Swollen Glands Testimonials

Relief for Swelling of Lymph Glands

“My lymph glands was swelling for weeks and then I got an infection. I began to worry that they might never go down and I wondered what would be best to do. I began taking the Serrapeptase as you suggested and noticed that the swelling decreased dramatically which is quite a relief. Thank you!”

– Sylvia, London

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Rezkyarti A Hartono
5 years ago

Sugggested treatment of swollen glands with Serrapeptase :
– Taking 1 cap of Serrapeptase every hour on empty stomach :
How do we maintain an empty stomach if we take it every hour?
– Open 1 capsule and mix it with honey. How many times a day with serrapeptase 120,000IU strength?

5 years ago

Yes we have to be realistic and expect some food to be consumed during the day. The important thing is to not take the serrapeptase whilst eating or immediately before, allow a little gap. Once symptoms have improved then move on to the dose of 3 capsules per day, 80,000iu.

We don’t do the 120,000iu strength, you would need to check on the manufacturers instructions with these. We can only advise and ensure the quality of our own products.

Please follow the link for the full plan: http://www.goodhealthhelpdesk.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/2177/291/swollen-glands-health-plan

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