Q: Of your products what is best for heart attack/stroke prevention?
A: BlockBuster and HealthyFlow are very good. See them at www.GoodHealthUSA.com. Following my diet recommendation by clicking here will also help.

Q: I am a new Serrapeptase disciple. I bought 4 bottles of Serra enzyme 80,000 iu and take 2-3 capsules per day. I am a white male, age 61. I have had good health most of my life. In July 2008, I had a heart attack and received 2 stents. I take no prescription meds. My occupation is a residential repair plumber and I worked just as hard after the heart attack as before. I chose Serrapeptase because I want to remove the plaque from my arteries. After reading about the Blockbuster All Clear, should I be taking it instead of Serra Enzyme alone?

Secondly, has anyone reported improved erections using either product?


Robert W.,

A: Robert,

Much as I would like to send you a simple magic bullet solution it would be an enormous gamble with your life.
See the links to the full plan below. The ED may clear up on it but come back if it doesn’t as there are other things to do.

Heart Disease Health Plan

In the same way that you have to tell many householders that a quick fix may work but they may end up in a worse mess is what the docs should have told you. My plan above is to reline your body with real health (not quick fix stents).

Yes, you get after unlimited sales service as you would expect.


Q: Mr Redfern,

6 years back, my mom (in India) had a severe heart attack and was diagnosed with 3 blockage in heart arteries and had to undergo surgery to put stents. Since then, her health is o.k./not o.k. on and off. Her main problem is low oxygen and low haemogloin. She even had a very minor stroke from which she could recover quickly.

Do you think taking Blockbuster All Clear, and other cardio health supporting supplements (like OxySorb, CoQ10) will help her? without any adverse effect? Please let me know your opinion.

Also, if needed, can the recommended items be shipped to India?

Thank you.

A: Dear Rekha,

It is urgent you get her on as much of this plan as possible. If it was my mom she would be on it 100%.
Do not rely on medical doctors to save her as they are simply trained to administer drugs.

Heart Disease Health Plan

Breathing incorrectly is the cause of low hemoglobin and low bicarbonate of soda. Make sure whoever cares for her is trained in the whole plan.
You can email me everyday or better still register here and create a ticket so we can see the whole discussion.


Q: I was diagonosed with Carotid Stenosis (16-49%) in May 2012 and was advised Aspirin and Crestor. I did not want to go for these medication and researched for something natural that will help with my condition. I came across Serrapeptase Info. and believing what I read, on June 21, 2012-started to take Blockbuster Allclear (40000IU serrapeptase and 1600 FU nattokinase)-4 capsules per day. After 4-1/2 weeks I increased the dose to 6 capsules per day. Today, I noticed a red spot in my eye and researching what may have caused it, I found out that high doses of blood thinner can be one of the reasons. Do you think, Blockbuster all clear may be related to this?

Would appreciate a quick response.

Thank you.

A: Rekha,

Firstly BlockBuster is not a blood thinner and it is not a drug.
Stenosis is caused by a poor diet. The website and my book tells you how to clear all of this with BlockBuster and diet change. Can you confirm you have followed the diet and the other part of the plan on the web site?


Q: My Mother is 78 years old. She is on coumadin, something else for slowing her heart rate, and just now put on a blood pressure medication.

Her weight is fine, she does suffer occasionally from anxiety and/or panic attacks. She gets light headed occasionally and has general weakness. Could be drug side effects.

She sees her regular doctor and a naturopath doctor. I don’t think the naturopath is doing much good. I was at one of her sessions and she only wants to deal with the current issue with my mom and I think she should be treating the whole body. I find everyone of the registered/licensed people are scared of their tails and simply play safe for themselves.

The naturopath doesn’t even have her taking any kind of vitamins or minerals. I did get her to start blending veggies and some fruits every morning. Keeping to low sugar fruits and greens and adding Chia seeds.

She’s always afraid to try something new because it might interfere with the coumadin. She has a habit or memory problem of not taking all the nutrients she needs. This don’t help I know. We can’t see if something is doing her good if she will not stay on it very long. She needs the will to be well and the habits of health. This is the difficult part to overcome and then it gets easy.

She wants to get off all meds but is afraid to. I know she needs some local help if I can find someone right for her. Someone to work with her and her doctor to get off this stuff. The doctor will always try to disuade her as it is an admittence they did not do a good job in the first place.

