Q: I am from India. I am suffering from Peyronie’s disease for the past year and a half. Yesterday I had a penile doppler study which confirmed that I have fibrosis with calcification.

Now my question is, can the serrapeptase help me break up this fibrosis tissue even after calcification? And help me reduce the pain and curvature?

That is, can serrapeptase decalcify?


A: I cannot say for sure.

I recommend:

Taking SerraPlus+

Drinking 6 glasses water with 1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in each glass each day.

Stopping eating white rice, potatoes and wheat products.

Eating more green vegetables.


Q: I have read somewhere that you were an advocate for SerraPlus 80,000iu with MSM and Trace minerals and Nascent Iodine Drops to fight Peyronies Disease. I was wondering is the iodine utilised by applying it topically or taken orally? or both?

-JaMarcus C.

A: It is to be taken orally. There is no reason not to also apply it topically but that would be a new protocol as far as I am concerned. I also advocate masturbating every couple of days to get new healthy blood flowing into the penis.


Q: What’s the recommended dosage for the ingesting of the iodine? When should it be taken? How many times a day? And how many drops? On an empty stomach like the serrepeptase or with a meal? Thanks.

– JaMarcus C.

A: 3 drops x 3 times over the day in a little water. Anytime.



Q: I read that it’s best to take iodine 30 minutes before a meal. So I wanted to know does iodine lose its effectiveness after you let it sit in water for too long? Because it would be very convenient if I could prepare it in a small bottle like around 9:45 and then pull the bottle out of my pocket at work while working before my 1:00 break. To make it easier to take in between my breaks so that I can eat each break and not have to starve on my break because I had to take my iodine instead of eating.

– JaMarcus C.

A: Yes you can mix it and take it when you want.


Q: For your peyronies protocol with the Serraplus & Iodine. How many Serraplus capsules should be taken daily?

– JaMarcus C.

A: 1 x 3 times per day.



Q: Hi Robert,

I have been battling Peyronies for 8 months now and have tried VED, Traction, vitamin E, CO CQ10 .

To be honest I have not seen the slightest improvement in any way whatsoever, which is very disappointing.

I saw your video by chance on YouTube…. Can Serrapeptase, or more specifically Blockbuster Allclear really help with Peyronies? Have you actually seen real improvements however small?

I’m grasping at straws here, just looking for the slightest glimmer of hope….

Regards, Mark S.


A: It works for some and can only leave you healthier.

I recommend:


Nascent Iodine Drop

See them both at www.GoodHealthNaturally.com

Here are the plans: Peyronie’s Disease Health Plan


Q: I have placed my order with Good Health Oz. I have a couple of questions. Is the Nascent Iodine taken orally?

 What should be my dosage of Allclear and Iodine. Thanks

– Mark S


A: Take nascent Iodine 3 drops in a little water x 4 times per day and drink it down.

BlockBuster, the more the better, so 3 x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating, or take less if preferred.

Take good care.


Q: Will Serrapeptase help with Peyronies?

– John A.


A: Yes I have had good reports from some but not everyone. The plan below is good for your health and so you will like the effects anyway.

SerraPlus+ 1 cap x 3 times per day 30 mins before eating a meal.

Nascent Iodine 3 drops x 3 times per day in a little water.

Nattokinase 1 cap x 3 times with the SerraPlus+

Plan on 2-3 months

See these at www.GoodHealthOZ.com


Q: Does Serrapeptase work for Peyronies Disease?



A: Yes it does but read all about it here to fully understand:

Read the Peyronie’s Disease Health Plan


Q: Folks, I have Peyronie’s Disease. Have you got good press on your products on this? I couldn’t find your 34 page report that you mentioned.

– Tom M.


A: My successful plan is in the link below. I believe I have the best success rate available and this is based upon feedback from users.

Read the Peyronie’s Disease Health Plan. I do recommend ejaculations at least every 3 days to help the new blood flow.


Q: I have Peyronie’s and have gone through the injection treatment. After looking on the web I kept coming across “serrapeptase” for treatment of scar tissue. Can you give me an honest talk about this and other drugs for my condition. My next course of action could be surgery. Thank you in advance.

– Dave


A: Dave,

Do not even think of surgery. First line is:

  • SerraPlus+ 1 cap x 3 times per day
  • Nascent Iodine drops 3 drops x 3 times per day in a little water


See these at www.GoodHealthUSA.com (if in the USA or ask me)

Come back to me and give me an update after 4-6 weeks. There is something else.

Q: I have symptoms of Peyronie’s disease and in my research stumbled across Serrapeptase. Your website and booklet have been informative and helpful.

Do you know of any instances, or do you know if Serrapeptase can assist in the cure of Peyronies disease?

Regards, John R.


A: I am confident you can clear it.

Use: BlockBusterAllclear 2 x 3 times per day, 30mins before eating a meal

or SerraPlus 1 x 3 times per day

Also Nascent Iodine Drops 3 drops x 3 times per day.

See them at www.GoodHealthUSA.com

Read more about them at Peyronie’s Disease Health Plan.



Q: Dear Robert,

My wife and I have been using your products, namely Serrapeptase, Blockbuster and Curcuminx4000 for nearly seven months, with a great deal of success and continuing. The point of this email is to ask you for advice on how you can help a friend of ours who has been diagnosed with the early stages of Peyronies Disease (curvature of the penis.) We look forward to any suggestion you can offer in this instance. With many thanks and appreciation.

Best regards,

Stuart G.

A: SerraPlus+ has given the best results for this. BlockBuster may as well.