Q: Hi I’ve only been taking these (Natures Aid, high potency 80.000iu ) for 3 days now recommended by a friend who told me her osteopath recommended to her. We are both fitness instructors. My doctor diagnosed me with ‘bursitis’ a few weeks ago and prescribed anti inflammatorys and rest. My friend had exactly the same symptoms in the same places as me eg. painful swollen knees, pains in the feet, achilles tendons, backs of heels, bottom of heals, across the width of feet! etc., due to over use (many many exercise classes over many many years!)

I’m not sure what dosage to take. The lable says 1-2 each day. Is that enough? Should I increase? -Lorraine H., United Kingdom

A: Lorraine,

My recommendation is something much more powerful:

  • Take Serranol 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal, with a 500ml glass of water

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Also cut out the carbs (highly inflammatory) and replace with Quinoa.

You can read bursitis natural treatment health plan.