I just wanted to fill you in on everything. What, if anything, would you suggest as a course of action and supplements for her might be? Her thousand mile plan is coming next.

If I can start and keep her on a few things and show her that it will NOT effect her coumadin, then she might start feeling better and go further with natural cures. The journey of a thousand miles always starts with a few steps, and then a few more and then a few more, you get the idea I am sure.Thanks

See my plan in the link below:

Heart Disease Health Plan

Heart Disease Health Activity Plan

Also have a look around my web sites and come back to start building a plan.

Q: My husband has had several cardiac Ablation to treat his heart arrhythmia. Ablation by design leaves scar tissues. He has been not had any episodes of arrhythmia for the last 10 months. 3 weeks ago he started taking a product for joint pain containing Serrapeptase and has just experience arrhythmia again. What studies or writings are available showing the effect of Serrapeptase on ablation patients?

A: Terri,

There are none and he needs to discuss this with his surgeon as serrapeptase clears scar tissue. I will put a warning on our serrapeptase.info site about this. Thank you.


Q: Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply and the diet. I’m going to order a bottle of Blockbuster but I have a few questions. I have progressive MS (since ’94) and I’m very sensitive to a lot of supplements, herbs, etc. I noticed in your product list that you have a supplement for MS so maybe you’re familiar with this condition. If you think there is any ingredient in Blockbuster that would be intolerant for me, please tell me because I have spent thousands of dollars on products I can’t take. My mom and grandma both had strokes so maybe there is a tendency for that in my family. Until recently I’ve had normal bp and cholesterol and I’m normal weight and eat a healthy diet. But recently I have had discomfort in my heart area, bp change of 138/80 and cholesterol of 225. I don’t adhere to “western medicine” principles so I try to figure most problems out on my own. I do work with Susie Cornell in UK. and she recommended Blockbuster so that’s what led me to your site. Please give me your opinion and, if you think it’s okay for me, I’ll place my order. Thanks so much.

Susan C.
A: There are too many things in BlockBuster to 2nd guess what can be a problem. I have not had even one person ever come back with a problem taking it. When you say you eat a healthy diet do I take it that you do not eat any of the things I suggested keeping of in my food plan?


Q: Hello Robert,

I am 59 years old and live just outside Vancouver , B.C, Canada . I have experienced what my cardiologist referred to as a mini heart attack. I had an angiogram performed and learned that I had high percentage blockages in all major arteries around my heart. One stent was placed with a positive prognosis for the future. Oddly enough, I did not have a high cholesterol level nor did I have high blood pressure. 6 weeks after my the mini heart attack with daily dosages of Liptior at 80mg’s per day and an aggressive exercise program, my cholesterol level was at 3 (LDL – 1.3 & HDL at 0.9) (HDL ratio 2.8). My blood pressure rating was averaging about 120 – 130 over 65 – 70), I went from 217 pounds to about 185 pounds was back playing soccer twice a week. In addition, I was jogging up to 5 kilometers two or three times per week. The exercise regiment is about the same today.

In terms of medication, here is what is prescribed to me today:

40 mg’s of Lipitor daily·
50 mg’s of Novo-Metoprolol Tartrate TYPE L daily
4 mg’s of Coversyl (Perindopril) daily
81 mg’s of Aspirin daily

My question relates to the use of Serrapeptase under the above conditions. My interest is two fold:

1. reduction of plaque build up on the walls of my arteries.
2. Pain from inflammation due to soccer injuries (ie: strained Achilles tendon and strained ACL knee ligament)

Should I consult my family physician or cardiologist before I start to use Serrapeptase while on the above medication ? I want to be certain that there are nor conflicts or risks. My cardiologist has told me that the above medication will continue for a ling time.


Warren D.
A: Warren,

Mike Tawse was on 14 drugs at death’s door and now 4 years later he is off all drugs and healthier than any time in his life. He used to believe in doctors until they nearly killed him. Read his story here: www.serrapeptaseadventure.ws

If you would like me to coach you to get your arteries clear and get healthy just get back to me. Serrapeptase has no side effects or interactions with any drugs. Try asking your doctor the same question.


Q: Just wanting to know which is best for me. I have CHF and lots of blockages.



A: Patrick,

BlockBusterAllclear 2 x 3 times per day See www.ReallyHealthyArteries.com

Where To Buy – Click Here


Q: Hi,
I get side effects from statins, and would anyway prefer a more natural remedy for controlling cholesterol. I currently take Serrapeptase – is there anything else you would recommend?


