Severe Blockages in the Legs

Q: Robert,

I have severe blockages in my legs. Doctor said I am completely blocked below my knees and when he goes back in my leg ( angioplasty ) The 17th. of may 2012, that will make 8 times I have had this done. He said no need to go below the knees unless I get cut or a sore that will not heal. My question is, if I take blockbuster, will it be sufficient to remove the plaque safely? Also since my blood pressure drops too low at times, will blockbuster be safe?

Thanks a lot for an answer.
P.S. I am on my second bottle of serraenzyme and can’t tell any difference yet and that is the reason for opting for blockbuster.


A: Take BlockBuster 2 x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal, with a glass of water. This well disolve and cots that break away. Take 1serrapeptase with them.

Follow the diet and drink attached
Lie on your back and cycle your legs in the air and get someone to hold them if too hard.
Rebound on one of the 3′ rebounder mini-trampolines.
Do these 3 times per day.

Really Healthy Foods


Stents in the Legs

Q: My husband has had stents put in his legs and they say one of them is blocked he has been using nattokinase and its helped at least they are finding a pulse in his foot. He had to have a toe amputated after a spider bit him and it would not heal because of the blood flow. Which formula would you recommend and please tell me which products are good? I have been using nattokinase with – 8 16oz glasses of water per day. He has minerals and other things he’s been taking too. Thank you.


A: Sandra,
I recommend:
BlockBusterAllclear 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal.
OxySorb a few sprays under his tongue 3-4 times per day
Hydrosol Silver Gel applied to any areas of his leg that do not look healthy.

Stop all starchy carbs, high sugar foods, sodas and processed foods. Only veggies, salads, dark skinned fruits, nuts seeds, beans and fish for now. See

Drink 6-8 x 16oz glasses of water per day with 1/3rd teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in each glass to improve blood oxygenation.

See the three supplements at

Sorry to be blunt but you need to stick with the detail to save his leg.


Constant Pain in the Legs

Q: Hello Robert,

My Husband and I have many health problems, but one that causes for me to have constant pain in my legs are my biggest worry. I have had an operation many years ago, but it did not make a big difference. I have very poor circulation in my legs, high blood pressure, and a weak immune system to mention a few, a friend told me to try Serrapeptase from Enerex 120,000 u. I bought a 120 capsules bottle in Victoria BC Canada.
I would like to try it again, can you please let me know where the best place for me to get the Serrapeptase 120,000 iu? I have tried to get it nearby where I live but could only get the 60,000 IU/UI Extra Strength 60 Capsules by Prairie Naturals.

I appreciate any help you can give to me.


A: Olga,

Serrapeptase in its own is not likely to resolve all of your problems.
I recommend Serranol and you can read about it in the attached report and at

I strongly recommend a diet change and see the links below.

Autoimmune Disease Health Plan

Really Healthy Foods


Pain the Leg

Q: Please Help.

My problem is (PAD) Leg pain. My last dopler test showed a blockage in the right leg at 65% and the left leg at 45%. I can only walk about one city block before I have to stop because of pain in my calves and I have no pain at rest. I have tried EDTA with no help.

I have been taking a good multi vitamin GNC brand I also take Fish oil 1200mg and 100 mg COQ-10 + Two 625Mg of EDTA + Two 2000 Fu capsuls of nattokinase, I would like to try your serrapeptase it looks like it may help me with the leg pain. I would like your opinion on serrapeptase and the dosages for PAD I have looked at your Block buster for pad but i I do not think i could afford it long term, I only take one Prescription drug (Prinivil ) for my blood pressure and I do not have any other health problems that I am aware of.


A: William,

As you realize I do recommend the BlockBuster but others have had success with SerraPlus+. The amount is difficult to guess but I would recommend 3 x 3 to begin with if you can afford it.


Blocked Leg Arteries

Q: Dear Robert,

My nutritionist is wanting to treat intermittent claudication which is presumably blocked arteries in the legs. I have had 12 sessions of EDTA chelation by infusion with no improvement at all. The dosage below was what she was recommending me to take but did not give me the specific Product Code. I also suffer a lot of back pain with severe osteoporosis having multiple fractures in the spine. Does this have to come from the States or do you have a UK branch?

“My nutritionist is recommending the above at 40,000i.u. 2 capsules 3 times daily.”

Thank you for your help.


