how to cure fungus on toenails

What Are Fungal Toe Nails?

Fungal toe nails are an infection that affects the keratin, i.e. the hard material of the nail. The infection can develop slowly and cause the nail to become thick and discolored. The nail can turn a number of colors, including yellow, white, black, or green. The nail can look unsightly but shouldn’t cause any further complications. The main problem with fungal toe nails is that they look unattractive and can cause pain.

What Causes Fungal Toe Nails?

The cause of fungal toe nail infection is through dermatophyte fungi that can also cause athlete’s foot. There are several factors associated with fungal nail infection; these include wearing shoes that can make your feet hot and sweaty, damage to the nerve or the skin, being in a humid environment, and suffering with poor health, i.e. diabetes or psoriasis.


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