A: Simon,

I may have missed this.

CurcuminX4000 at the same time as serrapeptase.

Also UB8Q10 if it is very high. (with food)

These three are the super nutrients for anti aging.


Q: If I take High doses is there a chance Plaque will break off and block a vein?Or dose it just dissolve it?

A: If you have plaque then you need BlockBusterAllclear.


Q: Can it cause chunks if plaque to fall off thus causing stroke?

A: Not with BlockBusterAllclear as this will dissolve any clots instantly.


Q: So it will dissolve clots and plaque?
How long to make a difference and how much do I take?

Thanks, Cindy S.,

A: Cindy,

I need to know more about the problem and the degree of blockages to answer such questions.


Q: I just have mild plaque build up and cholesterol is a bit high (not real high)
Blood pressure sometimes 121 and then one day 156 erratic

Cindy S.,

A: Cindy,

Mild plaque: Is not a problem and taking BlockBusterAllclear , stopping starchy carbs, cows milk products and eating at least 3 portions of leafy greens for the Vitamin K complex will clear this. You can take Super K Complex if you have a problem with leafy greens.

If you are over 45 then you may know that we need extra CoQ10 for healthy arteries and the best way is Ubiquinol.

Unhealthy cholesterol and HBP are all cleared up as a side effect of following the above plan as they have the same cause as the plaque. However, in studies, Homocysteine is a better marker than high cholesterol for risk of an adverse cardido event and this should be no more than 8. If you have had this test please come back to me with the results.

See my really healthy foods plan and recipes at www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com


Q: Can I take serrapeptase along with my lower cholesterol med, Crestor?
A: Ana,

Why would you? Statins have side effects and have been proven in independent studies to be of no value. Take Serranol instead. www.SerranolOffers.com


Q: Hi Robert,
I am 48 years old and was diagnosed last month with severe blockages in my arteries after an angiogram test. I was advice by my cardio surgeon that my best option is to do the bypass. I am considering alternative treatments and went to see a naturopath doctor today. He told me that i should take “Serrapeptase” but need to check whether it is safe to take alongside my medications: Rosuvastatin, Aspirin, Bisoprolol & Losartan. I wanted to ask you if Serrapeptase is safe for me to take and can help clear out the arterial plaques in my arteries… sparing me of surgery. I have also made a complete lifestyle change starting with a healthy diet since then. Appreciate your insight.

A: Geri,
I guess you are asking me as I introduced Serrapeptase, wrote the book on Serrapeptase and have the widest knowledge of hundreds of thousands of users?
I am sure your Naturopath Doctor has your best interest at heart but simply relying on Serrapeptase to save your life would be a very dangerous gamble. Yes it is true some have simply taken Serrapeptase and had miraculous results but they are not the majority.
My recommendation is a full recovery plan including a really healthy food plan and the link below will take you to it to consider it.

Heart Disease Health Plan

If you have questions on any part of it then you can simply reply to this email ticket and start a dialogue.


Q: Hello Robert,

I have several arteries which are blocked with calcification, I am currently using Block buster 2×3 times per day, but my friend tells me that I should be using the high dose Serrapeptase for better results.

Which do you recommend Blockbuster or Serrapeptase for calcification and at what dosage?

Is there anything else I should be taking?

I am told that Vitamin K2 and Serrapeptase is a good combination for calcified arteries

Would greatly appreciate your advice

Many thanks

A: George,

There are a few causes of blockages: Inflammation, Calcium Buildup and high Homocysteine.
BlockBuster stops inflammation and keeps and clots from blocking the narrow gaps. (you can also take an extra serrapeptase at the same time for bad inflammation)
Vitamin K (found in dark leafy vegetables) stops the calcium buildup
B Vitamin complex lowers homocysteine.

Read attachment.

Really Healthy Foods


Q: Dear Sir,

I have been reading your book, 2004 edition, ‘pain relief, inflammation relief and clear arteries’. I attach NHS
angiogram results; and am asking whether you consider that Serrapeptase / other products could still result in a clearance of the blockages? I realise that the answer may not be that simple, but would appreciate your comments.

