Q: My uncle just had surgery for diverticulitis and now my Mom is in the hospital with the same thing. I am young, but i have the same symptoms. Can it be hereditary and should I go to the doctor, or do you think I’m over reacting?

A: More and more studies are suggesting that diverticulitis is not hereditary, but that families have diverticulitis because they share the same eating habits. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables which are full of fiber will help. Avoid starchy carbs and grains as these can inflame the problem, making it worse. Take Serranol, a mixture of serrapeptase, curcumin, ecklonia cava extract and Vitamin D3 as these can help to reduce the inflammation and this will ease the symptoms associated with the condition.


Q: I’ve suffered with my bowels for more than half a year. My GP referred me to a Specialist, where I had a  Entmoscopy, and a Colonoscopy and was told I had pollops which showed cancer cells. These were investigated and showed up benign. I received a letter that said I had to have another Colonoscopy in a year’s time. I was also told in the letter that I had Diverticulitis, and I didn’t need to see the Specialist again. However I wasn’t told what the cause was or what treatment was available if any. They were only bothered about the Cancer cells, which thankfully were benign. What if any is the treatment, and what is this condition?


A: Diverticulitis is known as inflammation of the diverticuli (these are little pouches in the wall of the colon). They are harmless, but if food gets stuck here it can cause inflammation – diverticulitis. To prevent getting this, adopt a diet of fruit and vegetables that is high in fiber and will get things moving. Avoid all starchy carbs, seeds and foods such as popcorn, tomatoes and poppyseeds as they are prone to getting lodged there.

Serrapeptase can help. Try Serranol as this is a powerful blend of serrapeptase and curcumin, a potent combination to fight inflammation. When combined with Gastro Enzyme Therapy, Prescript Assist and Essential Digestive Plus, the symptoms have a powerful chance of being cleared. Read the Diverticulitis Health Plan for more information and Diverticulitis Testimonials.