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Q: I have candida and it’s causing me numerous health problems. Can you recommend me any products in particular to help relieve my problems?

A: Follow my Candida Health Plan. Protease is a product I highly recommend as it can help to relieve the infection. In addition, SerraEnzyme 250,000IU can boost its effectiveness by reducing and finally dissolving any inflammation in the body. GlycoBoost can also support the growth of healthy gut bacteria, promoting healing from within the digestive tract.


Q: What are some of the symptoms?

A: There are many symptoms of Candida. These include headaches, heart palpitations, chronic fatigue, brain fog, eye pain, bloating, flatulence, and diarrhoea. Others conditions include eczema, fungal infections of the nails and skin, mucus in the throat, sinus congestion, flu-like symptoms, and asthma. Recurring yeast infections, UTIs, cystitis, PMS and menstrual irregularities, fungal rash are also in the list. Some people also find it difficult to lose weight, that they retain water or even experience significant weight loss. Ringing in the ears and eye infections are also common.


Q: Can Candida be Cured?

A: While candida is not entirely curable, bringing the body back into a healthy balance can vastly improve or eliminate all symptoms. Candida can be re-occurring because it lurks in the tissues and can become immune to antibiotics.

Consider fostering an anti-fungal environment. This includes following a really healthy diet and lifestyle, alongside taking a probiotic supplement. In addition, protease enzymes can provide aid in relieving infections. For best results, follow the health advice in the ‘Improving Candida in 30 Days’ ebook by Robert Redfern of Naturally Healthy Publications. Inside this book is a detailed health plan that anyone with Candida should follow, along with nutrient and product suggestions to improve the symptoms of Candida in the long term.



Candida FAQs |