Q: Is it safe to take serrapeptase when one already has low blood pressure? Is it safe to take if one has acid reflux?

I am interested in trying serrapeptase also. I am unable to take baby aspirin or fish oil as they thin my blood too much and I get severe nose bleeds. I have high blood pressure and my father had heart disease. My mother has also had a series of mini strokes.


A: It is safe but you would start low and build up slowly. Stop carbs completely.



Q: I have Conn’s Syndrome (benign tumour on my adrenal gland). Would Serrapeptase help this?

A: If anything can clear it, Serranol is that solution. See it here to understand why: http://goodhealthhelpdesk.com/index.php?/Default/Knowledgebase/Article/View/51/26/serranol—-4-super-nutrients



Q: I take metoprolol for blood pressure and clopidogrel for blood thinne, anti-platelet aggregation as I received 3 stents in lower left leg 2 weeks ago. Any problem with these if I take very large doses serrapeptase?


A: No problems and if you take BlockBuster AllClear you may be able to come off the drugs and their potential side effects. Stents block up after a year or so even on the drugs. I know this as I get daily emails asking what can be done.



Q: Robert – Do stents clog when serrapeptase is used regularly as maintenance? !!


A: No, they clear.



Q: Hi Robert.

Have been taking serra. now for 2weeks. I am coughing green mucus up. I didn’t realise I had a problem with that, but there you go. Just wondered if you had any advice for very high blood pressure. I have just started medication for it. I have had investigation for this and doctor came up with nothing, just put it down to age I am 56.

A: And how does the doctor know you have HBP?


Q: Hi Robert, started taking Drs best serrapeptase, 3 days ago. I took 2 capsules twice daily on an empty stomach and have started getting some pain in my ribs and stomach. Is this normal, do you get a die off like when you start probiotics? Shall I carry on taking same amount of tablets?


A: What strength are you taking and what for?


Q: Hi. The strength is 40,000i am taking it for my circulation, and itchy dry skin.

A: The simple way to test this is to stop it and when the symptoms have gone then restart it and if they come back then you know this product does not agree with you. Come back to me then and we can come up with a plan.



Q: Hi Robert. I carried on taking the same dosage, and pains have gone; had a lump on my arm that has almost gone. However bought the serra for my skin especially on my lower legs and its dry and itchy and has a tiny spot that will not heal. I am 56 years old.


A: Also take:

CurcuminX4000 1 x 3 times per day

Derma Q-Gel apply 2 times daily.


Q: Hi.

I have high blood pressure and have been recommended to take Serrapeptase which I purchased from a health food shop – it is Life Force, I also got some on the internet. One is 120,000 mg, the other is 80,000 IU. Please can you tell me how many IU’s 120,000 mg is and which is the best one to take?


A: 120,000 is equal to 65,000iu.

Take 80,000iu 1 x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating with water

Drink 6 glasses of water with a 1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate of water

Stop eating starchy carbs and replace with vegetables.



Q: Serrapeptase reduces bradykinin, which also dilates blood vessels, so could Serrapeptase cause blood pressure in a hypertensive to increase?

Thank you.


A: Inflammation can increase blood pressure. Bradykinin is increased to help the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) which helps dilate blood vessels and lower blood.

It does not directly reduce bradykinin. This reduction happens to a number of elevated protein levels in the blood that are no longer needed in the same amount once inflammation is brought under control. An example is histamine. This is elevated in response to inflammation and has a pronounced beneficial vascular effect but once the inflammation is back under control the histamine also reduces.

This is where the big pharma get it wrong. The body responds to attack in many ways and the response is not the disease, it is the attack. We do not need drugs to attack levels of the bodies defenders, we need to deal with the attacker (usually unnatural foods). In other words, we should deal with the cause and the body will deal with the effects.


Q: Hi Robert,

Just to say thanks for sending me a eating plan for my Mother.

Just to update you my Mother has had to stop taking Serrapeptase apart from not overcoming inflammation of the ileum, (only started when taking S/tase) she then started to have bouts of sickness.

The news was really to let you know the short time she was on them her pain in her legs/knees had improved slightly she said it had taken away the (toothache)her words, and she could straighten her legs in bed the first time for years.

My husband takes above for migraine this is the longest he has gone without migraine for around 3 months.


A: Great job.



Q: Paul is currently on blood pressure tablets. Was on cholesterol tablets, but stopped taking them.

He works long hours and finds it stressful. He doesn’t get enough exercise. Quit smoking on Jan 31. Probably has about 5 kilos, too much weight. Is 47 years old.

Drinks next to nothing of alcohol. Had the Heliobactor virus in the 90s and was treated for it. Has recently had the stress test etc on the heart with no problems.

That’s about all I can think of with regard to his health.



A: It is very difficult to guess as it could even be a reoccurence of the H-pylori bacteria. Has he had a recent test on this?

I suggest he takes 6-8 glasses of water over each day with a 1/2 small teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in each glass. This is good for everyone’s health but especially those with digestive problems.

I recommend RelaxWell, 1 capsule x 3 times per day to help keep him in balance.

You and him need to get out and walk for 5-miles in parkland or near water when he gets home from work before he does anything else. Walk fast for an hour as this is more essential, even than eating. I do it in the morning so that I am facing the sun as it rises over the horizon for the 2nd half hour of my walk. I carry weights in my hands and they never go lower than my waist. This alone will clear the 5kg in a few weeks.

When you email me can you do it with all of the previous emails so I know what we have discussed previously? I have a new helpdesk www.GoodHealthHelpDesk.com and if you register there and ask me questions through that we will have a record of our previous messages. The first one you can copy all of the previous threads to get us started.

Eating wheat and other starchy carbs is one of the main causes of health problems and please consider my really healthy foods plan attached.

Really Healthy Foods


Against The Grain




Q: Should you take Serrapeptase if you are on high blood pressure medication?


A: Yes it is fine and if you take BlockBuster AllClear then it may fix your blood pressure as well.



Q: Hi there. Just wondered if this enzyme lowers blood pressure as mine is already low and didn’t want it to make it worse.


A: No, it will not make your BP too low. If you tell me more about your health I may be able to suggest solutions.