Q: Hi,

I’m looking for the most current research materials on Serrapeptase. Can you help me?

I am also interested in anything you might have on dry eye from a natural solution.

A: What condition research are you looking for? I presume you have looked on www.Serrapeptase.info and eyesight.nu for dry eyes?

Q: Please help. I suffer from Blepharitis.

A: I think this was missed and if it was my apologies.

The 3 things we we have for dry eye/blepharitis:

* MSM/Silver

* Vision Tone

* Eyease

It may also need:

* Nascent Iodine drops in a little water daily as this can be a cause of eye problems.

You can see them all at www.GoodHealthNaturally.com or phone them on 0800-015-1580