Yours sincerely,

A: Ian,

This can be cleared before your next visit and I am sending my full plan in the link below:


Q: Can you tell me if you have reports of successfully clearing arteries that are completely blocked, ie where there is now no blood flow?
My partner had a triple bypass some years ago, and 9 months ago an angioplasty showed that 2 of the coronary arteries are again completely blocked. He is managing OK by taking things slowly, with a stent in the one working coronary artery, and with good ancillary vessels forming. Since there is now no blood flow through the blocked arteries, will serrapeptase be able to clear them? He has never had a heart attack so his heart is in good condition. He can walk for miles, so long as he does it slowly.


Jean R.
A: Jean,

The one with the stent in will block up in time anyway. If he does not change his lifestyle that caused the problem in the first place then serrapeptase is not going to resolve everything.
You are correct that serrapeptase does not clear 100% blocked arteries but a healthy lifestyle and the correct supplements will keep healthy ancillary blood vessels growing.

Here is my full plan that we follow just for anti ageing:

Q: You promote use of Serrapeptase with Nattokinase.
I’ve been doing it heavy for nearly 2 months in hope to clear arteries.

Is it a good idea to add Seanol?



A: Ray,

I think you mean Serranol? Seanol is a very weak version of Serranol.

Yes personally I take 1 BlockBuster and 1 Serranol a couple of times per day just for anti ageing.


Q: Dear Robert,

Forgive me for going direct to you, but I have made two attempts to ask a question through your web pages, but something seems to be incompatible as I get a message which baffles me. My wife, Anne, had a stent fitted to one of her arteries two months ago, and as she has been on serrapapatase for most of that time, she is concerned that as the product dissolves plaque, and as the stent relies on plaque to hold it in place, is there a danger that the stent will be displaced. I did email you about delivery of our last order. It did arrive after three weeks.

Many thanks.

Keith R.
A: Keith,

The stent is a coil pressing the artery to stay open. It is held in place by its own spring action. It does not stop new plaque forming and serrapeptase is needed to stop the plaque forming. Diet change will help this and the main inflammatory foods are starchy carbs and processed foods. This is all covered in my book and the Naturally Health catalogue. Email me anytime on this email and I will get back to you. I can send you the plan by email if you prefer.


Q: Robert,

Oops, the advice came from you re: starting at 9 caps of 80,000IU/day (see below) – or was your concern her diet? I’m confused, is the diarrhea due to bad diet, or bad diet in combination with a loading dose of serrapeptase?

I was hoping it wasn’t the serrapeptase, I’ve become a serrapeptase advocate and I promise folks it has no side effects).

I think she told me that currently even one cap/day is causing diarrhea. Should she take a break, let everything settle down, then start over again?

I’ll bug her to write to you re: diet.

Ellen E.
A: I am surprised that you would take anything in your condition without a. asking or b. starting at the least dose and slowly building up. Your previous problems and existing ones show that you have to take the most critical care of what and how you put it in your mouth.
This is not a side effect of serrapeptase, it is a typical response to an overload on a dysfunctional digestive tract.

My urgent recommendations are:
1. Start at 1 tablet per day for 7 days and add 1 per week to tolerance levels and then reduce by 1.
2. Everything you put into your mouth has to be of the highest nutritional integrity and I am happy to work a plan with you. You may have had advice from the medical profession but I can assure you it will be wrong.

Q: Dear Robert,

My doctors have agreed for taking Serrapeptase.Thereby I have bought first tablets 60,000 IU from GOODHEALTH. The 60,000 IU-capsules costs hardly more than the 40,000 IU-capsules. On 1st of January 2007 I want to start taking it. Question: Do you like me to buy the capsule from you for future orders?I don’t mind if the price is equal.

For taking the capsules you had the following recommendation:

Ignore all reference to mg as these are confusing. Only look at IU.SerraEzyme 40,000iu capsules taken at 3 x 3 will clear your arteries in about 3 months. It will also help your cholesterol.Also you need to change your diet as follows:Stop eating all starchy carbohydrates such as breads, cakes, biscuits, pasta, potatoes and rice.Eat 14 portions of fresh vegetables per day. 50% rawEat 6 portions of dark skinned fruits.Eat fish or grass fed meats cooked very rare.Eat good fats such as Fish oil, olive oil or Hemp oil every day.Eat Eggs from free range chickens.Eat nuts, beans and pulses.No Microwave, No Factory foods, No chemicals.


Robert Redfern

But your recommendation seems to be to drastic.
I don’t know how to handle my daily life with that many portions to take.

