Inflammation can develop in the body in various ways. It’s often subtle however and is only significantly experienced when painful symptoms occur.  You may not even be aware that you have inflammation…yet these eight warning signs are good indications…

1. Chronic Pain

If you are always experiencing chronic pain on a regular basis then this is a good indication of inflammation inside your body. If in particular you are experiencing chronic pain at the end of your range of motion, such as when you rotate your shoulders back or touch your toes – this is associated with inflammation. Consistent chronic pain can be a sign of arthritis, a major contributor to pain and inflammation within the body.

2. Fatigue

Lack of sleep can play a detrimental factor in causing inflammation inside the body. Fatigue is actually the body’s inflammatory response that show its processes are out of sync. As a result, cells respond with an inappropriate level of inflammation. It’s as though the body treats inadequate sleep or excess sleep as if it would an illness. The body starts to think it is sick and reacts accordingly. This might also explain why your body becomes more susceptible to viruses like the flu when you aren’t getting enough sleep.

If you are feeling exhausted, even though you are getting enough sleep it’s important to let your doctor know. They should then be able to determine why you’re feeling so tired and help you to correct the underlying cause.

3. Brain Fog

Being unable to think clearly is a major sign of inflammation. Brain fog can range from mild to severe, sometimes forgetting what you’re saying without being distracted to searching for words that will otherwise complete your sentence. Eating fast foods or anything highly processed can elevate your levels of inflammation in the body. Especially if it’s combined with a diet low in fruits and vegetables, this can mean that nutrient deficiencies are often the result. This leads to more inflammation within the body too. Eating healthy foods on a daily basis can help with improving inflammation.

4. Gut Issues

Bloating, gassiness, loose stools, urgency and cramping are all symptoms of gut inflammation. These can be signs of a food allergy, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s Disease or another type of inflammation-causing issue within the gut. If you are experiencing any of these issues, or feel like you’re never quite well it’s important to ensure you have a health check to ensure you are getting the right nutrition.

5. Heartburn

Heartburn is often the result of inflammation in the body. It can also result in various digestive issues such as constipation and diarrhea. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a painful, heartburn triggering condition that is thought to be caused by stomach acid splashing up into the esophagus. If this is left uncontrolled, chronic heartburn can result in serious problems such as Barett’s esophagus, strictures and esophageal cancer.

6. Skin Breakouts and Eczema

Persistent skin problems such as acne, eczema and dry skin can all be signs of inflammation in the body. Skin breakouts in the form of spots, acne and eczema are often the body’s way of showing how something is “off” internally and this needs to be addressed.

7. Swollen Lymph Nodes

When lymph nodes are swollen, it’s usually a sign that your body is fighting a bacterial or viral infection. Lymph nodes are located primarily in the neck, under your armpits and near to the groin. They swell up whenever something is going amiss in the body. If your lymph nodes are constantly inflamed, this could be a sign of a more chronic illness.

8. Swollen Nasal Passageways

Seasonal allergies are often blamed for a stuffy nose. Yet, it could also be a result of inflammation within the body. When inflammation is present, it’s often a sign that something is wrong. This can include inflamed nasal cavities, which may seem like a stuffy nosed from seasonal allergies. Watery eyes from pressure in the nasal cavity or behind the eyes are all signs to be mindful of.

All of the above warning signs are actually early indicators of inflammation within the body. The good news is that you can remove inflammation safely, without the use of drugs or prescriptions.

By taking the right nutrients in the form of a healthy vegan ketogenic food plan, you can clear many signs of inflammation in the body. Alongside this, taking Serrapeptase can help to naturally clear the inflammation, making this an easier process overall.

Why Serrapeptase?

Inflammation in the body can be safely dissolved and digested by taking the Serrapeptase enzyme. This is a proteolytic enzyme derived from the silkworm intestine but now manufactured synthetically in a laboratory.

When the silkworm is taken on an empty stomach (at least 30 minutes before a meal), inflammation starts to break down and is eventually dissolved and eliminated via the kidneys and liver.

Once inflammation is removed from the body, painful symptoms dissipate, while swollen and red skin conditions disappear. The result is clearer skin, less joint pain, clearer lungs and arteries amongst other health benefits.


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