corQ: My Fuchs Dystrophy is getting worse and I’m facing surgery soon if it doesn’t get any better according to my eye doctor. Please can you offer any advice?

A: Diana, you need to follow my Fuchs Dystrophy Health Plan. The MSM Silver Drops will soften tough leathery tissue, helping in the removal of floaters. They contain a combination proprietary blend, OptiMSM®, Hydrosol Silver, L-Carnosine and Colloidal Zinc. Curcumin contains antioxidant properties that can provide powerful support for eye health and the Glutathione Spray is important for stopping free radical damage. Krill Oil can help to protect cell membranes and MaxiVision which is a blend of essential nutrients can prevent vision loss and maintain healthy blood vessels, essential for improving vision. Other recommendations include CAN C NAC Drops, Plant Cell Vitamin C and HealthPoint. Try the supplement plan and stick to a healthy diet…let me know the results.

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