Therefore I’d rather like to take the 60,000 IU in the morning and other 60,000 IU on the evening for one year.
Could you maybe suggest a friendly day’s-meal plan for such dosage.

My Plaque sediments in my carotids are still quite far from being closed.
Nevertheless I’d like to get rid of it. At the end of this year the ultrasonic scanning will show the result.

The last duplex-ultrasonic of the carotid artery did show:

small increase of wall thickness of the veins on max. 1.8 mm
Flashily Paraklinik (Fatmetabolism)
Several little plaque formation
Gentle aggrandized turbulent stream partitions
Partial infilling of the systole window
Regular ones Color Doppler signal in all inspected veins partitions
taking of ASS 100 was induced

Should I keep taking the 100 mg ASS 100 (Acetylsalicyl) tabletts per day?

It would be great if you could answer and give me your advise on this.

At the end of this year I’m hoping to report to you my success.
I’m looking forward to hear from you and wish you a happy and healthy year 2007.

Thanks in advance,

Hartmut H.
A: Hartmut,

Just buy them from Good Health. Remember to keep to the diet and lifestyle change.


Q: Dear Robert,

Thank you Robert for you prompt reply. We have the book and know the general information. What we need to know is, “Is the plaque embedded behind the stent in danger of being destroyed by the serrapaptase, leaving the stent unstable and likely to move. Sometimes, I do feel a small ache at the point where I think the stent is, when I am exercising, it does give me some anxiety. Thank you for your assistance.

Anne R.
A: Anne,
I can assure you that it will not disturb the stent but it will stop the stent blocking up with more plaque (and so will changing diet, which is the cause of the plaque).


Q: Hi,

Could you tell me the best type of tablets for cleaning the arteries and would they affect other tablets that are taken.Is the paper back book on Serrapeptase the only one you do on this subject. Thanks.

A: SerraEzyme 40,000iu caps or BlockBuster
Krill Oil

Yes these is only one serrapeptase book.


Q: I am not sure it is safe to simply take high doses of serrapeptase to clear the arteries. Can things break off and cause blockages?
A: Ruth,
You are correct. My minimum recommendations for a safe fast recovery are:
BlockBusterAllclear 1 cap x 4 times per day. See http://goodhealthcanada.com/products/Blockbuster1C/
SerraEnzyme 80,000iu 4 caps x 4 times per day. See http://goodhealthcanada.com/products/serrapeptase_serraenzyme/
Vitamin D3 – K2 3 sprays x 3 times per day under tongue. http://goodhealthcanada.com/products/Vitamin-D3-K2-Spray/

The article was not clear but the persons diet was very strict.
Stop all carbs, high sugar foods and fruits and follow this plan:


Q: Hello. Mr. Robert:

My name is Wanda. I was doing some research for my friend’s mom and stumbled upon this website in reference to the enzyme serrapeptase. I’ve seen a lot of good reviews for this. My friend’s mom has heart trouble blocked arteries.

I was considering ordering products from this web site.
However, on Tuesdays I attend a health table talk meeting, and I was told by one of the nutritionist/naturopathy individuals that this enzyme is very good, but however, if your body produces a lot of acid, it probably wouldn’t benefit you as much. Is this true? And if so, how would a person know that they product too much acid or PH balance. If a person has acid reflux, does that mean they have a lot of acid in their bodies? Does some people bodies just automatically produce more acid than other?

We know inflammation starts a lot of the health problems, so is this enzyme suppose to be good also for getting rid of inflammation.

I appreciate a response back. Thank you kindly


Wanda J.
A: Serrapeptase is an enzyme that will dissolve the plaque and stop it reforming thro its anti-inflammatory effects. See it at www.GoodHealthUSA.comIn my book The Miracle Enzyme’ you will see that I recommend stopping all acid forming foods (starchy carbs – wheat and potato products, high protein meats and processed foods) and replacing them with alkaline vegetables and dark skinned fruits and fish.


Q: I am 77 years old. Since Easter 1995 I have had Arrhythmic Heart Beat Episodes with a Stiffened Aortic Valve. I have been having Magnesium Foods which has kept my heart healthy and active. Mg Foods are the Natural Food Remedy for the Heart. It is so sad that doctors are not telling patients that Mg Foods helps prevent heart attacks. Instead they peddle Warfarin and Heparin for the drug companies. Also Maple Syrup is the Natural Food Remedy for the Liver. After taking a mouthful every night I was told my Liver is healthy. Also Selenium foods helps prevent strokes. I also keep my blood thin with Garlic and Fish Oil Capsules. My blood still congeals fast.