A: I am in the UK in Cheshire.

That dosage is fine but the rest of my program from my book such as on your back and cycling your legs in the air 3 times per day will help enormously.


Intermittent Claudication

Q: My nutritionist is Marilyn G. I gather you have met & that she also spoke to you some weeks ago about my taking the above for intermittent claudication. Seeing her 9 weeks after commencing SerraEzyme 40,000iu 6 daily, she has now suggested I try & speak with you as so far there does not appear to be any improvement She said “this is your baby ” not hers & would be in a much better position to advise me! As I have no means of contacting you by phone, I am emailing you, at least in the first instance. Marilyn has been treating me for intermittent claudiation, which I have suffered 4 years now, & also severe osteoporosis. The questions we are really wishing to ask are:- 1) As there appears to be no improvement in the claudication, is it too soon to expect it anyway? & more importantly 2) Would you recommend anything else to take to speed things up? If so, would this be as well as what I am already taking or instead of? I am about to reorder so would be most grateful to hear from you.


A: I am on vacation. Please call David Meyer to discuss 08702414237.


Q: My nutritionist is recommending the above at 40,000i.u. 2 capsules 3 times daily.
Please could you guide me to the correct one!

Thank you.


A: What condition are you treating?

Q: Further to my earlier email, do you know of anyone who has suffered from intermittent claudication in the legs to have benefited from this supplement?

A: Yes many people. Some have also taken BlockBuster as well.


Jittery Legs

Q: Dear Robert,

I bought some Ancient Mineral Oils with magnesium from you after you recommended it for my jittery legs and I am glad to say that since using it I have had some peaceful nights, although at the same time I did stop taking chlorophenomine so I am not sure which has made the improvement .

The reason for my email is could you tell me if there are any side effects with the mineral oils and how often I should use it ? Is it just once a day with one or two squirts ?
Since Tuesday I have had something like painful trapped wind in my stomach/rib area which seems to stay there all the time, (still there this morning) I am a bit scared in case it is something like a clot of blood. Could there be any side effects from the oils like this as you said it was very powerful ?


A: Eveline,

No, I can assure you it cannot be a side effect of the oil.


Blocked Femoral Arteries

Q: I have blocked femoral arteries. I have been taking serrapeptase now at 4 per day of 90,000iu.
How will I know if this is working and how long before I notice any changes?

A: 2-3 months should show results. You can increase to 6 per day (2 x 3)
Have you changed your diet to a Really Healthy Foods plan?
It is poor diet that is causing the epidemic of infertile couples.

Take a look here:


Peripheral Arterial Diseases (PAD)

Q: I have Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) in the small of my legs and had gotten a couple of the small leg ulcers. I also have neuropathy. I started with just 40 iu x 4 a day for 3 months. Then I started Blockbuster AllClear, I have gone through 5 bottles at 3 to 4 a day. Ulcers are healing slow. Some color has came back in feet. Would starting the Serranol be stronger or even better for blood flow and cleaning arteries. Or should I stick with Block Buster AllClear? Thank you.


A: Tough question. My recommendation is: BlockBuster 1 x 3 times per day, 30 mins before eating a meal. Serranol 1 x 3 with the Blockbuster

Ask for 3 sample bottle of Ancient Minerals magnesium Oil and massage them into your leg muscles daily. If it is Ok then order this but if this stings too much then order the Lotion.

Exercise on your back on your couch cycling your legs in the air as long as possible and repeat 3-4 times over the day. This is the best way to get new healthy blood into your legs. Still try to fast walk 3 miles per day when able.

Drink 6-8 x 500ml glasses of water per day with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each glass.

See my food recommednations at and


Peripheral Arterial Diseases (PAD)

Q: Hi Robert,

You probably will not remember me but I contacted you some time ago regarding the use of Serrapeptase as you did not mention that you sold it.

I decided after a while to give it a try and started taking Serrapeptase 2 x 120 and Nattokinase 2x 2000 I have been taking between 6/12 months.

The purpose was to prevent PAD unfortunately it does not seem to have worked and it could be the quality of the supplements or not enough, I am not sure.

We have two children in their twenties with special needs so I am a carer and I am finding things very hard at this time with the loss of mobility. I am still going, last night I had to go upstairs on all fours I know I am getting a bit long in the tooth but I had hoped to help the children for a few more years.
A:Keep taking them or at least stay with the Nattokinase and take 2 x 3 times per day but massage Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil into your legs daily.


