symptoms of clinical depression

Inflammation can worsen the symptoms of depression, a study by Ohio State University and Rice University found. Researchers looked at the association between health behaviour, psychology and medicine. They found that mental health problems and the immune system directly affect one another.

Results published in The American Journal of Psychiatry show that depression, poor eating and stress combined can stimulate the inflammatory response. The more this affects the immune system, the more risk there is to the individual’s mental and physical health.

What’s encouraging about the study is that it provides a few recommendations to help ease the symptoms. These include yoga, meditation and exercise.

While the co-authors of the study suggest that more research is required, they believe they are making good progress. They learned about the links between depression, inflammation and any other disorders or illnesses.

Serrapeptase – A Natural Approach To Finding Relief from Inflammation

Serrapeptase is a naturally-occurring proteolytic enzyme that can dissolve and digest inflammation within the body. It does this by breaking down the inflamed tissue that’s causing the aggravating symptoms and then dissolving it in the bloodstream. Once the inflamed tissue disperses, the body is able to naturally heal itself.

In the case of depression, the grey clouds may begin to disappear. In addition, it becomes easier to get out of bed in the morning and start thinking positively. This is when the shifts happen and the mind produces happier thoughts. It is like finding the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, so to speak. This means good progress, but a naturally healthy lifestyle with moderate exercise gives best results.

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