Kenneth, Australia
A: Kenneth,
Your existing plan is very very good and all I can add is make sure green vegetables form the bulk of it.
The reason why I and others find a benefit greater than the magnesium available in food is that in the last 60 years the amount of Mg in those foods has dropped alarmingly.
I eat mostly greens and fresh figs from our garden by the dishful and sometimes two avocados per day and yet I still need to add magnesium to my skin to deal with the effects of Mg deficiency.
If you are in any doubt about your heart just keep a bottle handy. It lasts for a lifetime and does not go off.
See the full range here http://goodhealthoz.com/catalog/ancient-minerals-magnesium/

Q: Is there a 100% guarantee that serrapeptase cleans the arteries and stickiness from the blood and body. I am not doubting just having some arm pain and numbness along the left arm but a lot of pain in the shoulder from some work I done 3 days ago, but this is numbness not pain it’s kinda scary since 3 of my moms brothers dies before 60 years of age with massive heart attacks. However I have arthritis real bad and if it were not for serrapeptase I would not be walking.

I eat lots of fruit each day and at least 2 avocadoes sometimes more, I found me some sprouted what bread and it really taste good but the store was proud to have it.

Martin H.
A: No, that is why I also recommend Nattokinase or BlockBusterAllclear instead.
Keep going with the food. It sounds as though you are doing good.


Q: Dear Robert,
My dad had a heart attack 5 days back… he was operated and stents were placed into his arteries to help blood flow.
My question is, will serrapeptase help him in his recovery? will there be any side effects? will it cause any problems because of the other medications he’s taking? will it affect the stents? Also, he’s had some infection in the area where they have operated… will serrapeptase be of any help?
Please let me know.
Thanks, Carlton
A: Carlton,
First the infection. He needs 3x1st Line Immune Kits taken one each day over three days. He would also benefit with Prescript Assist and see more at (www.Probiotics29.com)
Stents are a temporary fix and do nothing in themselves to stop the arteries from blocking up and do not repair the damage done to the heart from the attack.
Serrapeptase and diet change following my really healthy food plan is the very minimum for him to have a chance of resolving this. Even after he is healthy he would need to keep taking serrapeptase as the stents themselves will cause local inflammation and block up in time.
Really Healthy Foods plan as attached.
The ultimate Plan is in the link below and takes dedication but I guess you have enough for both of you.

Heart Disease Health Plan

Really Healthy Foods



I have recently suffered a heart attack but obviously my arteries are still blocked, will taking serrapeptase have any effect on my prescribed medicines ,statins betablockers asprin etc.,


Alan M.
A: Alan,

None whatsoever except stop the need for them eventually. Your full plan is in the link below.

Heart Disease Health Plan


Q: Robert,

I have recently been studying Serrapeptase and its effect on heart disease. One year ago I had three stents put in and I am now in the process of trying to reverse this heart problem with supplements, exercise and diet. I would assume many others are trying to do the same thing with this product. Any info or suggestions you could provide would be much appreciated….have a nice day.

Doug W.
A: Doug,

I introduced Serrapeptase to the wider world 12 years ago and know more about it than just about anyone. I have had many people just use it to keep their stents clear but I would not trust my life to it.

I am sending my full plan in the link below. You need to work out what you want to do. My advice is the diet is critical.

Heart Disease Health Plan


Q: Sir,

I liked your website’s information provided herein. I wish to know whether Serrapeptase enzyme can dissolve Calcification of Brain? My wife who is 40 years old has 3 by 6 mm of Calcification on her brain because of which she looses balance while walking. Otherwise she absolutely normal. I came to know that Serrapeptase is useful for
this. But I wish to know whether it cures/dissolves calcification in arteries only or will it also dissolve calcification of Brain too! Please help me! Thanks in advance.
A: I am sending my full plan in the link below to clear the plaque from the body and brain.

Heart Disease Health Plan


Q: Hi Robert

I am 48 years old. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Atherosclerosis and had 2 blockages of 20%. In the last 4 years I have dramatically changed my lifestyle and strictly for 2+ years followed Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s diet plan. I exercise 6 out of 7 days and would consider myself very fit. I am always searching for new things and came across your products/ideas. I haven’t been tested to see if my condition has worsened but I doubt it has, all blood group numbers have been excellent for many years. I don’t take Statins anymore – more than 2 years. Though I have found my sugar numbers are increasing and I in the past 18 months get mass sugar cravings especially at night and wake up with them.

