


Q: Hi Robert,

She has a DVT clot in the vein in the leg muscle below the knee – it’s  getting injections daily (not sure what) and now on Coumadin. I am just afraid that the clot will dislodge and travel…I read that it may incorporate itself into the artery wall and the wall will grow over it, but that also would just diminish the diameter of the vein? I would want to dissolve the clot entirely if her system cannot do it, and get her off the Coumadin also.

I have printed out your book and will read today.

Thanks for your concern and advice!


A: The BlockBuster should dissolve it in 3 x 3 per day. Also she needs to eat the diet a sent as close as possible.

Q: I am ordering the Blockbuster but in meantime, while awaiting shipment, I have found Natural Factors Serrapeptase with papain and bromelain at a local healthstore- 26 mg per pill which I will buy today. Can you tell me how much 26mg is and/or how many Mom should take of this till we receive the BlockBuster and how many of those then?
A:  In the SerraEzyme 80,000IU there is 800mg. In the BlockBuster there is 400mg and 12 other nutrients. I think 26mg is a toy!


Q: I need to know which Serrapeptase formula would be best for me. I already take Nattokinase ‘Doctor’s BEST brand which has 2,000 FUs per Capsule. I take 1 per day each morning. I have gone to a local doctor for tests and he says my veins or arteries in my legs are badly clogged and it’s now no wonder to me why I have a slight numbness in my right leg! I also have either kidney stones or some other issue with my kidneys and the right one feels swollen sometimes. I’m getting an Ultrasound this coming Friday to confirm that I have stones or not. The doctor in Saint Petersburg who does an Intravenous treatment using Serrapeptase said he felt confident that I could receive his treatment and that it could actually help heal my Kidneys and not cause any harm to them given the fact that he has patients who are on Kidney Dialysis and they suffer no ill effects. This product I would hope is really what I have been looking for to restore healthy circulation to my legs and the rest of my body! Any answer to the above would be greatly appreciated.
A: BlockBusterAllclear 1 x 3 times per dy, 30 mins before eating a meal
SerraPlus+ 1 x 3 times per day with the BlockBuster. You must drink 6-8 glasses of water per day with a large pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each glass to heal and protect your kidneys.


Q: Robert, thank you for all of the very useful information, I read every one of them and feel more knowledgeable in regards to foods to avoid etc. I have an Ultrasound to go for tomorrow and I’m nervous about it. I go to see my doctor on the 18th and he’s not only been my doctor for 20 years but we are also good friends and he has a very warm bedside manner as he truly does care and makes every effort to not only reassure me but educates me (and all of his patients) about what ever condition/s are present. I haven’t seen him for a number of years and it will be very good to see him and acquire his help. I ordered a bottle of the Block Buster AllClear and I should have it ready to take with me for my Doctor’s visit. I think the Baking Soda I drank all day yesterday really helped me be virtually pain free today! I avoided eating any sort of bread/s and every meal had mostly veggies and no snacks that were of a grain nature. I also ordered a bottle of a product called ‘Renavive’ which has ‘Chanca Piedra’ as its main ingredient as well as other herbs that dissolve kidney stones. OK, I have to get some sleep now as I have a busy day ahead of me.

P.S. I intend to use the diet information you sent to me as it will be a great help to me in healing my body.
A: Keep in touch.


Q: For clearing out Serrapeptase Question – Vein Inflammation (Deeper veins) it says to take 3 tablets  x 3 times a day. Is this the 80,000 or the 40,00o?

I still have your first edition book and those amounts were given for the 40,000 or 20,000. Should I be taking that many pills when using 80,000? Also is your second edition booklet almost the same as the first or should I be ordering it instead?  I have had lots of leg pains as of the last three days, especially in the nighttime so I am hoping this may help clear out the problem. One leg swells just a little and it has happened ever since the Dr. put me on a beta blocker which I had to quit since I had all kinds of problems breathing, swelling etc. I no longer take it and my pressure is 117/75. I think I had white coat syndrome and was given the pills after going in one time. I am 71 and very youthful, walk and exercise, not overweight. The serrapeptase has cleared out my allergies and sinus. I hope to hear from you on the above items. Thanks so much.
A: Try 80,000iu 2 x 3 times per day for a week and then try dropping to 1 x 3 times.
See the ebook of the latest edition.


Q: How about brown rice or is that a starchy carb? Thanks for the info. I will order the new book.
A: A small amount of brown rice is fine.