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‘Serrapeptase really makes the difference!’

“Never have I been this long without some type of headache pain! Right now I feel great! Serrapeptase really makes the difference!! The little Chihuahua gets her relief next! She is not on any vitamins, but she is taking medication for her enlarged heart and her constant coughing.”

Robert W., United States

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 Difference in Mare’s Tendon Injury

“I am currently giving it to my mare for a tendon injury, been on 8 tablets, 80,000IU, for almost 5 weeks and I am seeing a difference, in fact I saw a distinct change after 2 weeks.”

Lesley W., Portugal



Rapid Healing from Lipoma for Pet Dog

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“I do realise that lipomas are mainly fat rather than protein but I decided to try Serrapeptase on my dog, Tess, who had a very large and solid-feeling lipoma on her side, which was making it difficult for her to run. I also changed her diet from manufactured food to fresh, raw meat and steamed, non-starch vegetables. She was rather overweight and to my amazement, she has lost 6 kg (almost 20% of her body weight) in under three months. She is a lot fitter and the lipoma, although still present, is now much softer and flatter. I’ve seen dogs with lipomas lose weight before and usually the tumour becomes more prominent rather than less so, so I wondered if the Serrapeptase may have played a part.

I’ve read that lipomas are encased in a thin fibrinous capsule which might be reduced by enzymes. I know that in America, vets use injections of collagenase to dissolve lipomas from within, but that this can sometimes damage healthy tissues. Tess already owes a lot to Serrapeptase from a few years ago when her foot was crushed by a car and the wound was so complex that the vet thought it would probably become infected and she would lose her leg. Instead the wound remained clean and healed rapidly without any necrosis, and she made a complete recovery. So… as lipomas are such a problem among middle-aged dogs, and surgical removal is so invasive and costly, I shall continue with the serrapeptase experiment and let you know the result.”

Thanks again,




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Dog Arthritis Story

“Mr. Rich was introduced to Serrapeptase when his 13-year-old female dog was unable to walk and the drugs could do no more. With a few weeks of taking it she was up and walking again. Two years later at aged 15 she was still being kept mobile, safely without drugs and at a cheaper cost.”





Horse Serrapeptase Story

“In your newsletter, you have asked for feedback about Serrapeptase. I am delighted to give you mine.

I used Serrapeptase on my horse, which sustained a severe tendon injury in April 2003. By June a scan showed that he had a chronic tendonitis with much scar tissue formed, both on the tendons, in the tendon sheaths and in the surrounding ligaments. The prognosis was poor; ‘moderate to guarded for anything more than light hacking’ said the report.

I had no idea about dose, so had to make an educated guess! I fed him 10 tablets of Serrapeptase a day for 6 weeks, then 6 a day for 2 months, then 3 a day for a further 2 months. He has just been re-scanned (November 2003). To my delight, the scan showed almost a full recovery. There is minimal scarring on the tendons, and none in the tendon sheaths or ligaments. He is expected to get back to full work now.

I can now bring him back into work. I will increase the work slowly over a period of 2 -3 months, and continue on a maintenance dose of Serrapeptase (2 a day) for a while. This is a truly remarkable recovery, and I am absolutely delighted.

I will be spreading the word!”

Liz Hayden



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Dog walks because of Serrapeptase miracle!

“Hi Robert, Just thought I’d share this happy customer’s story with you… Just wanted to let you know the success we have had with our dog taking Serrapeptase.

Approx. 9 weeks ago he was diagnosed with a sizeable blood clot that was affecting the blood supply to his rear legs, so much so that he went onto 3 legs as his left leg was very painful and eventually did not want to walk.

The scan that we had confirmed the position and size of the clot and that he did not have a pulse in either leg. He was given about a week to live.

I started him on Serrapeptase double strength 3 times a day and each day he has slowly got better and better. Approx. 1 month ago he went for his check-up and the vet informed me that his pulse had returned in his right leg and just two weeks later we returned to the vet to be told that he now has a pulse in both legs.

He is now almost back to his old self and walking a full perimeter of our park and enjoys chasing his ball again which for us is fantastic news.

All of this I am sure is down to the Serrapeptase that we have given him…. even the vet has said he is a walking miracle!”




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“We fully realize here at our kennels that there is no placebo effect for dogs or cats. They do not expect and have no beliefs about any help we can give them and therefore any help administered to our canine guests is obviously beneficial and invaluable to them and us.

We have used serrapeptase with great effect both on dogs and cats here and the owners have continued at home. There have been real benefits with cysts, lipomas and circulation in the situation of any healing methods for wounds they had without necrosis.

Arthritis has been noted to specifically improve, movement is always noticeable and the benefit of serrapeptase for all lumps and cysts is confidently clear to us. We have also used Prebiotic14 in digestive anomalies and this is a huge benefit. Digestive ailments tend to respond within 2-3 days or sooner. Probiotics have been invaluable to turn to. Also the pet owners now use them for their ogs and cats with ‘dodgy and sensitive’ tummies!

