Q: I have diseased heart valves. What can you recommend to help?

– Shahid, Derbyshire

A: Serrapeptase can help. When taken in BlockBuster AllClear, serrapeptase, nattokinase and 13 other circulation supporting nutrients can provide support for healthy arteries and the whole cardiovascular system.

Q: I have been following your advice and taking the BlockBuster AllClear. What else can you recommend to help as the healing process is not happening as quickly as I would like?

A: Make sure to follow my Diseased Heart Valves Plan and Diseased Heart Valves Activity Plan for best results. A combination of taking the supplements along with eating a healthy diet (and avoiding starchy carbs, etc) and taking exercise is recommended. For really healthy food ideas, see my site: www.reallyhealthyfoods.com for some culinary inspiration.