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Senile Dementia FAQs

What is Senile Dementia?

Senile Dementia comes with many names. It is sometimes called “Vascular Dementia”, “Leukoraiosis”, or “Lewy body dementia”.

The terms refer to the cognitive symptoms that relate to memory and the thinking process. Dementia can cause problems with the everyday memory, making it more difficult to recall recent events.

Other problems include language difficulties during a conversation, where suddenly it becomes difficult to find the right word to say. If the person appears to find it difficult judging distances, this means that dementia also affects their visiospatial skills. Thus, they see objects in three dimensions.

Another set of symptoms includes losing track of the day or date or becoming confused about who you or other people are.

In addition, it’s also typical for a person with dementia to experience frequent mood changes. They can suddenly feel irritable, frustrated, anxious, withdrawn or upset.

Improvement for Dementia

Q: What can you recommend me to improve my father’s senile dementia? We don’t want to go down the route of drugs as much as we can because we are all too aware of the side effects that can occur. We appreciate your help. Thanks.

A:  I suggest following the Senile Dementia Health Plan which includes Serranol, Nattokinase, B4 Health Spray, Nascent Iodine Drops, Krill Oil and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Also include ActiveLife 90 and Naturally Better Vitamin E if possible. Make sure that you follow my naturally healthy lifestyle plan for best results. Let me know how he gets on.


  1. sue madden

    February 12, 2015 at 9:25 pm

    My Neighbor has been on nascent Iodine and also taken Selenium as recomended but thermograph images are showing thyroid disfunction, any ideas?
    Also she has a carotid artery in left hand side of neck – would Blockbuster All Clear help.

    Good news with her Breast cancer all gone !!!!!

    Thanks Sue Madden

    • Robert Redfern

      March 28, 2015 at 3:11 pm

      Good news with the breast cancer. Email me your testimonial at the help desk.
      Firstly iodine is only part of the plan to keep a healthy thyroid but it is essential for many other things around the body. Get the full thyroid plan at http://www.GoodHealthHelpDesk.com
      Again the carotid artery plan is at the help desk.

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Demencia Senil Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Qué es la Demencia Senil?

La demencia senil viene con muchos nombres. A veces se le llama “demencia vascular”, “leucoraiosis” o “demencia con cuerpos de Lewy”.

Los términos se refieren a los síntomas cognitivos que se relacionan con la memoria y el proceso de pensamiento. La demencia puede causar problemas con la memoria diaria, haciendo que sea más difícil recordar los eventos recientes.

Otros problemas incluyen dificultades de lenguaje durante una conversación, donde de repente se vuelve difícil encontrar la palabra correcta para decir. Si la persona parece tener dificultades para juzgar distancias, esto significa que la demencia también afecta sus habilidades visiospaciales. Así, ven objetos en tres dimensiones.

Otro conjunto de síntomas incluye perder la cuenta del día o la fecha o confundirse con respecto a quién eres tú y otras personas.

Además, también es típico que una persona con demencia experimente cambios de humor frecuentes. Pueden sentirse repentinamente irritables, frustrados, ansiosos, retraídos o molestos.


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