Q: Hi,

I suffer with the eye condition retinitis pigmentosa and I’ve been reading up that Lutein and Zeaxanthin really helps not only with RP but lots of other things like it’s good for the heart, it’s an antioxidant etc...

Just wondering where I can get these, how much a day I should take and can I just ask for them in pill form from a chemist/drug store? What do I ask for if you can? Also you talked about a spray form, is this better? I am very interested in purchasing this so if I can get it from you, can you send me an address to post a check to, as I am a partially blind user of a computer and can’t use the mouse… I cannot and don’t like sending bank details over the internet?



A: Steve,

You will find it all makes better sense if you get my book which has the action plan for RP.

Retinitis Pigmentosa Health Plan