Serrapeptase Results

Q: I wanted to know how long it would take for the serrapeptase to work I have been taking it for three weeks so far, no results. I am taking 3 tabs three times per day of the 40 000 units of serrapeptase, I also take a multi-vitamin, fish oil, CO-Q10, L Argine, Nattokinase, and garlic tablets. I only take one prescription drug (LINISOPRIL) For high blood pressure. Is there anything that I need to add or are some of the things that I am taking, should I not take them with serrapeptase? I am not on any diet and my weight is normal and I have no other health problems except for the leg pain in my legs (PAD). Thank you. I do not have leg pain at rest.
A: 3 weeks is too short to expect an improvement. 4-8 weeks is more realistic.

Are you exercising by lying on your back and cycling your legs? Try for every hour or so and as long as you can manage.


Leg Pains and Other Conditions

Q: Hi Robert,

First let me thank you for taking the time to reply.

Just for you to have some background I was on 40mg Valsartan, 40 mg Furosemide, 2x 75mg aspirin,40mg simsavartin daily for many years.

I stopped taking the Simsavartin in December and the aspirin in January.

After about 2/3 weeks after stopping the Simsavartin the leg pains stopped which was great because at that time my cholesterol was 4.6
now its about 5.9.

I had the flu and a chest infection in March which lasted about 4 weeks in the weeks that followed as I got to feel
better my mobility was affected in both legs. Currently its mostly in the left leg. I have had a blood test which was
normal except cholesterol 5.9. A urine test was normal and a lower spine X-ray which shows wear in most joint hip joints have wear which one could expect at 76 yrs.

The last time I saw the GP he only allowED 10 minutes for an interview. I was told perhaps I had PAD and should see a vascular surgeon and that this would take about 12 months.

I am not sure as I had a private screening in 2010 which was normal.

Currently it is difficult to put full weight on the left leg and both legs are weak.

Currently I take 1x Valsartan 40mg Furosemide 40mg 1x 3 12000 Serrapeptase 2 x 3 Nattokinase

I have added 3 x 3 Blockbuster. I have ordered the Ancient mineral oil and the CurcuminX4000™

We are all vegetarians so eat a fairly good diet. I would appreciate any advice which I take responsibility for.

I do not want to go down the route of medication as my last visit produced more pills.


A: Do you eat grains and cereals and especially wholegrains? All grains are bad.
Are you taking a high dose B complex such as my B4health?

Stick to foods shown here:



Q: Hi Robert.
Really appreciate the reply as I am struggling to get around. I looked up your site and ordered Blockbuster x 3.
Do you think I just stay with that or should I add that as well?  I am desperate to get mobile for the children.


A: BlockBuster is great but do add Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil as well from the same site. I stand 16hrs a day at my computer and I use it every day.
BTW If you ever feel that things are getting on top of you I have some great supplements that work within hours.
The big deal for everyone in your family is diet. Eat the really healthy foods diet that we do and life will get better (or it def will seem so)
See Really Healthy Foods


Peripheral Vascular Disease and Spinal Stenosis

Q: Dear Robert,

I am a 59 years old and an overweight female, diagnosed as having peripheral vascular disease and spinal stenosis. I have been taking various forms of your serrapeptase now for just over 4 months. (1 month Serraenzyme capsules, 1 month Blockbuster Allclear, 1 month serrapeptase tablets bought from local health store, 1 month Serraenzyme tablets from yourselves). I am currently taking 4 Serraenzyme tablets before every meal (i.e. 3 x daily=12 tablets).

I am still getting significant pain when out for a short walk. I have however noticed that my varicose veins seem less pronounced. I am due to see my vascular consultant this Friday (27th). On my last visit he advised me to go onto statins (which I don’t want to do), as if he did a bypass operation it would likely be a precursor to losing my legs. He has gone against the idea of stents as he says I am too blocked up. I have found your articles extremely interesting, but my question is: should I be taking more tablets than I am doing ? I am loathe to take more in view of costs -or am I expecting a “”miracle”” too soon?


A: I found your email.

I wish we had not lost so much time but better late than never.

Your plan is in the link here: Autoimmune Disease Health Plan.


For help with the above condition, check out this peripheral artery treatment Health Plan.

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