With the above in mind could you suggest what I should buy to attempt to reverse the plaque build up I have .

I have ordered supplements before and had them delivered here only to find they had been removed with no explanation, hence my first email. Lets hope I have better luck this time.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards

A: Paul,

It would help if you knew the starting point at present. 2 years should have cleared it by diet alone.
What sort of exercise and how long are you exercising for?
How many calories do you eat per day?
Do you eat starchy carbs?

Q: Hello Robert,

I don’t know what you mean by start date to present. Do you mean from when I was diagnosed or when I started changing my lifestyle or when I went to the total Vegan diet ?

Exercise – I am fit and close to running a marathon. I have run 36 klm and based on that and a bit of guess work I should currently run a marathon at 3 hours and 50 minutes but I want to run in Boston and I have to get down to 3 hours and 30 minutes. I have regularly run 22 klms and either run or lift weights every day. Also right now I ( for the second time ) I am doing a very intensive program called Insanity – http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/insanity.do As mentioned this is my second time in doing this and I can keep up with the people on the CD . For me the best Fitness test is Cooper Test – 12 minute run to assess your vo2max and I regularly can run to 3000 Metres.. I exercise for a minimum of 1 hour but most days more, sometimes 3 + hours. I wrote it down for 6 months one time – it would average at 1 hour and 30 minutes each day 6 days out of 7.

I don’t count calories as I eat Vegan and don’t think I have to. Maybe too many carbs as Vegan can be tough. I would say 1500 to 1700 per day. But say , every 2 to 3 days that would go to 2200+ as I crave sugar at night. I actually wake up with it , say at 1.00 am or 2.00 am. I don’t sleep well and go to bed at 8.00ish and wake at 5.00 am .

Starchy Carbs – yes I do consume. I eat a lot of Beans and Legumes. Rice obviously is a big part of my diet.. Some times spaghetti. Never bread. I always eat whole grain and am very particular about what I buy. Sometimes when I travel and don’t have an option I do eat white rice but that’s maybe 2 times a month. I do find it difficult on this diet to drop carbs. I also eat steel cut oats. Actually lately I have been mixing oats with raisins or berries and a little honey and keep that in a bowl near the bed – if I wake up I eat this instead of the processed sugar. It seems to work. Carbs like I have mentioned would be 50% of my diet. A typical meal for me is say 50% vegetable ( normally raw ) and 50% whole grain rice and I add some chilli flakes and garlic. I also consume a lot of mushrooms.

I hope that helps.

Best regards

A: Paul,

Running long distances is a major health risk factor and I strongly recommend you change to interval training such as the PACE Method. Distance running is highly inflammatory. I do not plan to debate this and I suggest you read more widely on this subject.

Again, all starchy carbs are bad and the day you reduce them to zero then your future healthy life is more assured.

I suggest you snack on nuts and/or Quinoa or even mixed wild rice.


Q: Sorry Im confused – I got most of it but Beans , Legumes and Lentils which I love are Carbs ? Can I eat those ? Or just eat a little ?

A: Yes and as you say, ‘just a little’ with vegetables.


Q: Hello,

What product would you recommend for a weak heart (enlarged left ventricle) and heart arterioscleroses? What dosage? Thanks for a quick answer.

Bertil W., FRANCE
A: Bertil,

Sorry to be slow answering but I have been unavailable.
Your condition is bad and needs a final action plan. It may seem a lot to do but I do not know whether it is worth it, only you can know that. This is my plan for a 60-day recovery:

2 x 3 – SerraEzyme 40,000iu caps 30mins before food
If you can afford it also take 2 x 3 times per day of BlockBuster
OxySorb – 1 squirt under tongue every few hours
Nitrix – 1 teaspoon x 2 times per day
Curcumin98 2 caps x 2 times with food
Active Life 1/2oz x 2 times per day with food.
Good Drinks are: red Concorde grape juice, tomato juice, red wine.