On occasion we have also used Hydro Silver for infection and Nascent Iodine topically. These are all gentle aids to health along with following a natural diet. This can help a much loved pet to live a longer and happier life.”

Tracey Bennett




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“I once gave Serrapeptase to another cat I had, but can’t remember how I did it. I think I syringed the powder mixed with water into her mouth when she had an empty stomach. She had a naso-pharyngeal cancer and the serrapeptase cured it.

I know it was the Serrapeptase because the vets couldn’t understand why the tumour went away. They were only prescribing steroids which they certainly didn’t expect to be a cure, only a temporary drug to relieve the symptoms.

She was at death’s door and could hardly breathe, so I tried the Serrapeptase as a last resort. She made a full recovery and lived another 2 years and eight months until she died of an undiagnosed liver tumour at the grand old age of 19 years and eight months.”

Sharon Calver



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Helen Angus

Hi Robert, My 12 year old dog, Speedy, half chihuahua and half pomeranean, was diagnosed with a moderate heart murmur, leaving him breathless and listless. He has been taking vasodilator from the vet, and would normally be given diuretic pills too. Instead I have been giving him D Ribose in powder form twice a day in his food (1/2 a teaspoon) and as long as he gets them he bounces around like a puppy. After being on D Ribose for 6 months, my vet was suprised how his heart sounded so regular and efficient. He also had a “necrotic” fatty… Read more »


Hi Helen, Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding to you. This was due to a technical error on the part of the website which kept many of the comments hidden. We have now moved to a new server and many of the comments have now come to light. I hope we can help Speedy and are wondering how he is now doing. If you would like to give us an update we could look at products which may be able to help him. You can send us a response via the Helpdesk and we will be able… Read more »

Jill Moody

Hi there,

Have just heard about Serrapeptase, and wondering whether you feel it would be helpful for a miniature pony who has had ongoing founder issues and a now resolved hoof abscess that went on for a couple of years.
The farrier feels he could have arthritis, and possible pedal bone rotation


Hi Jill, Serrapeptase is a good choice here to help with the inflammation of the condition. However, we are not vets and cannot instruct fully on how to deal with this situation. We do have a health plan aimed at humans for arthritis and some pet owners may choose to follow some of its advices, on their own responsibility. Other than that, we can advise SerraPet, that is aimed at animals, including horses (at a higher dose), or a higher activation level of SerraEnzyme (even though for human use) would be safe to give. You can see the human health… Read more »


I would like to know if my 11 year old Labrador could get better or be healed from high enzyme liver count.

Lindsay Powers

Hi Rose, as with humans, a high liver enzyme count is a sign of possible liver damage, and yes this can be healed. Please see here our full plan for liver disease.
As it is for humans we can’t directly instruct you to follow the plan for your dog, but many people have used our plans for pets with success. We would recommend the full support and monitoring by a vet.
I hope that helps.
Your Good Health Coaching Team


I have a mare in 4 month pregnancy.he just got cicked at hock by another mare in paddock.
could i give her serropeptidase prep.
what dose and is it ok in preg.

Lindsay Powers

Hi Naveen, yes you can give the Serrapeptase to the horse, even whilst pregnant. For the Serrapet/Serrapeptase 80,000iu she can have between 6-8 tablets per day.
I hope that helps.
Your Good Health Coaching Team

Jo Ann Amorelli


I have a Chihuahua that has luxating patella on both legs, according to my vet. Three days ago, she started limping, tho not in noticeable pain. It was somewhat better, the second day, and today, she can move fast, when she wants to, but she still has a noticeable limp, just no obvious pain.

Do you still sell Serra Pet? If not, would Seerapeptase be a helpful product to strengthen her patellas? I don’t want her to have to have surgery, which the vet said would be the main cure, tho some medicine might help.

Lindsay Powers

Hi Jo Ann,
Yes we do have the Serrapet available, and take as directed on the bottle.
There is no guarantee that is will resolve the issue with the patella, so please always seek the best advice from the vet.
I hope that helps
Your Good Health Coaching Team


Hello, a mare I trained and sold ten years ago was retired with me due to fibrotic myopathy. She is only 17 and very fit but her gate is shortened on the hind right due to scar tissue on the hamstring. I don’t know when she was injured. I take serrapeptase and would like to start her on it. Question is, will it work on scar tissue that could be years old.

Lindsay Powers

Hi Eleanor, the age of the scar tissue does not matter so serrapeptase is a good choice to help your mare in this situation.
Your Good Health Coaching Team


Hi there. I was wondering what the proper dose of Serrapaptase is for a Doberman (67 lbs)? I had two doberman die of cardiomyopathy and was hoping to avoid it with this dog. He is 7 years old.

Lindsay Powers

Hi Roxanne, for a large dog we recommend 3-4 Serrapet per day.