Testimonials from people who have improved their Multiple Sclerosis



Reduced MS Symptoms

“Robert, I have been taking Serranol now coming up to two months and also commenced Krill Oil which replaced my intake of orac omega supplements. I have also made alterations to my diet making it all more alkalizing as suggested by yourself. I have been focused on doing yoga 3 to 6 times per week. I can see significant benefits to my wellbeing which includes a reduction in my MS symptoms. Many thanks.”

Sarah S.


Relief for Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

“I am starting to feel a little better and my walking, although difficult and still rocky, has improved.”

Sandra N.

Carol’s Experience With Serrapeptase

“I have been using serrapeptase for nearly a year, I take it though more intuitively, for example as I have MS, a few months ago had an attack after 7 years, a bit of a shock and my right leg was dragging, my body said take serrapeptase, 3 times a day, for a while, along with healing, and in 3 weeks I was walking normally again, I know a big part of this was due to your product, also whatever I get from flu, cold, I take it if it feels right sometimes, just once a day, for a while, so huge thanks to you, and your work. I don’t tell many people about my MS, don’t need their unnecessary worry.”

My very best wishes to you.

Carol – DK

I don’t have shakes anymore

 ‘Jelly legs’ are a thing of the past for MS sufferer Sharon Kane. It’s all down to Serrapeptase, she told me when we spoke this week on her 34th birthday. She’s grateful she discovered Serrapeptase following a bad experience with her consultant who told her that although there were tablets that might help, funds would not allow supplying them.
A single mother and full time secretary, Sharon is an abject lesson for those who allow illness to take over.
“I’m lucky that mine is a mild strain of MS and, also that I have wonderfully supportive parents. While I’m working, they care for my 10-year-old daughter. And it was Mum and Dad who heard Dennis the Chemist talk about Serrapeptase and suggested I try it. Sharon did try it and a year later her response is unequivocal.
“It is fantastic!” she enthuses. “As a single Mum it is a bit expensive but because it’s doing me so much good I manage to afford it. I don’t have shakes anymore, I feel good and I’m being positive and getting on with life.”

Sharon Kane

Mrs Dobson has suffered from MS for 16 years.

Mr. & Mrs. Dobson run the Cairnryan Caravan and Chalet Park almost single-handed. It is important they look after their health and remarkable that in spite of the fact Mrs Dobson has suffered from MS for 16 years they have not as yet had to employ substitutes.
“My health was coming to the point when I wondered if I could go on when I read an article about Serrapeptase,” says Mrs Dobson. “I thought it would be worth trying. I must say I think it has helped. I used to have to rest a lot during the daytime but now I have one hour’s sleep and I don’t feel tired. I’ve got my husband onto Serrapeptase too. He’s 63 and a workaholic and he says it helps him feel less tired. It is not a cheap product but it is less expensive for us to buy such supplements than to employ people to do our work for us. It helps us keep going.”

Mrs. Dobson

I now feel brilliant. Everything has improved.

 “I now feel brilliant. Everything has improved. Since last June I have had no relapses, the tightness in my spine that indicates the presence of MS has gone, as have the constant pins and needles in my fingers. My balance has improved and what is perhaps best of all, the old confident pre MS me has returned.”

Not so long ago Mrs Maureen Rooney threaded a needle and sewed on a button. So what? I hear you say. In fact, this was a huge achievement in her 16-year battle against MS. It has involved years of dedication to a health regime. Every week Mrs Rooney undergoes hyperbaric oxygen treatment and uses a Chi machine daily. But it was her discovery of Serrapeptase that has made a dramatic difference to her life.

Says Mrs Rooney: “My MS follows a pattern of relapses and remissions. During the relapses I suffered double vision, stiffness, numbness loss of balance, loss of bladder control, impaired use of my arms and legs, fatigue poor concentration, loss of memory and depression. During one of the relapses, in June 2003, when I had a relapse I started to take Serrapeptase.

At that time I was concerned about one of my little fingers. It had turned white and was curling backward. I was terrified, believing it was on its way out. When you have a terrible disease like this you will try anything. I started taking Serrapeptase 9 tablets a day. It has been a Godsend. Within 5 days my finger was back to normal and I now feel brilliant. Everything has improved. Since last June I have had no relapses, the tightness in my spine that indicates the presence of MS has gone, as have the constant pins and needles in my fingers. My balance has improved and what is perhaps best of all, the old confident pre MS me has returned.

Of course I get tired but this is because I stretch myself relying on my newfound energy. I know I am not cured but the condition is hardly noticeable, so much so that I consider I have not got MS at present. I no longer need the hyperbaric treatments and have given up my slot in favour of someone who needs it. Recently, I went out for a social evening and where normally I would have to leave within 30-60mins, this time my son had to drag me away hours later as I was enjoying myself so much. My faith is the backbone of my recovery and I thank god for the little silkworm.


Maureen Rooney

“I can barely keep this product on my shelves. I’ve had clients with diabetes tell me this product has helped their blood sugar levels. Also M.S. patients have reported increased mobility.”

B.R. – Sarasota, FL