Polycystic Kidney Disease FAQs

Q: What are the plans and Essential Supplements for Polycystic Kidney Disease?

A: Polycystic Kidney Disease Health Plan

Q: Hello,

I have polycystic kidney disease and liver. Basically, my whole belly is filled up with cysts.

I did not see anything on your website about any use of Serrapeptase for this condition.

I did read that Serrapeptase dissolves cysts which would be wonderful.

Would you have any suggestions on how much I should take?


A: Please follow my Polycystic Kidney Disease Health Plan which includes serrapeptase, curcumin, progesterone cream, nascent iodine and a multivitamin and minerals formula.



  1. Aerish

    April 15, 2016 at 2:30 pm

    Please send me the pkd health plan. I would appreciate it very much. Thank u

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