Q: Hello! I would like to know if serrapeptase can unblock my fallopian tubes. I have proximal and distal occlusion and I feel severe pain on the lower left side of my abdomen where there is the distal blockage. Thank you. -Phrasy, Thailand

A: Yes I get good results. For the best quality and value, use SerraEzyme 80,000IU capsules, 2 x 2 times per day.


Q: Dear Robert, I have abdominal adhesions and a blocked fallopian tubes as a result of previous surgeries including c-sections. I have heard about Serrapepase and would really appreciate what you have to say concerning my condition. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

-Phrasy, Thailand

A: Dear Chili, Please check out my full Blocked Fallopian Tubes Health Plan. You can of course do the first couple of supplements to try that first but the full plan and diet is to get you super healthy. If you need any help simply register at www.GoodHealthHelpDesk.com and raise a ticket for continuing support.


Q: I am on my way to 40 years. I have been struggling with block tubes (both). Both seem to be blocked a great distant. I really want to have a baby but don`t know if it would happen for me at my age. Would Serrapeptase help me? By the way I haven’t had a period in over a year. I`M SO CONCERNED. Doctors in Tobago (that`s in caribbean) said there’s nothing I can do. In May & June, I saw a slight period (very slight), but haven`t seen anything for july. If I am to take Serrapeptase enzyme, what dosage should I take and do i use it with anything else? I also suffer from multiple kidney stones. Would this also help? -Elizabeth S., Canada

A: Elizabeth, there can be no promises as I cannot know how much the blockage it. What I can promise is that you will end up healthier however children come into your life. I am sending my fertility plan and the diet is the most important part and where you will need the most work drawing up a menu and checking back with me to review it. Food (God-Made, not man-made), is what makes us who we should be. Most food available is junk and you (and me) need to put the work in too change. Here is my Blocked Fallopian Tubes Health Plan.


Q: I have had midline surgery to remove extensive adhesions (caused by previous keyhole surgery), during which one fallopian tube was removed due to damage. 10 years later, I am now trying for a baby, and have been told the other tube is blocked. Due to my history, it is likely that it may be scar tissue, and I would like to take serrapeptase to try to unblock my tube. Which product and how much do you recommend? Do you think it is likely to help and are there other proucts which could help? Thank you. -Ruby S., United States

A: Take: 1 Serraplus+ 30mins before a meal 3 times per day. It has helped many ladies but there cannot be guarantees with this.


Q: Hi Robert, I have been taking 80,000iu Serrapeptase in the hopes of clearing adhesions in both of my fallopian tubes. Do you recommend any particular protocol to achieve success? Just as a background – I was in a terrible motorcycle accident when I was 17 and the road rash got infected which traveled into my pelvis causing the adhesions (I’m now 36). I didn’t know my tubes were blocked until trying to conceive recently – so basically these are old adhesions. Can I use the therapeutic dosage for more than 7 days – or perhaps go on and off the higher dose? Any help or input is appreciated. Thank you. -Tina Z.

A: I recommend 2 x 2 per day and there is no time limit. I have been taking them for 6 years.


Q: I have been taking serrapeptase to help ublock my fallopian tube, what would you say is the correct dosage to clear them? -Candice H., United Kingdom

A: This is the formulation I have had good success with and you need: SerraPlus+ 2 x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal, with a glass of water. Reduce to 1 x 3 after 2 weeks.


Q: Is it safe to take if you are on anti-depressants and Bi-polar medication? Also I have scar tissue in my Fallopian tubes. What can Serrapeptase do to that? -Susan T., United States

A: Susan, it is not a problem to take alongside these drugs and SerraPlus+ has good success clearing scarring in fallopian tubes.


Q: I had my tubes untied, but feel that somehow my tubes are still blocked. I did research and found out about Serrapeptase. I started taking it this week. I’m taking Serraplus. Do you think I’m taking the right one? Will this help with my tubes and what else can I take to help? Its been three months and I’m getting restless about being pregnant. I know it needs time, but how long before I see results? -Angeral S., United States

A: SerraPlus+ is correct and you should see results soon. However, other factors that would have to be considered are what else are you and your partner BOTH doing to help ensure pregnancy. This is important to consider because there is an epidemic of infertility in both partners.