Enteric Coated Serrapeptase – Phthalate Free

Phthalates are used in various plastics and are sometimes used in supplements because of their ability to release ingredients slowly into the body.

Studies have shown there could be a link between Phthalate exposure and potential birth defects, infertility, stunted growth, low IQs and the developing male reproductive system.

Avoiding exposure may therefore help to minimize any risks and any unwanted side effects associated with these plastic chemicals. Source a Serrapeptase brand that is Phthalate free, such as Good Health Naturally.


(Nutrateric) Enteric Coating

Ensure any Serrapeptase tablets you take are Nutrateric® Enteric Coated* and any capsules are Delayed Release.

These will protect the serrapeptase from the harsh acidic environment of the stomach, ensuring that the serrapeptase is fully disintegrated in the small intestine. It is then absorbed through the walls of the small intestine, into the bloodstream and carried to all parts of the body, where it can get to work. This slow method of delivery has been shown to improve results, and optimize absorption.


*Studies showed that Nutrateric®, an enteric coating formulation has excellent dispersion stability, meaning that it’s broken down and disintegrated into the small intestine.