STOP all starchy carbs (needs, pastry, cookies, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, and pasta), processed foods and milk products.
Eat 14 portions of fresh or frozen veggies daily (in soups, juiced, stir-fried, steamed etc) 50% raw
Eat 5 portions dark skinned fruits, (blueberries, cherries etc).
Wild fish most important and grass fed meats or chicken (only grass fed)
Drink 8 glasses of distilled water per day
Exercise every hour by lying on your back and cycling your legs in the air. You can start with 10 seconds and build up to a minute.
If you smoke, change to roll-up cigarettes (or give-up, but it is not that critical compared to stopping all bread and potatoes).
See all of the above at www.GoodHealthNaturally.com

Q: Hi.

Can Serrapeptase help to lower cholesterol, especially ldl’s (lower density lipoproteins)?

Also, what is the difference between Serrapeptase and Nattokinase?

A: Joyce,

Why would you want to lower cholesterol? Cholesterol is essential for protecting your arteries and makes hormones. It also protects the brain.
People with low cholesterol are more likely to get health problems.


Q: Hi.

I’ve just had blood tests by my Doctor and my lipid profile was HDL-1.59, LDL-5.7, total 7.9. The Doctor wants to see me regarding this. However, I have been researching on the internet and it appears that my HDL is not too bad but my LDL is very high. It is possible that I have FH but I need to be tested before I know for sure. Anyway, to say the least, I was very surprised by your answer as nearly all website say that my LDL cholesterol reading in particular is high, putting me at risk of CVD.

Will you please explain what you think healthy blood lipids are and why as I am very confused now?


A: Joyce,

The science is very clear that Homocysteine level is the main indicator of CVD. This is easily fixed by supplements and diet change.
Cholesterol levels that are out of balance indicate you are following an unhealthy diet. Cholesterol levels out of balance are a warning, not a disease. Any doctor or website that tells you certain levels of cholesterol is a disease is completely wrong.

When you see your doctors tell them you want a test for homocysteine and CRP (C-Reactive Protein). If you want to get healthy as opposed to dependent on drugs then tell them you are going to change your diet. Do not tell them your plan to take supplements as that will get their back-up.

Q: As my cholesterol is endogen (not coming from food) is it running too?
What about dosage for each in my case. When?How to combine BlockBuster, krill and HealthyFlow.
How long to wait for first results?I want to convince my doctor to accept and so to deal with blood control after?

Bustin A., BELGIUM
A: Bustin,

Cholesterol is better high than low. High is not a problem unless inflammation is present to set it on fire. Getting your C-Reactive Protein CRP checked will show the supplements and your diet change are working. If your doc does not test your CRP and homocysteine then change your doc to a 21st century scientific one.


Q: Hi Robert,

We just ordered Serrapeptase and are looking forward to getting blood plaque lessening results. One concern is my wife’s 3 cm large gallstone, is it going to be detrimental in any way or possibly help?
Thanks for your kind response

Gerhard W.
A: It will help the stone but the diet at http://goodhealthhelpdesk.com/index.php?/Default/Knowledgebase/Article/View/9/9/really-healthy-foods and especially adding Sodium Bicarbonate to water will help enormously.


Q: Thank you for replying to me. No I am not taking any Curcumin 98 – will they help Multiple Sclerosis? I also have a high cholesterol and take statins, cancer of the skin – 2 melanomas over last 5 years, osteoporosis in hips, leaking valve – taking half an aspirin a day and calcium tablets and medicine. All in all a total wreck for one who played a lot of sport in her life!!!! Look forward to hearing from you again.


A: Yes, Curcumin will give great help to your MS as well as lowering your cholesterol and helping your cancer battle.

My alkaline diet will help the problems and also help your osteoporosis.


Q: Hi Robert,

Is your 80,000 iu Serrapatase product enteric coated? Does it matter if it’s enteric coated or not in terms of treatment and benefit?

Does the product help dissolve existing plagues in the arteries? If so, what could be an aggressive total daily dosage in I.U., and for how long a period minimum, assuming the build-up is not too serious yet? However, I’m 70 years old, going into 71 soon.

Thank you in advance for responding.

Lance O., CANADA
A: Lance,
I do both and personally take both. http://www.goodhealthusa.com/catalog/the-miracle-enzyme/


Q: Would serrapeptase help to lower cholesterol. I have high LDL (bad cholesterol).
Thank you!

Sally, United States
A: Yes it will help but I suggest Serranol as a better choice as this has Serrapeptase, Curcumin, Ecklonia Cava and Vit d3.
This will help the health of your blood, heart, arteries and liver.