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Diabetic Retinopathy Testimonials


“My eyes were dry and I started taking the SerraEnzyme and BlockBuster. I went back to the opticians recently and he said I don’t need retinopathy surgery now. I am nearing 83 years of age and have been taking the supplements daily. My brother started taking them and he got rid of his floaters.”

– Mr T Bolger, Cheshire


One of my patients used Blockbuster for deep vein thrombosis

“I Sheila Balmer, a practitioner. I have used Blockbuster myself for a varicose vein and over several months it has cleared up. One of my patients used Blockbuster for deep vein thrombosis which has cleared and he found that his Diabetic retinopathy also cleared up and he’s convinced it is the Blockbuster as he has not taken anything else. He is now on a maintenance dose and has been taking the product for a year.”

– Sheila Balmer, Practitioner


“My blurred vision was making basic tasks extremely difficult. I have had diabetes for a while but had no idea it could affect my vision too until recently when my doctor confirmed I had the condition. Thankfully I’ve managed to control the symptoms by following the plan you recommended to me and by taking serrapeptase and the recommended products in your diabetic retinopathy health plan. Thank you for all that you do.”

– Jerry, USA



“I was terrified of going blind. It was only a matter of time…but now I am on the road to recovery thanks to following a healthy eating plan and taking onboard your recommendations.”

– Louise, Scotland

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